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Jill Redwood, escritora e ativista ambiental, odeia supermercados e so come o que cultiva em sua propriedade de 6 hectares, as margens de uma floresta nativa. Jill edificou sua casa em East Gippsland, Australia, onde ela tem vive sozinha a  mais de 30 anos, sem eletricidade da rede ou agua encanada, moveis comprados ou televisao. Vivendo com cerca de US $ 320 por mes, Jill tem mais de sessenta animais a lhe fazer companhia e um jardim abundante que lhe da sustento em um estoque de alimentos saudaveis, as portas de sua casa. Gerando toda energia solar que necessita e coletando agua do riacho local, Jill vive uma vida distante do sistema. Gerando a sua propria energia solar e coletando agua do riacho local atraves de uma roda que leva a agua para a casa e o jardim, Jill criou sistemas unicos de auto-suficiencia. Normal ou nao, um cliche da sociedade contemporanea ou um casal unido por amor, afinidades e desafinidades, que transforma arte e ciencias em pequenos projetos domesticos.
For more than 30 years she has been living ‘off the grid’ in a home she built herself made entirely out of reused and recycled materials, with walls made from timber offcuts and cow dung.
Ms Redwood, a writer and environmental activist, hates supermarkets and only eats food she’s grown and made herself on her 15-acre property on the edge of the forest in East Gippsland in Victoria.
Jill built her house in East Gippsland, Australia where she has lived alone for over 30 years entirely off-grid with no mains power, water, mobile reception or television.
Living on around $80 a week, Jill has over sixty animals to keep her company and an abundant garden that serves as an organic supermarket right outside her doorstep. Generating all her own solar power and collecting water from the local creek, Jill lives a totally self-sufficient life. Generating all her own solar power and collecting water from the local creek via a remarkable water wheel contraption which pumps water to the house and garden, Jill has devised unique systems of self sufficiency. Read previous post:The Oil That Leads to Premature Aging, Artery Plaque Buildup, and Even the Formation of Tumorsby KRIS GUNNARS Barely a week goes by without a new “health food” arriving on the market. Mike and Joanne’s two-module PV system and wind generator have significantly reduced their reliance on the boat’s diesel generator. Mindful of the elements, Mike took extra care when wiring both the wind- and solar-electric systems—twisting, taping, and heat-shrinking all connections.

Well, almost…“There are a lot of seagulls, and we have to clean the droppings off the modules.
Thanks to their wind- and solar-electric systems, Mike and Joanne enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of home with cleaner, quieter power sources. Currently, the 12-gallon hot water tank is fitted with a heat exchanger that uses waste heat from the diesel engine to heat water for domestic use.
For the past eight years, Mike and Joanne have spent every winter island-hopping around the Caribbean. A group of high-school students used their RE & energy-efficiency education to champion a 385 kW PV system, making their school net-zero-energy. This off-grid intentional community includes its own microgrid to share a PV system among 10 homes.
In an AC Coupled solar power system, a grid-tied inverter can continue to operate during grid power outages by syncing with the output of a battery-based inverter. When the grid is functioning normally, the Magnum Energy inverter will use both the utility grid power and the AC output of the string inverter to maintain charge on the battery bank and to power the critical loads. The wiring diagram (at the top) is complex, but once you digest it, you will see that it is a unique method for wiring up a Magnum inverter. The connection from the renewable energy source to the utility-interactive inverter doesn’t require any rewiring.
Connects in parallel with the utility circuit to provide charging to the inverter’s battery bank. If there is a utility failure, the inverter’s transfer switch will de-couple from the utility circuit (so not to energize the grid and create a safety hazard). Provides the AC voltage and frequency reference needed for the utility-interactive inverter to continue to operate while using the renewable energy to provide power to the home during a power outage. Capable of operating as a standalone inverter or Standby mode (battery charging with AC transfer), with automatic transition from one state to the other. Esse e meu sonho ja a muito tempo, so tenho que parabeniza-los, nao sei se vai dar tempo, mas vou tentar.

If we’re lucky enough to have fresh water, then we just hose off the modules now and again,” he says. When Mike and Joanne need to replenish the hot water, they run the engine, usually every third day for about an hour.
The battery will re-sync and charge when the voltage falls too low, and unsync when the voltage rises too high to prevent overcharging.
Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional.
On its own, the solar-electric system produces about 55 amp-hours (AH) per day on average—shy of their 70-AH usage.
Though the engine only burns about a half gallon of fuel—about 45 cents’ worth—in that hour, that’s one hour and one half gallon too much for Mike. Micro-grid AC Coupling allows a grid-tie system to work with a backup battery system that can be charged even during grid blackouts. When the grid is working, the Magnum inverter allows solar power produced by the gridtie array to feed back to the main utility service breaker panel. One yellowfin tuna feeds the couple for days, and they trade what they can’t store for other goods. It's perfect for folks who want to add a battery back-up package to their existing grid-tie solar power system. Tapping into the existing plumbing will be fairly easy, he says, but coordinating the shipping of the unit to the islands will require some patience. Though the couple only saves an estimated $15 per week by offsetting their diesel fuel use, every dollar helps  perpetuate their cruising lifestyle. We can also size and prepare tailored made photovoltaic systems to suit your needs.We continually test the equipment and we specialized in the supply of ready to use kits composed of carefully chosen components.

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