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Zhaolong Foods has secured the patent from Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) to manufacture China’s first gum with organic tea polyphenols. Located in the capital of Anhui Province in inland China, Zhaolong Foods specializes producing chewing gum, candy and chocolate. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Any comment that violates these terms may be removed in its entirety as we do not edit comments.
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Fortified gummies are an excellent vehicle to transport different substances into the body. From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements. Organic breakfast products are an easy and affordable way to dip a toe in organic, the Soil Association says. Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it? Are consumers right to think that organic food is safer and healthier?It seems like a straightforward question, especially for Miles McEvoy, the chief of the National Organic Program at the U.S.
A British organic dairy cooperative has broken into the one of the world’s most lucrative markets after being awarded the UK’s first licence through the Soil Association to export organic products to China.
Receiving the licence to supply Chinese certified milk will enable the cooperative to break into one of world’s most lucrative markets. As to whether the Soil Association has any plans to forge similar partnerships in other export markets, Yeats said: “We develop arrangements with other certifiers where we need to overcome legislative requirements for exporting to certain countries. Meanwhile, China is investing in massive confinement production and processing facilities (partly to export conventional dairy products to Russia, in the context of the EU embargo). Zhaolong is the only confectioner in China that partners with AAU to source organic tea.Tea polyphenol is the major ingredient in Zhaolong’s new gum, which is expected to come to market around October this year.
You should not post comments that are abusive, threatening, defamatory, misleading or invasive of privacy. Nor would he say whether growing consumer demand for organics reflects broader skepticism of conventional U.S.

It seems like a straightforward question, especially for the chief of the National Organic Program at the U.S.
According to the UK Soil Association, demand for organic products in China is high and the country already imports over €45 billion worth of food and beverages from around the world.
For example, through Australia Certified Organic, or National Organic Program to the US, or for certification for export of certain types of products to Korea.
The demand for British OMSCO organic milk is understandable, when Chinese friends doubt domestic produce (think Melmac scandal, a few years ago).
There is much to learn about Chinese dairying and the implications for cow & people welfare. For the full terms and conditions for commenting see clause 7 of our Terms and Conditions ‘Participating in Online Communities’. Thata€™s the section of the USDA that champions organic farming practices and defines which foods deserve the coveted organic label.But in an interview Wednesday, McEvoy wouldna€™t speculate about any health benefits of organic food, saying the question wasna€™t a€?relevanta€? to the role of the National Organic Program. These are supplied to food manufacturers to allow them to sell their products as organic in the USA - a market previously off-limits to EU organic producers. At the moment, though, there is only the need for such a unique partnership in China.”Link with regulatory discussions? These terms may be updated from time to time, so please read them before posting a comment. However, Yeats said it was likely that more Soil Association certified customers would “follow suit”. This week, he was in La Jolla, California, attending a meeting of the federal advisory board on organics.
What do they find wrong with the conventional way of farming?A: Well, I cana€™t really respond to that. I can just say that sales are increasing dramatically a€“ over double-digit growth each year.
Over 12 percent of fruits and vegetables are organic at this point.There is an interest in organics around the world.
Organic markets are expanding in Korea, in China, in India, in the European Union.I think ita€™s just an interest in quality food. The National Organic Program supports the continued growth of the organic community by developing clear standards, enforcing a level playing field, and expanding trade opportunities to create new markets for U.S.

What changes are needed?A: The organic livestock standards already include a number of animal welfare provisions. An organic livestock producer really has to care for their animals because they dona€™t have the same kind of medicines or interventions.
They rely on good welfare so that the animals are healthy.The National Organic Standards Board (the federal advisory board meeting this week) put together a recommendation after many years of work.
The most controversial part of the recommendation is around (a requirement for) outdoor access for poultry. There is (already) a requirement that the birds have year-round outdoor access, but there is no specificity in the current regulations a€“ in terms of space. Q: The Cornucopia Institute took aerial photographs last year showing some facilities without any cows out or chickens out on a perfectly nice day. It really doesna€™t indicate one thing or another.The (organic) certification process is incredibly rigorous . Theya€™re on the ground, theya€™re looking at the animals, ensuring that theya€™re getting outdoor access, looking at the records, theya€™re doing unannounced inspections, theya€™re taking samples, theya€™re auditing the feed records. Every step in the process a€“ the farms are certified, the packing shed is certified, the distributors are certified a€“ and theya€™re audited. One of the ways the government keeps costs down is that you have the farmer or food company pay for their organic certification. If so, how does the system guard against that?A: The ag industry is really set up around user fees. There are a number of different criteria that we have to meet as the accreditor and the certifier has to meet as the certifier.
It includes conflict-of-interest provisions and transparency in terms of the fee structure. We ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that the certifiers have when they conduct these inspections.

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