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Here is my Travelista guide on where to get all things sustainable, local, organic, eco-friendly, and Green in LA.
I love Wednesday mornings in my neighborhood of Santa Monica because of the weekly, bustling Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.
From a Tonic & Smoothie bar to delicious, organic ready-made hot and cold food, you will find everything you can think of for your body and soul in this cute and trendy health food store. A cool and creative vegan health hotspot, where every dish is named with uplifting exclamations: I love the “I am Humble” dish. Moon Juice in hipster neighborhoods, Venice and Silverlake, is a must try for those looking for Juice cleanse packages and ridiculously nutritious combinations. Feed Body & Soul on Abbot Kinney, not only boasts an amazing sustainable, organic menu filled with fantastic Vegetable and Grain bowls, Proteins, Salads, Veggie dips and delicious organic cocktails, but the decor is also super stylish, trendy and inviting.
Sit at the outdoor patio on a sunny weekend and savor Axe’s wholesome, sustainable, organic and earth friendly dishes; like their Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowls, and home made soups. This bustling Vegan, Mediterranean hotspot packs in the West Hollywood crowd for lunch and dinner with their small plates of local and seasonal vegetable based dishes, like Baby Kale and Artichoke dip, and Spaghetti Squash. Eastsider’s love their little hidden hipster gem, which is perfect for an evening glass of wine alongside creative vegetarian dishes, such as Tahini Avocado Puree and Moroccan Kale Salad. Tucked away in leafy Laurel Canyon, Pace is warm, cozy and romantic, but more importantly, it serves a variety of sustainable organic wines, along alongside its local and seasonal menu. You are guaranteed to find vintage and recycled gems at this huge Sunday Flea Market, packed full of LA’s stylish young and beautiful crowd. Reformation is an environmentally sustainable fashion brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create a chic limited edition collection. The owner goes to great pains to find eco-friendly products for their clients at this blissful spa. Bypass the hotels and instead opt for the green alternative.  Live like a local at the cozy Venice Beach Eco-cottages. The main contradiction of a “natural” restaurant in an artificial urban environment becomes the core of the design. The highlight of the restaurant is the floating To Go counter, which merges into the lounge bar, which in turn merges into the water plant panorama.
Here, it?s all about what?s good for your body, and each dish and drink is packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We decided to have dinner at Glow, but lunch is obviously the more popular choice, as the meals are quite light. Next up were two complimentary appetizers, which were both unexpected and superb (the avocado yoghurt was particularly good). Mains were a host of small dishes ? salt and pepper tofu with green papaya and exotic fruit salad, grilled tiger prawns with young coconut, pomelo and chilli paste salad (extraordinary flavours), a robust sour curry of ocean trout with pickled vegetables, and stir fried water spinach.
Mark?s spiced chicken with zucchini spaghetti, lentils and tomato and basil salad was just as fresh, but not quite as multi-layered in flavour.

