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Fruits, vegetables and even meat that's raised using conventional methods are exposed to various chemicals and toxins. Traditional gardening and farming methods often call for toxic chemicals to kills weeds in gardens and in fields. Some farm animals are given antibiotics, wormers and other medicines routinely to help ward off disease. Organic gardening and farming calls for natural methods of raising animals, getting rid of weeds, and keeping harmful insects away.
Research suggests that eating organic foods does indeed lower the level of certain chemicals in your body. For example, in 2006 researchers measured the amount of organophosphorus pesticide exposure in nearly two dozen school children while these kids ate a conventional diet. If you're trying to eat clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then obviously you want to reduce or eliminate your exposure to toxins and other chemicals whenever possible. However, here's a question you need to ask yourself: When do the health issues warrant the extra cost and effort of buying or even growing organic food? If your marketplace is like a lot of marketplaces I see, then the organic food tends to be considerably more expensive than the traditionally grown food.
Now if you're not having any of obvious training or health issues - and if extra time and cost are factors you need to consider - then I suggest that you compromise by switching to a partly organic diet. If you're like most bodybuilders and fitness buffs, you probably eat a lot of eggs (especially egg whites). These thin skins (like on apples) don't offer the fruit much protection from pesticides.
Same goes for vegetables like peppers, whose outer layer doesn't do enough to protect the insides from pesticides.
If lettuce or other leafy greens develop a pesticide problem, many traditional gardeners dump some of the most toxic pesticides on these greens to get rid of the pests.

Here's another staple food (often in the form of oatmeal) for bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. Belinda is an international fitness model, sports and health writer, personal trainer and author of the Get Lean Program. When it comes to animals, they must be reared without the routine use of antibiotics and growth hormones and fed a diet of organic foods. After ?12M and four years of study, it has been announced that organic fruit, vegetables and milk are more nutritious than non-organically produced. If you're curious about what eating organic can do for your body and health then read on and see! While the directions on most weed killers suggest that users not apply the herbicide for so many days or weeks before harvesting the fruit or vegetable, some residue may remain on the edible item. While the amount of pesticide (or herbicide) on one piece of fruit or one vegetable is unlikely to harm you, the concern is that these toxins build up in the body over time. Some of these medications and toxins may be present in the meat when the animal is slaughtered. And while organic farmers and gardeners do on occasion use pesticides to kill harmful pests, these pesticides aren't synthetic.
The researchers then measured the pesticide levels in these children after switching them to an organic diet. After all, fewer toxins means the body functions better for health, fitness, and general well-being. And if you live in a small community, you may have to drive some distance just to find organic foods. This means making a list of the foods you eat the most and buying those particular foods from organic sources. And that means switching to organic eggs should help you reduce the levels of hormones and antibiotics you ingest.

If the Holstein was injected with antibiotics for a mastitis infection, that chemical may have seeped into your milk. However, it's also an individual decision where you need to take into account the extra cost and effort required to get these items into your home.
For example, organic gardeners often introduce pyrethrin to kill pests, which is the residue from a special type of chrysanthemum plant. If so, switch to an organic diet for six weeks and see if it makes a difference to your overall well being. If you have health issues, you can try switching to an organic diet and monitor the results. Lately, though, organic foods are becoming much more widely available; organic food sales in the United States have grown by 17 to 20 percent a year for the past few years, while sales of conventional food have grown more slowly, at about 2 to 3 percent a year.
Otherwise, you can find a balance between good health and a happy bank account by switching to organic only on those foods you eat the most. This explosion in popularity has led the way for bigger companies, like Wal-Mart, to get into the organic food business and change the way that organics are perceived and, to a certain extent, the way they're produced.Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of organic certification, the market for organic food and more. The early results of the study carried out by Newcastle University show that organic fruit and vegetables have up to 40 per cent more antioxidants than non-organically grown produce.
Also found in greater quantities in organic produce were vitamin C, and trace elements such as iron, copper and zinc. Even greater contrasts were found for milk, with organic milk containing between 50% and 80% more antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. The Food Standards Agency has so far refused to acknowledge any benefits of eating organic, but have now said that they will review the evidence.

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