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The 8th grade of the Shluchim Online School graduated with an online program, addressed by Rabbi Gedalia Shemtov and Mr.
Rabbi Gedalia Shemtov addressed the graduates, their parents and siblings, grandparents and balabatim, and introduced Mr. The girls, on their own initiative, created a meaningful and heartwarming slideshow, where they addressed each girl individually and spoke about talents, middos, and qualities specific to her. The graduation ceremony continued with beautiful speeches given by each of the 8th grade girls, a heartfelt message from one of their teachers, Morah Chana Poltorak, and ended off with a beautiful message from principal Mrs.
A few days later, on the other side of the world, students from China, England and Australia joined together for the EU graduation. Thank you to Chanale Weisz and Mushkie Junik, extracurricular advisors, as well as Rabbi Gedalia Shemtov, Rabbi Moshe Shemtov, Mrs. Mazal Tov to the 8th grade girls and their families and congratulations on a job well done!

For these students, the excitement of moving on to high school was amplified by the fun of getting together in person with classmates, teachers and parents.The online school students don’t see their classmates face to face on a daily basis, but rather learn full-time online, interacting in an online classroom with peers and California-credentialed teachers. Meir Nigri.The Shluchim Online School proudly presented their 8th grade girls, graduates of 5771, with a beautifully planned program for the students of the US division. Meir Nigri, who spoke warmly and enthusiastically about his experiences with the Online School and how he has gained from being a part of something as large as it has become. It was based on a story where the Frierdiker Rebbe gave a Brocha to the administrator of a school in Australia that had one graduate that “MeAlef L’elef, from one to a thousand.” Online School too, has grown from a phone school with four students to an online school of hundreds of students worldwide. The 7th grade class prepared a touching slideshow for the graduates, where they specified what the class would miss most about them and their talents. Gitty Rosenfeld, Morah Chana Poltorak, Rabbi Yossi Goodman, Toby Herman and Berel Vogel for all their help. The 8th grade promotion ceremony not only applauds the achievements of these students, but is an opportunity to celebrate together with their families and teachers that helped them reach this milestone.

It was an event that was attended by family, friends and many more guests, and was B”H a huge success.
Diplomas were handed out, speeches were heard, and the graduates shared words of inspiration. Nigri shared that the Online School is his ‘favorite project’ to be involved in, and announced then that he will now be sponsoring the girl’s school as well. Rabbi Zirkind of Fresno, California shared his thoughts as well, thanking the school for giving him the opportunity to raise the kids in a Chassidishe environment while staying home.
Rosenfeld left the gradutes with words of Mazal Tov and a message for them to take on with them in high school.

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