Opening times Breakfast is served daily from 6am to 11am, with all-day dining available from 11am to 9pm.
Organic vegetables coming directly from a farm, an outdoor display of fresh produce and a gorgeous terrace tucked deep into vintage Shimokitazawa – a newfound healthy favourite. A vast array of drinks are available, from ginger teas to cocktails and glasses of wine or organic beers. It was a perfect spot to catch up with a friend over a glass of wine and a healthy meal, all in the warm, snug atmosphere that will keep me coming back all winter long.
Opened in May 2016, this riverside bar offers secluded dining with hearty meat dishes and an impressive lineup of Japanese whisky. A premier source of English information and lifestyle content for people living in and wanting to find out more about Tokyo. Here you’ll find fresh, seasonal California produce, as well as beautiful flowers and freshly brewed coffee. Wholefoods is the mecca for all your nutritious grocery needs.  Most Wholefoods around the city boast- a dried goods section filled with seeds, nuts and healthy granola’s, an organic fish section, an organic selection of meats, a fresh cheese bar, amongst vitamins, healthy snacks, organic fruits and vegetables galore. The best way to keep fit and healthy is to go for a hike with friends in one of the plentiful Canyons that LA has to offer.
Everything is natural, good for the skin and earth friendly, from bamboo robes to their scrumptious treatments, and they even serve organic champagne and hors d’oeuvres for special occasions.
Eco designer, Kelly LaPlante, installed Eco-conscious materials, like a hot tub made of recycled plastic milk jugs, used reclaimed wood furniture, and low VOC paint, as well as displaying local artwork.
This is reflected in the contrast between natural form and disciplined, geometric abstraction, as well as in the coming together of nearly dematerialized and overly tactile, sensuous surfaces. In front of the kitchen area, high, counter-like tables are situated for the guest who’s on the run – evoking the feeling one gets while eating at the kitchen counter.
The lounge area consists of individual green islands, allowing for varied seating configurations. While daylight is simulated from late-morning to late-afternoon, the atmosphere in the evening transforms into a warm, sunset-mood. In fact, most hotel restaurants are so concerned with decadence and flavour that health often falls by the wayside. That said, I went for the set menu and was completely full by the end of it ? it seemed an endless array of dishes kept coming from the kitchen! There?s an extensive list of extractions or blends ? we chose the young coconut and vanilla pod blend, and the mango, honey, yoghurt and cardamon blend. My set menu offered organic chicken, coconut and galangal broth for a starter ? a hot, spicy soup with all kinds of flavours resulting in an explosion of taste. It came with an exotic fruit salad with lemongrass granita, which was deliciously fresh, and Mark?s chocolate and coconut pudding with fresh banana and passion fruit sorbet was similarly superb. The food is so fresh it will redefine what you think of when you hear the phrase ?fresh food?.

Organic vegetables are somewhat scarce and often heftily priced in this city, so it’s always a nice surprise to find supplies of them close to home, and in a sleek setting nonetheless. The interior is equally organic, with white-painted wooden slates and dark furniture, a bit like a farmhouse. All the dishes are made from organic ingredients, and you can choose from a variety of fish-based, meat-based, or curry meals and entrees. The menu is handwritten in Japanese with lots of kanji characters and very little katakana, so if your Japanese reading skills are novice you may need help from a friend or from the extremely friendly staff, who can actually speak good English. If you arrive early, you’re likely to rub shoulders with some of the best chefs in the city.
Walk your dog amongst the beautiful and fit at Runyon Canyon, or head west for incredible ocean and mountain views at Temescal Canyon.If you prefer the fresh ocean air to the mountains, then you must ride the waves, surfing in Malibu or Santa Monica. Although it was planned to appeal to the typical inner-city Happy Hour constituent, the lounge has evolved into a terrain for baby carriages and crawling toddlers.
Not so with Glow, the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok?s all-natural and organic health food restaurant.
I?d heard talk of this mango and black sticky rice dessert (it?s a favourite among Thais, apparently), but I?d never tasted it. It?s also full of unexpected flavours and textures, with strong Thai staples like coconut and pineapple in almost every dish. I happily took off my shoes in the genkan to slip in some plush slippers, and picked a sofa to sit on, next to a traditional-style heater with a kettle on top.
I highly recommend trying the vegetable curry, which comes with a hearty portion of seasonal vegetables (pumpkin, potatoes and baby radish this time), on a bed of rice with leafy greens on the side. Mark chose the Glow Caesar Salad, with wholewheat croutons and tofu aioli, which was excellent.
I was extremely sceptical, it?s not a particularly pretty dish, and I still find the idea of rice for dessert a little odd.
All furniture pieces form a mutual horizon by being the same height – creating a scenic, landscape-like space. The columns are umbra-grey in color; to accentuate, the upholstery is a fresh, light green. I was totally wrong, it turned out to be absolutely delicious - delicately flavoured, sweet and nutty and refreshing all at once.

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