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I have been receiving a lot of requests to do a list on door to door diet delivery services in Manila so I came up with this list. This list doesn’t represent the best delivery service in the metro but it’s just that – a directory, nothing more. To those who’re just starting to embark on a diet plan, Sam Nepomuceno of the Gourmet Guys advises everyone to choosing the correct diet plan that will fit your goals and lifestyle. Just so we’re clear, this list serves to inform people of the available diet delivery services. Food Choices: Chicken Alfredo, Handmade Chocolate Truffles, Chicken Curry, Kani Salad, Puttanesca, Tuna Pasta. One of my top resolutions for 2015 is to make better diet choices, and manage a healthier lifestyle. Fellow WIM writer Joanne, who was also on the lookout for healthy meal delivery services, suggested I try Happy Diet Delivery to get me started on my latest diet goal. Happy Diet Delivery’s goal is to serve their clients with healthy and organic dishes, five days a week.
Anton Diaz is the founder of Our Awesome Planet, the #1 Food and Travel Blog in the Philippines and co-founder of Mercato Centrale, successful weekend night food market in Manila.
Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. There will be lots of people on the 12th, Friday and definitely on Saturday, the last day of the World Pyro.
One of the Best View of Fireworks from Highlands Steakhouse because of its elevation and great food. After being informed that Napoleon Wrasse, or more appropriately Humphead Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), referred to locally as "Mameng" is an endangered species throughout the Asia Pacific region, Portico 1771 in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City has immediately stopped serving the fish and has taken it off the restaurant's menu.
As a member of the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants that includes such reputable fine dining addresses as Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo Ortigas, Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 and Sidebar, El Pueblo Ortigas, Portico 1771 takes pride in its dedication to help preserve the environment by consciously prohibiting the sale of protected and endangered species of plants and animals.
The management of Portico 1771 was unaware of Mameng's endangered status but deliberately removed it from the menu after it got information about the species' precarious condition. Meanwhile, the public is invited to sample Portico 1771's other culinary delights--a delectable selection of East Asian cookery prepared in the grand haute cuisine tradition. You should visit Doulos to check out the books, or get an experience to board one of the world's oldest ocean-going passenger ship. To add to our regular menu, we have weekly specials sometimes inspired by current events or international days. Organic farm and source of the organic vegetables used in ECHOcafe, in Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods (our restaurant), and in our own homes. Trimona is a lovely, health-full Vegetarian & Omnivore Diner in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. They have a wide selection of vegetarian food on the menu, aimed at providing fresh, organic, locally-grown produce & vegetarian versions of well-known Filipino dishes.
There are also open-mic nights for your creative poetic & musical vocal expression, as well as a being a part-shop selling handmade Indigenous Art, Craft, handmade skincare items and delectable, take-home, gourmet food. Bech’s Organic Pili Nut Farm is located way up in the highlands of Tablas Island, Romblon, Philippines.
A brand new water irrigation system, pipelines, electric pumps, and water towers have been recently installed to aid in the watering of the land and the trees.
Bech’s Pili Nut Farm will be the largest producer and supplier of organic pili nuts in the world by 2016, with over 370,000+ pili trees planted to date, and with the plans to have the number planted to 4,000,000+ by the end of 2015. Cabiokid is a permaculture development site located on a 5,5 ha property in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija on the island of Luzon, Philippines. Cabiokid is a permaculture system in a tropical setup with rich and diverse surroundings which it simply and sustainably tap to fuel its system.
Ours is a world of small, self-sustaining, adaptive, inter-connected communities that respect, learn from, and live in harmony with the natural environment.
Ours is the model permaculture development site and the leading community-enabling permaculture organization in Southeast Asia.

Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Eco-Park, is an eco-park was established in June 2007 in Campbell's memory, to advance the causes she had advocated as a community volunteer. Julia Campbell was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer, who served in the Philippines from 2005 until her tragic death in April 2007. Spearheaded by the advocates of organic and sustainable agriculture, the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) was formed in response to the need for a national organic inspection and certification program.
CCP as a reliable and responsible market leader of integrity in national and international organic certification guided by the principles of Organic Agriculture (principles of health, ecology, fairness and cares) for a genuine socio-economic development.
To ensure the relevance of organic standards and the integrity of certification process for the protection and guarantee of consumers and producers. Cocogreen was founded in 2011 with the intention of serving Green and cruelty-free healthy eating. The things you need to consider when choosing the right diet delivery service are listed individually. Crash diets will only give you a dizzy state by 3pm in the afternoon and that you’ll eventually gain the weight you lost. I am an expat that wanted to use their service THEY ARE SO RUDE AND WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS. Having recently emerged from terrible stomach flu the week before, I was quite apprehensive about going on a meal program with my tummy still in a delicate state. In doing so, they’ve helped me ease through the shift to healthier eating habits with controlled meal portions that are sparsely seasoned yet satisfying.
It would involve cutting back on beloved favorites like fast food and sweets, and swapping it for balanced meals that are lean and green. Friday schedule is Denmark and Canada and on Saturday, it would be China and the much-awaited Philippines fireworks show.
If you are not interested with Fireworks at all, avoid CCP, Roxas Boulevard, and Mall of Asia area.
Portico 1771, along with its sister restaurants under the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants, has taken steps to ensure the public that no such oversight takes place in the future. Here, diners are given the option to order individual servings or larger family portions to avoid leftovers.
She is now owned by the German charity Gute Bucher fur Alle (Good Books for All), and is used as a floating bookshop. We serve food from Asia to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas in a cosy intimate setting.
It is a demo farm to inspire and show other people that a small property can be a productive space. This location was chosen by professors and agriculturists who advised the area has the best climate for the healthy, strong growth of organic pili nuts, with high nutrients and volcanic ash in the soils. There are also several rivers, creeks, and waterfalls in and around the orchards, but now we have better protection during the warm summer months when the natural water supply can be low.
Embracing important permaculture elements such as energy and patterns derived from nature, Cabiokid tries to improve on the current, existing, and passive forms of energy and mimics how nature operates on it to reduce the negative impact on our planet. The 40-hectare ecology park is located in Barangay Pula, in the town of Asipulo, in the province of Ifugao, Philippines. Our business is related to Agriculture industry and we specifically deal in Organic Robusta Coffee, Organic Arabica Coffee, Organic Civet Coffee Robusta and Arabica, Organic Vine Tea. She started the first organic market, MOM Mara’s Organic Market, in Legaspi Village every Sunday. An independent, private, membership-based organic standard setting and organic certification body, OCCP was the first certifying body to be accredited by the Department of Agriculture in 2001. Phil-Organic aims to facilitate the exchange of information, expertise, and experience in the field of organic agriculture among government, non-government and research institutions, private practitioners, and other organic agriculture advocates. We have developed into a Grocer and Deli trading nutrient-dense, raw, wholefoods and gluten-free alternatives. The food choices can make the most out of your money or break your bank, so tread carefully.

But after realizing that I would be getting organic food that isn’t likely to upset my stomach, I decided to go for it. As I recovered from my stomach flu, I started craving for my usual fast food fix, and sticking to my diet plan got more and more challenging, but I’m glad to have stuck with it for the entire 5-day period. There will be a mass exodus of people and the traffic will be a lot worse since it is a Friday gimmick night and even on a Saturday Night.
Go this Saturday to support the Philippines and see the much awaited China show which should be a prelude to the Beijing Olympics.
The Chateau 1771 Group reiterates its commitment to the preservation of the environment and its endangered flora and fauna.
In the true Asian tradition of dining, family members, couples and friends can share and enjoy food that inspires togetherness.
I would like to share it as my favorites and share with you my Awesome The Boutique experience.
We are privileged to welcome her back to Manila shores; she is parked in South Harbor Manila Pier 13 (at the back of Manila hotel) from Jan. The development site is located about 90 km north of Manila and serves as an integrated farm designed and managed in accordance with permaculture ethics and principles. Cabiokid believes that putting a system in all the things we do while embracing energy and patterns embodied in ecologically sound technologies and lifestyle can help alleviate the problems of climate change. Activities include camping, trekking and hiking aside from planting of fruit-bearing trees in the park. We also have a locally-sourced salad and juice bar which serves not just certified organic fruits, nuts and vegetables, but supernatural superfoods as well.
DowntoEarth animals are raised on pasture by small family farms across Mindanao, without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. I’ll be honest and say that their meals taste nothing like the heavily flavorful dishes I’m used to, but what their meals lack taste-wise, they make up for in the combination of textures and creative meal ideas that are all adequately filling.
Happy Diet Delivery sure made my first healthy eating experience a pleasant one; their carefully prepared meals made it easier for me to adjust to a stricter diet plan. I'm surprised by people parking in the MOA area and then later on complain of the exit traffic afterwards. This is the essence of Portico's culinary offering--Global Asian Cuisine that combines the best of Asian and European cooking cultures to bring about feelings of warmth, sharing and goodwill.
The Boutique have only seven rooms with unique features to consider: 6 rooms have Taal Lake view and 4 rooms are located on the second floor.
Cabiokid is also an experimental site for applied permaculture in the fields of education, technology, engineering and local economics. Her accomplishments as a volunteer in the Bicol Region, friendships she made with her co-volunteers and Filipino counterparts, and influence to the lives of those who were inspired by her story, are what prompted the Puguon Family of Asipulo, Ifugao Province to donate their indigenous lands to campers, hikers, and volunteers as a memorial park. Many diet plans although based on popular diet programs like the South Beach or Cohen Diet, they’re not approved by nutritionists and are currently unregulated given its nature.
I also like that most of their lunch and dinner meals include rice, and that all deliveries come complete with snacks and a bag of green tea.
Privacy is very important since the intent is never to leave your room until check out time. My wife find the books expensive relatively but they are unique which justifies the premium.
In fact most of our customers are omnivores, but vegetarians will feel right at home here (we also serve some vegan and gluten-free dishes). Buy my product and you will be a contributor to the Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park. If you are into Christian Songs, I saw an extensive collection of Hill songs and other Christian artist.

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