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Industrial operations can ensure that the dangers and perils faced on offshore sites can be significantly reduced, by ensuring that employees undergo comprehensive Offshore Survival Course (OSSC) training provided by occupational health and safety expert Action Training Academy (ATA), in collaboration with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).
Offshore survival training comprises a basic introduction to safety, working procedures and legislation in the offshore industry. NSTC further contributes to the development of an increasingly sounder and safer offshore industry.
It’s comfortable outside this time of the season.  The weather in Japan is perfect for the training. This highly specialized training program takes place in an indoor environment, such as that shown here in Middlesbrough (UK). Technology is used to mimic real life conditions, such as gusty winds, fierce rain and choppy seas, so that each technician is trained with the skills to not only ensure their own physical safety, but the safety of their fellow technicians as well.

Due to the highly specialised nature of the training, we run the course in collaboration with the Cape University of Technology, at its Survival Centre."De Montille notes that the first two days of the training are theoretical, where trainees learn the basic principles of survival in a classroom based environment. This includes evacuation, first aid and basic fire fighting."Following the theoretical training, de Montille highlights the fact that trainees undergo an intensive three day practical training session.
This includes HUET training, whereby the trainees are strapped into a simulated helicopter cabin, before being dropped into a swimming pool."This type of escape training teaches trainees how to stay alive in a tropical oceanic environment by learning to identify the nearest point of exit and how to swim away. But I have no idea if there is any rules.whitedawg1984: Can you were ear plugs during the water training?
With this in mind, a trainee must be fully self sufficient and healthy to qualify for this course, as offshore platforms are one of the most dangerous working environments in the world."According to de Montille, ATA's OSSC training has proven to be highly popular among large corporations based in the USA, Europe and Asia. We do, however, only have the capacity for 12 trainees per class, so placements are limited, and courses are booked out far in advance."In addition to providing comprehensive health and safety training, ATA also arranges all transport and accommodation on behalf of its students, in order to streamline the entire process.

Please tell me offc Reply Dormac January 15th, 2016 Hello Noluthando,The Survival at Sea course is not run by our company, we send out staff who will potentially work offshore the course with other training centres.
For more information about working offshore and recruitment into offshore jobs I recommend you visit SFG Engineering’s website.
Also can you please indicate what sort of training, skills etc is required and where training can be done please.

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