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Maintain your nursing contact hours with online state-required certificate CE courses and topics for RNs, LVNs, LPNs, Nurse Practitioners and critical care nurses. Continuing Education StoriesMighty Nurse frequently releases exclusive stories pertaining to career topics in nursing. If the ABS warning light -K47- (-1-) and the dual circuit and hand brake system warning light -K7- (-2-) light up, the ABS system is defective.
WARNINGOnce the ABS warning light -K47- and the dual circuit and hand brake system warning light -K7- have lit up then the rear wheels lock quite early on when braking. If the warning light for traction control system -K86--3- does not goes out after the ignition is switched on and after completion of the test sequence, the causes of the fault may be:There is a fault which exclusively effects the TCS. NoteDepending on the equipment, the traction control system switch -E132- can be mounted instead of the TCS and ESP button -E256-. 3DR is proud to announce that today we’re opening the source code for the Solo flight controller. In addition to opening Solo source, we are today publishing the set of guiding principles that went into developing all of Solo’s subsystems--3DR’s Open Source Policy.
We placed open source hardware and software at the core of Solo and view it as essential to our development and platform strategy.

From what I can tell from the BOM and other documents they do not include the specification on the 1GHz CPU used on the Solo platform. Solo is a consumer product, aimed at simplifying the process of getting great aerial footage. The policy, developed by the 3DR software engineering team in conjunction with the the community, addresses key questions: How do we do development?
Will this 1GHz CPU board be available as a separate PXH 2 companion board for DIY or will it remain proprietary to the Solo platform? As a development story, true to 3DR’s open spirit, Solo was developed not just by us at 3DR, but in concert with the ardupilot core development team and contributors around the world. A platform isn’t an over-engineered airframe, coincidentally exposed cables or slides in a presentation; it’s a bolt pattern, a pinout, an API and a source code that exists in the real world with engineers to support it.
Help us build Solo into the premiere drone platform, and the best home for developers around the world. In some cases this means source code, and we plan on opening other parts of Solo, including much of SoloLink. So rather than pay lip service to the term, we chose to place the world’s leading autopilot development platform--APM:Copter--at the heart of Solo, running on the new Pixhawk 2.

For 3DR, the policy represents a set of guiding principles on how we plan on doing development, and we feel it important to, in turn, open to the broader community for clarity, accountability and, well, because we’re excited to share it! In all cases this means making Solo the number one development platform, which means great APIs and developer tools. Connected to the flight controller we have SoloLink, which brings the power and flexibility of Linux computing onboard a consumer vehicle for the first time and appeals to an even broader set of developers. We plan on deepening DroneKit integration into Solo, so that developers can easily add new shots in Python and apps on Android, with new language bindings for other platforms coming soon. We also added an accessory port, 3DRBUS, on the bottom so that kickstarter projects, academics and businesses can easily integrate their own hardware.
We developed DroneKit for use on Solo so that web and mobile developers can build businesses on top of this hardware and software.
Most important, we know a great platform gets better with time, and we plan on supporting Solo for years to come.

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