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If you’re looking for a modern zombie game, a good idea would be playing PlagueZ, a title that combines an open world environment with the survival horror genre. The game costs a bit below $2 and it’s been available in the Play Store for a couple of days. The undead are here to give you a hard time and this is by no means a Walking Dead title, so you can’t attach to any character. Dying Light revolves around the player travelling across vast urban environments devastated by the zombie outbreak searching for supplies and utilising this to craft weapons; however, at night-time the monsters come out to play, and survivors will need to use all they have, including their wits, to persist. Once players decide where they’d like to camp out with their teams, they can start designing and building their base up to protect against the hordes. Players will be able to make big decisions based on a number of various situations, such as whether or not to leave the safety of their base to rescue a stranded or pinned down fellow survivor.
With such an ambitious project coming down the pipeline, Undead Labs has decided to keep a very open, detailed and above all, candid journal.

Seeing the setting of the title, I can imagine some sort of STALKER, but only 1000 times dumbed down and that’s still a compliment. It’s made by Ammonite Design Studios and it involves a deadly series of plagues that have wiped out the population of the planet.
The game is very basic and simple and it seems to involve a FPS viewing angle and lots of areas to explore, most of them creepy, torn down, deserted buildings, where the dead roam.
The extremely impressive visuals depicted in the images below come from Techland’s proprietary Chrome Engine 6.
It will feature numerous MMO qualities, such as the ability to team up with other players in the open world to make a stand against the coming zombie apocalypse. The developers have revealed that the settlement designing will take a more significant portion of the game than one might think, claiming that players can go so far as to create gardens within their walls in order to decorate or grow food for their colony. Either way, the game acknowledges the concept of strength in numbers, so decisions such as that will carry weight.

You’re one of the few survivors and you must fight your way through a ravaged world, shotgun in hand. The game will focus on balancing traditional MMO qualities with the action survival genre that zombie lovers have come to expect.
Check out their journal for more information on Class3 and start arming yourself now for the end.
As Undead Labs states at the top of their website, “You know it’s not a question of if, but when.

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