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An off the grid house, built on a equestrian planning permit, on a green site in a area of outstanding natural beauty. ECHO's modular off-grid Eco PodsWe are completely in love with Sam Booth's playful new tiny homes. Manufacturers of kit homes offer a variety of ways to stay off the grid, and produce energy in the home, along with other green options. Using heavy insulation, durable frame walls, and triple glazed doors and windows, many of these kit homes offer the homeowner the ability to remain off the grid. Many forward thinking homeowners are eager to utilize solar panels that are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Green kit homes are ready to assemble, and are delivered to the site using the lowest available harm to the planet. Architects design their green kit homes by incorporating essential environmental considerations and the efficiency of available resources in each step of the design, build and development processes. It also includes the efficiency of all the resources used in the design process along with the delivered materials, and the quality of the indoor environment. Part of the process for the manufacturer is to source the best green-based approved materials from indigenous, renewable and recyclable resources whenever it is possible. These green kit homes are offered in a variety of styles and categories including barn houses, cabins, single-family residences, barns, garages and others.
The big 400 square metre courtyard-styled house floats over cantilevers anchored into the sand dune. Clever use of skillion roofs allow northern light to pour into the living areas from one direction and ocean breezes to flow through from the other.
Kristina said the genesis of the idea was to have a grand family home with all the creature comforts, while staying true to a sustainable ethos. The couple selected local designer Gary Ramm and builder John Daunt and set the duo a formidable challenge – to build a luxury house with a super-efficient design on top of a sand dune. A total of 45 windows, many of them floor to ceiling, allow light to pour into the home and make for a spectacular 23 metres of Southern Ocean views from the living areas. The Frasers hunted high and low in order to source the latest energy efficient building technologies. South Australian imported double glazed windows filled with argon gas and PVC framing are used throughout to retain heat in winter and keep things cool during summer.

A total of 24 48-volt gel batteries power a 7.2 kilowatt solar power system, providing enough power to run the air-conditioner for eight hours during a 40 degree day with plenty in the tank.
Heated water is provided through a Quantum Heat Pump, delivering efficient hot water for all but a few days a year.
Designed in Queensland, the smart Biolytix wastewater system uses thousands of worms working away silently to break down waste matter, before sending it back into the gardens via an automated grey water system.
The result is a luxury off-the-grid home that’s easy to maintain, sustainable and costs virtually nothing to run.
Despite being  immensely proud of their creation on Twilight Beach Road, the Frasers are preparing to call an end to the Esperance chapter of their lives and head back to Queensland to live.
The minimalist ECHO eco pods are tidy custom-built modular shelters built with certified sustainable materials. Many potential homeowners are seeking unique ways to build a home that is durable yet sustainable.
They offer a way to minimize the impact on the environment by using the best of the natural afforded light.
Nearly net zero technology options allow the homeowner to eliminate its annual utility bill by producing the amount of energy required to run the home. The home can be installed with a variety of eco-friendly options including wind turbines and solar panels along with SIP (structural insulated panels). This means the design takes full advantage of seasonal sunlight in the wintertime to warm the house, and well-positioned landscape to provide shade during the heat of the summer. This includes efficiency flat packing, and an architectural design and factory fabrication that minimizes and sometimes eliminates any waste. The entire process considers the overall impact of the home, along with the natural setting of its new location. Many of these home kits are architecturally designed using the highest quality green exterior materials without the necessity to be finished on site.
In the future, as these resources get scarcer, wea€™re going to have to figure out how to live in a little more harmony with Mother Earth. It features floor to ceiling self-cleaning windows opening up on to a low-maintenance composite decked verandah overlooking the beach. The Frasers’ home sits between Blue Haven Beach and West Beach on Twilight Beach Road, a stunning cliff-top coastal route stretching west from the Esperance town centre before looping back past the picturesque Pink Lake.

Insulated construction materials across floors, walls and ceilings help with passive internal climate control.
Waste is plumbed through a grey water and auto-irrigation system to keep lawns green and a thriving vege garden producing all year around.
The house has won a raft of awards, including the WA Master Builders overall best country home for the Goldfields-Esperance region. Affordable, contemporary, and adaptable to just about any environment, the fully self-sustaining pods would make a great off-grid office or garden shelter, or a cool holiday home in a remote landscape. It must be flexible and innovative in its design, while satisfying the household needs that the homeowner desires. They are constructed with recycled materials (whenever possible) while providing the ultimate energy efficiency and total comfort in a well-built structure.
By consuming only the energy that is produced on site, the homeowner can feel satisfied knowing they are doing their part to protect the resources of the planet. With SIP construction, the dense roof panels are created with high R-value (rated 29 and higher) and wall panels rated 22 R-value and higher. By positioning the home at a proper angle to the sun, the amount of energy consumed can be significantly reduced, to keep the kit home off the grid. This includes the kit home’s design, build and operation that will directly focus on the efficiency of the water and energy used in the home. Typically, the windows and glass on the doors will be NFRC certified to meet green home construction standards. Here are 21 houses that are already doing it right: eschewing the power grid for solar, wind, and geothermal energy sources. Products and materials such as specially sourced birdseye maple in the kitchen are among the examples of attention to detail in the French-styled interior design.
The house must be easily adapted in its overall design to fit ideally in nature, while withstanding its local unique weather conditions.

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