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Known as BFC to their customers, they offer custom solutions to schools, academies, councils and academy trusts on Microsoft technologies. BFC Networks were founded in 2009 as part of a joint venture to host the Learning Gateway Conference at the Belfry in Birmingham, UK and then again in 2010. Since Microsoft announced the free offering of Office 365 for education, they have deployed their customised solution to over 250 schools across the UK helping the teaching and learning of thousands of students. BFC Networks are always on the cutting edge of technology and always looking at how other industry wide products can be used with Microsoft solutions such as Moodle and mobile devices. BFC Networks are very proud of the relationship they have with Microsoft which allows them to understand future changes to products and features. BFC Networks have been awarded Microsoft Cloud Essentials for the technical knowledge and delivery of cloud solutions.
With over 14 years’ experience in the IT industry, Alex has work on numerous private and public sector contracts in the UK and aboard. Alan Richards has been working in IT for over 17 years and during that time has been at the forefront of using IT. Read, watch and learn about cloudclassroom from our range of Sways and Office Mixes ranging from Creating a Classroom, Assigning Work and uses of OneNote in your classroom. OneNote - One of the best educational tools around is fully integrated with cloudclassroom allowing you to share class notes in the browser but also add handwriting & audio commentary on the work required by the students. Quickly create your classroom in the cloud and work with students in and outside of the classroom with ease. Assign students work and use the features of Office Online in Office 365 to see where they are working in real time. Leave comments on their work while they are working or as a review once the assignment is complete before giving a final mark is given. Share class material using OneNote while students can take any notes from the class in their personal Notebook all accessible in the browser. Parent365 allows you to have content in your Office 365 Education made available to parents through a secure login. The need to have parents logging into Office 365 has been around for some time now ever since the product was made available to the education sector.
When schools were deploying SharePoint On-Premise, the licensing options allowed them to have parent log into different content across their environment. Parent365 from BFC Networks allows you to have content in your Office 365 Education made available to parents through a secure login.
They can either login through a custom identity that you control the usernames and password and enable Multi Form Authentication (user receives a SMS and then enters the code) or they can log in with their Facebook, Google or Microsoft account (you allow the email address access).
One of the best educational tools around is fully integrated with cloudclassroom allowing you to share class notes in the browser but also add handwriting & audio commentary on the work required by the students. As the only person who can give permissions to their OneDrive is the user themselves, they are giving access to whoever you have configured. Teachers can access the students OneDrive through the Directory App by typing their name and opening the link allowing them full access to content, the recycle bin and all OneDrive settings for that user. Maybe you don't want it for teachers accessing students but instead you as the IT team want access to all users so you can provide a better support services when they have issues.
SharePoint in Office 365 allows us to do many thing and being able to integrate Cloud Classroom allows you to get the best of the cloud solutions such as Workflows and Office Online. Custom Deployments of Office 365 Education ensure you get the setup that you want no matter the requirement.
Whether it is creating 600 Office 365 Education tenants, creating over 60,000 users and migrating over 29 million email items or migrating 1 TB of Exchange 2007 and SharePoint 2007 content to Office 365 or migrating shared storage space from any location on your servers to Office 365 - BFC are your specialists.

