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GMOs produce mono-cultures of fruits and vegetables, which are much more vulnerable to widespread virus and disease. The organic-farming movement – both locally and globally - is freaking out over GMOs. Julie Rawson, Frank Phelan and Jack Kittredge may be David to the Goliath represented by Monsanto and its bottom-line-driven brethren.
Organic food is not just for hippies any more, says Frank Phelan, manager of Worcester's Living Earth, a 42-year-old independent grocery store. This helps to explain why local, organic farming is now facing competition from Big Retail. Amid the raging debates over GMOs and greenwashing, two wheat growers in Washington state recently sued Monsanto for the allegedly unauthorized release of genetically modified wheat. Last month, a group of biotech-seed companies launched GMO Answers, an online forum to defend GMOs. This is also the same Monsanto that future GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, as a then-consultant, helped to rescue from financial and scandal troubles a quarter century ago, by getting the chemical maker to diversify into agriculture. Between 1990 and 2007, the relative amount of agricultural output in each of the six New England States has remained fairly constant, according to an interactive infograph that GoLocalWorcester created through Gapminder USA.
The organic farmers who responded to the USDA survey said they faced various challenges, including regulatory, production, management and marketing issues. While most of America’s organic farmers and ranchers express hope for their future, it may only be wishful thinking. Many Hands itself also acts in the larger world of organic farming, as one of the few national providers of organic lard – pig fat. That said, Julie is heartened by the response of local restaurants, grocery stores and individuals to local, organic produce. Julie doesn’t see the cost-competitiveness of local, organic farming improving much over the next few years, thanks to a national farm policy controlled by Corporate America. The 42-year-old local, independent grocery story was founded and is owned and operated by the Maykel family, which also founded, owns and operates five-year-old Evo, a restaurant located in the same building as Living Earth. Phelan is hopeful because local, organic food is now attractive to much more than just a small, narrow demographic. This is why some of us fickle foodsters turn up our noses at cosmetically blemished apples, which New England produces much more of than the West Coast.
Despite these obstacles, even large, chain supermarkets are starting to go local and organic with their produce.
Perhaps the physical and mental toil of tilling the tough New England soil - which Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge regard as a labor of love - is about to be transformed. Selecting MAKE THIS MY STORE allows you to see local information throughout the site such as store specials, local events, product lists and more. What makes the Framingham store special, aside from the high concentration of local products and a commitment to community involvement?
Large cafe seating area with free WI-FI so you can enjoy our read-to-eat prepared foods and coffee bar!
Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, we have it ready for you. You may email your local store, but please remember that our team is working throughout the store (not at computers) and emails may not be answered immediately. Select a storeSelecting a store allows you to see that store's content throughout the site, such as sales, store events, and more.
Price Chopper of Massachusetts is a local grocery store that serves the Lee, Spencer, Worcester, Webster, North Adams and Marlborough communities.

On top of HUGE savings, Price Chopper offers a wide variety of name brand products and an assortment of daily services to make grocery shopping easy and efficient. Shop at your local Massachusetts Price Chopper today for the greatest savings on quality grocery store products! Price Chopper grocery stores feature quality services and products at all of our locations in Massachusetts.
133 Main St, Spencer (508) 885-3199 Located at the corner of Main Street and Mechanic Street, south of the Spencer Town Center Historic District.
East Main St, Webster (508) 943-7232 Located just off of the I 395, west of Memorial Beach Park. 245 State Road, North Adams (413) 663-9415 Located on the Mohawk Trail, west of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and east of Williams College. 240 East Main St, Marlborough   (508) 480-0109 Located in the Post Road Plaza, west of the Marlborough Country Club. Comes visit Price Chopper grocery stores at any of our Massachusetts locations for quality goods, and helpful customer service! Goliath setting, Central Massachusetts growers face off against corporate giant Monsanto over GMOs. Biodiverse cultures – the heart and soul of Mother Nature - avoid the widespread phenomenon due to their very biodiversity.
