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Finding good organic food is not always the easiest or most convenient of household duties, and as Vancouver hits its stride and shows off the rain for which it has become famous, I find myself less motivated to pedal to the store for my groceries. When we first looked in to using SPUD, we originally thought that we would be spending more money.
A large part of that money savings can be related to impulse buying; by getting our food delivered we are no longer prone to buying all those tempting traps that stores set for us. To help us manage our orders online, SPUD provides information on the provenance of its products.
If you want to take a slightly different approach, you may like to check out the Neighbourhoods Organic Weekly Buying Clubs (NOWBC), who have depots across Metro-Vancouver. Get the latest food + drink, fashion, entertainment, home, health + fitness and travel news sent straight to your inbox. Cueva de Gato - Ronda Jul 26, 16 10:52 AMThe Cueva de Gato which means Cat Caves in English gets its name from the cat like head shape the entrance of the cave has. Marbella Culture Jul 26, 16 08:52 AMMarbella Culture is made of several museums, significant archaeological heritages and a cultural calendar with all year round events.

Looking to rent a freezer Jul 26, 16 07:53 AMlooking to rent a freezer for a few weeks in august - in los flamingos club area. The box was packed full and contained cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, onions, corn on the cob, a red pepper, apples, pears and bananas. To the rescue are several thriving businesses that deliver organic groceries to those of us in Vancouver who wish to stay dry. My experience with SPUD has been awesome, but what I have to say can probably be equally applied to the other two.
We resigned ourselves anyway to paying that premium for the convenience of the delivery and the peace of mind that buying organic gave us. You may find some items cheaper elsewhere, while others would also more expensive, but because you’re ordering in advance, SPUD can order the exact amount they need so that you’re not being billed for spoilage on contingency stocks, as in the supermarket model.
When our bill arrives, each item states how many kilometres it has travelled from its source to the SPUD warehouse in Vancouver and, on average, how far the items have travelled in comparison to those at the supermarket. On the back of each invoice is a community newsletter, complete with events, seasonal tips and recipes—great if you’re not quite sure what to do with that rutabaga!

We represent various organic farmers and local food artisans around the coast and sell their food products through our website. However, in effect we now spend around two-thirds as much as we were spending a year ago (buying a mixture of organic and inorganic produce). It also means that you can set yourself targets; aim to get your average below 500 kilometres, then next month you can try for 400.
We also seek to sell at the lowest prices possible as we want to make organic food accessible to everyone.

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