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We welcome you to experience our commitment to quality, cleanliness and customer service, whether it is in our stores, online or on the go with the Harris Teeter app!
We at Organic Depot share a common thread which binds people who are raising voices for organic producers' ( Farmers) livelihood and marketability of their produce.
There are more reasons why people ate natural traditional food for hundreds of years and how they have been healthy and led a life free of common ailments. These farmers whom we are trying to lend a hand are going back to traditional ways of farming, which we have personally seen, realized and monitor.
Benefits are galore and our Land has been bestowed with Natural selection of crops like drought hardy varieties sown near Krishnagiri to saline soil suitable varieties in Nagapatinam and much more.
Contact us to book your products and enquire for any organic produce you are aware of, call us to know the benefits of organic food NOW.
Embed Videos directly from your favourite video websites like Vimeo or Youtube & show off your Creativity. One thought which has stuck into people's mind is that the polished rice is CLEAN & COSTLY so it is healthy.
We call a produce (vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk, butter, coffee, tea or any consumables) Organic in nature when the farmer makes a proper use of his natural resources like preparing plant extracts for controlling pests, introducing insects to control pests, soil conservation techniques, water harvesting techniques, animal husbandry resulting in manure and in farm waste management- a chemical free & No Genetically Modified ecosystem. Hybrid variety means creation of new organism by bringing together genetic material of 2 related organisms- this process occurs naturally in nature or even under controlled conditions in fields. GMO as 'is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.'So can comfortably assume that a food which in perfect in all respects might not be a SAFE FOOD.
The cases of GMO in our food cycles- BT Brinjal, which generates its own pesticide to kill the insects which sits on it.
Grow your own kitchen garden, where you can cultivate your own vegetables and fruits which you can use it for yourself and can be rest assured you are eating the natural one. Maapillai Samba variety: In the olden days, prospective bridegrooms have to prove their mettle by lifting up a heavy stone called Ilavattakal (a big stone).
Karunkuruvai variety: Broken rice is mixed with other herbs and consumed as gruel to cure elephantiasis and arthritis.
Poonkaar variety: Poonkaar is consumed as gruel or as flattened rice (aval) to improve overall body strength.

Soy Bean has been an important part of diet of Japan, China and Korea for many thousands of years. This block helps you plan your food which are currently in the farm, and the time it will arrive to Organic Depot. How to use: Sprinkle dry plant food directly on soil around your outdoor garden plants, lightly work into top 1-3 in. I wait all Winter long for the first sign of Spring in my kitchen where I winter over an assortment of plants, occasionally fertilizing carefully. Due to a broken ankle a was unable to plant until very latein the year, but by feed ing with this product I've been able to have a very productive garden. My greens and vegetables are growing faster and with less yellow leaves than in another type of soil. Do you put a spoon of it at the base of the plant or do you have to dilute it and hand water it? To prep the soil, sprinkle 1 cup of Jobe's Organics Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable Food per 10 sq ft. Most of the varieties are indigenous and have not been bought from foreign lands or are genetically modified. Any food which does not contain GMO's or any kind of manipulation by science and technology is safe to consume.
Which will make us live a healthy and a holistic life which made our ancestors to live a healthier life even at the age of 130.
Special mention in ancient texts of Ayurveda as nivararice, one which balances the tridoshas in human body. The new found love among US food manufacturers in processed form presents Soy bean with many diminished nutrient contents. All Purpose Organic Plant Food provides a natural, organic way to help grow big, beautiful in-ground plants, flowers and vegetables.
I just apply once, early season, and I have the biggest tomato plants and out produce all my neighbors.
Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food features an organic Biozome formula for fertilizing Tomato's and Vegetables.

With the spoon I spread it evenly around each plant (having about 15 tomato plants) above roots area and wider (imaginable- depends on size of plants you have) and then very gently work it into the top of the ground (to prevent washing off).
Organic Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food 2 answers This looks like a great product.
The woman who (I'm guessing is the owner) was on the register was extremely rude and has no idea how to go about speaking to her clientele. In reality there are no nutrients in it and is one of the main reasons for higher incidence of diabetes. Rather don't spend your money in eating Hybrid, GMO or pesticide sprayed foods and shed your money to your doctor and medicine.
This organic fertilizer is ideal for quickly growing bountiful amounts of tomatoes and other vegetables. I sprinkle it by hand 4 to 8 inches away from base and lightly work it into soil with my fingers. Genetically modified – Strawberries which intakes fishes gene, GM Carrot which intakes scorpion gene. Organic scientists, activists and farmers are protecting indigenous plants and their knowledge which highlights the importance of biodiversity of nutrients in our diet.
The BioZome formula breaks complex organic matter into micro-nutrients that are easily and quickly taken up by the plant.
The removal of Husk exposes rice bran which is highly nutritious.The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.
They have been raising voices against GMO Bananas and other plants into our system in the pretext of reducing anemia. Jobe's Biozome is a consortium of three microorganisms - bacteria, Mycorrhizal, fungi plus a unique species of beneficial Archaea to improve nutrient absorption and help break down simple organic materials. Why run behind a humble Banana and turn it into a GMO, while we can adopt other Iron rich vegetables to beat Anemia?

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