Talk to us about your identity requirements for your school, groups of schools, single tenant or multi-tenant.
Any custom developments can be done through Office 365 Add-ins, Next Generation Portals or custom styling. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Office on a PC and Mac is full featured and enables people to do more complex or more detailed work. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Microsoft announced late last month their Office 365 suite of cloud services – Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Lync – is being made available to qualified educational institutions for free! In addition to the free cloud services, the entire Office 2010 Professional suite of desktop applications is being made available at a ridiculously low monthly subscription price. In his blog entry of June 27, Anthony Salcito, Microsoft’s VP of Education for Worldwide Public Sector, stated “Students must be more than consumers. If you’d like to learn more on how we can help your organization migrate to Office 365 please feel free to contact us at 866-753-6279 or via email.
Janet helps research and education move to Microsoft Office 365 for Education27 June 2012Janet, provider of a world-class network infrastructure for research and education institutions, is helping thesector harness the benefits of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for Education (Office 365), through initiallegal support and by agreeing a customised set of licensing documents with Microsoft, saving the sectortime and money.A number of universities have worked with Janet in the production of this pack which is being madeavailable to the HE and FE sector. In 2011 they started fully trading offering consultancy in the SharePoint and education industry. You will soon see new and exciting products coming out that will allow you to connect to SharePoint and only be 1 click or one figure swipe away from getting the information you require.
He has led teams that have been among the first to roll out Windows, Exchange and SharePoint, many of these successes have been showcased in Microsoft case studies. We take all the great features of Office 365 and bring them to you in an education context for you to us in your classroom with students.
Choose to Start using Word now, or to download the other Office apps (Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote). There are really three things that we believe separate Microsoft from every other competitor in this space, and why we think you should bet on Microsoft for productivity.1. Well, you can’t head-fake your way into building these cloud platforms and services,this isn’t a game of basketball. Security and privacy are the highest concern from organizations and that’s consistent worldwide. We’re the only company that is focused on providing the best productivity experience across the PC, the phone, and the browser.
Office 365 is the best productivity experience that’s used all over the world and that companies are demanding expertise in. Everything moves more quickly in the cloud – and that’s true of course since cloud computing makes faster delivery of applications to users and customers possible. Take any competitor in this space—some of them focus on the PC and they have no browser and no phone story.
NO OTHER company can match Microsoft today in our experience on running and building services.
But, at the same time, cloud also speeds up your ability to respond to changes in business demand and direction. As people think about adopting cloud technologies, especially in certain geos, in certain industries, regulatory and compliance has really risen to become a major concern.
We know what it takes to do this, because we’ve been running services at Internet scale for years – from MSN in 1995, to Hotmail, Windows Live, and Bing, today.

The experience and features that you expect on the desktop and offline are also there in the cloud.
We believe that your users, and you as users, really do want to use the PC, the phone, and the browser in your daily world.
This is all alongside our full commitment in the engineering discipline and the operations discipline around delivering the cloud.
Cloud also makes it easy to deliver agile solutions to your end users… making it possible for your people to work from nearly anywhere, at any time, across devices – securely and efficiently. Light rail has wi-fi, so you’re able to catch up on work instead of focusing on maneuvering through traffic jams. The MOC is focused on delivering a comprehensive incident management and service support, with world class quality of service for 200 + property groups supporting incident management in a highly cost efficient model. When cloud computing takes the underlying IT infrastructure off your plate, you no longer have to worry about it. We want you to be able to work on your documents, and when someone touches it in the browser, they don’t clobber all of the things that someone did in the rich client. They process more than 150K tickets a month supporting incidents, change management, release management and problem management. Your IT staff is able to focus on higher-level parts of the stack, managing those applications SLAs, rolling out new applications, adding value rather than running engines.
We round-trip the Office documents from the PC, to the phone, to the browser, and back, and nobody else does that.
Cloud pools together resources – hardware, facilities, operations and power – so you can buy broader sets of them on YOUR schedule – at a lower overall cost. As you get more and more servers in your cloud, you gain various economies of scale for both public and private clouds. MOC uses MS Change as a primary change management tool (most universally recognized change management tool)Consumption Reporting: New Cost Model focuses on measuring and forecasting capacity utilization, cost drivertransparency and accountability, and investment optimization and is aligned with ‘Improve Cost’ strategic theme. We haven’t just taken our long list of capabilities and turned a bunch of stuff off and stuck it in the browser. Standard rates by region, where applicable, provide greater predictability for BGs’ online COGSHardware Services – GFS provisions hardware via various standards programs such as containers, ITPACs and the Azure and MACH server programs.
You can get utilization across multiple sectors, across multiple time zones, and so you can drive your utilization up, which fundamentally drives your costs down.So, agility, focus and economics are key motivating factors for companies to tap into cloud computing , and those benefits accrue to all types of clouds – public, private, etc.
When you’re on your mobile phone, you can take photos; we’ll automatically drop those photos into your OneNote digital notebook, and that gets synced up over the cloud, and people who are using their PCs and their browsers see those photos.
We don’t give you a technology ultimatum where you must move to the cloud to use our technology. It means that a customer like the Kentucky Department of Education can implement our cloud based messaging and collaboration solution to all of their users – students, educators and staff. And, other educational institutions, such as Middlesex university can choose a hybrid approach with students on cloud services and educators and staff remaining on an on-premises solution.
We believe that is very, very important, and we’re dedicated to helping you think about how to use the cloud in the most effective way.3. Finally, the third reason we believe that you should bet on Microsoft is because we have the broadest vision for what productivity actually is. Why do you have different publishing systems for your intranet, and your extranet, and your Internet?

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