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If you're the top dog amongst your friends in gritty zombie survivors take on DayZ and give yourself a real challenge.
An unknown infection has wiped out most of the world's population, but luckily for you, you're one of the survivors. DayZ has a bunch of planned features such as vehicles, user mods, updated graphics, and wild life. Does your imagination feel trapped by pesky physical limits and the absence of awesome technology? 2016 has seen a number of RPG games come on the market with varying degrees of participation from the fanverse. Before you buy Ark Survival Evolved, you should know some of the perks and some of the downfalls of the game.
When it comes to FPS’s, there are few feats more satisfying than nailing a headshot with a sniper rifle. If you’re not familiar with who the character is, Bastion is a defensive class in Blizzard’s new First Person Shooter, Overwatch. Unveiled at GStar 2014, they say that the trailer for Lost Ark Online blew away its audience, leaving it completely silent, speechless after it ended and the lights were back on.
A game that perfectly blends American football with otherworldly creatures, Blood Bowl II might be a touchdown.
It is a plight often overlooked in the gaming community: where should I purchase PC games from?

With the immense success of CD Projekt Red’s smash hit The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, fans across the world have become familiar with Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and countless other intriguing characters in the world of The Witcher. So you’re a serious, hardcore gamer, and you fancy yourself good enough to play in the big leagues? Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are the true pride and hallmark of PC gaming.
Star Trek is one of the grandfathers of modern sci-fi, and responsible for making the genre popular in public conscious. It's sure been a while since we've stepped back into the world of Calradia, the fantasy land where the beloved Mount and Blade series got its start. The Batman Arkham series is by far and away the best Batman videogame franchise that has ever been released.
The University of California, Irvine is offering a free online course beginning on October 14, 2013 based on a study of the AMC television series, The Walking Dead. Managing stress in disaster situations—what’s the long-term effect of always sleeping with one eye open?
Zombie Survival online flash game is a shooting game and it's a simpler version of pc shooter games, fps or platformers.
Keep in mind that this game is currently in early access alpha and with their purchase of the game players will be actively supporting DayZ's development.
If you feel up to the challenge, take a stab at DayZ and see where this hellscape will leave you.

With that, a galaxy that needed to be explored and saved from an enemy that threatened to wipe out the existence of all life. With a sequel coming soon, here's a quick article to help you get prepared for your epic adventure to come! As a shooting game Zombie Survival requires a little bit of skill and more attention than casual games.
Weapons and clothing are fully customizable and such objects can be scavenged throughout the environment, providing various amounts of protection against other survivors, the infected, and environment.
Freddy Krueger has haunted our nightmares since his first appearance of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. Here is a list of similar titles to keep you amused while you brace yourself for the upcoming release. The game is operated by mouse and keyboard, you will get more detailed instructions when you play Zombie Survival.While the authors tried to keep the game family friendly, as any shooting game it does involve violence so parental supervision is advised.
Players can work solo or team up with others and take on the game how they wish: saving humanity or wreaking havoc of everything in your path.
The game features sound effects and background music so be aware of that when you launch the game, to prevent sudden loud sounds do turn your speaker volume down before continuingYour goal is to stand out as long as possible.

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