Its Toxic Soil Busters program mediates inner-city soil so that REC's Youth Grows program as well as other neighborhood residents can grow organic gardens in toxic-busted soil - or, at least, in raised boxes that sit on still-toxic soil. Their legal action followed by just days a similar suit filed against Monsanto by a Kansas farmer. This June, a federal Appeals Court - agreeing with a federal District Court - found that NOFA had no legal standing because its claim was "hypothetical," and dismissed the suit.
Monsanto sells $1 billion worth of herbicides every three months, with weed-killing Roundup its top brand. Vermont continued to generate the largest amount of revenue ($758 million in 2007) as well as the largest amount of revenue per capita ($1,220 in‘07). Nearly 83 percent of organic sales were to wholesale channels, including processors, millers and packers.
Despite these challenges, more than 78 percent said they planned to maintain or increase their organic production over the following five years. As Julie Rawson, of Many Hands and NOFA-Mass., observes, too many of our public servants are owned and operated by Corporate America. Some of the workers are former prisoners for whom Many Hands, she says, is “a stepping stone to getting them back on their feet. In fact, Many Hands, which has been doing so since 1984, was the first NOFA-certified organic farm that Living Earth did business with.
The resulting harvest could well become a labor of healthy, sustainable and profitable capitalism for Many Hands and many other Central Mass. Our competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and diverse offerings in each department make Whole Foods Market Framingham the obvious choice for the Metrowest shopper who wants the highest quality natural and organic food available. We regularly contribute gift cards or products to non-profit community groups in the neighborhoods surrounding our store.
We proudly offer fresh produce from local growers, low prices on your everyday items, a full-service pharmacy and more! Some of our Price Chopper products include: Whole Milk , Chicken Broth, Canned Sweet Corn, Enriched White Bread.
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You can have your prescriptions refilled at one of our many pharmacies located in your local Price Chopper store. Price Chopper grocery stores are located near parks, colleges and residential areas making Price Chopper the convenient choice for your shopping needs in Massachusetts.
Just fill in the information below to begin making the most of your listing and we will contact you shortly to complete the process.
Meanwhile, REC continues to expand both its Community Farmers Market and its Mobile Farmers Market. Monsanto responded by saying it had tested more than 30,000 seed samples in Oregon and Washington state and found no evidence of GMO contamination. This was USDA’s first wide-scale survey of organic producers, and it was done in direct response to growing interest in organics among consumers, farmers, businesses, policymakers and others.
Production expenses averaged $172,000 per organic farm, compared with an average of $109,000 for all farms. Thanks in large part to this rendered reward, Many Hands does about $100,000 a year in overall business. That controversial legislation “is all about supporting multi-millionaire farmers either to not farm or to get really, really low prices for their food. In Mass., farmers can sell raw milk as long as the sale takes place on their farm property.
Additionally, we offer classes and events in the store for adults and children, from cooking classes, health and wellness lectures, to book signings.  We enjoy hosting groups of all ages for customized store tours.
When you come by for your next shopping experience, please remember to bring your reusable shopping bags to receive a nickel off per bag.
Visit Price Chopper online for meal ideas, healthy tips, coupons and personalized shopping lists! You can also try Price Chopper Naturals, a selection of delicious natural and organic products.
Card membership is free and savings are automatically deducted every time you swipe the card at the cashier. In Massachusetts, organic sales totaled a mere $15 million – less than one-half of one percent of the national amount.
Only 7 percent of sales were directly to consumers, via farm stands, farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture and other arrangements. Pingree, who addressed NOFA’s 2012 Summer Conference at UMass-Amherst, has been pushing for passage of the Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act. Another local supplier is Kittredge Farm in North Brookfield, which is owned and operated by Dan Kittredge, Julie and Jack’s son.
However, they are not permitted to either sell raw milk in grocery stores or deliver raw milk to consumers' homes because of concern that lack of pasteurization will result in infectious microbes. Grab a store calendar, speak with a concierge, and please, take full advantage of all that we have to offer. Check out the pharmacy at your local grocery store for more information on special events and healthy living clinics. Her comprehensive package of reforms to agriculture policy aims to expand opportunities for local and regional farmers and make it easier for consumers to have access to healthy foods.

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