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While this lifestyle is a bit too hardcore for me at this point in my life, I admit that I’m fascinated with the idea, and respectful of the people who choose to do so. I’ve always thought of “Living Off The Grid” as not needing public utilities at your house.
However… I am now a wind farmer so I have a completely different point of view on the phrase “Living Off The Grid”. I think a lot of these solutions are not just more environmentally-friendly, they are also more economical.
Living off the grid, is a different thing for everyone, and the last couple entries have made that clear. By off the grid, I mean leaving jobs, friends,& family to live completely off the land.
If you, or anyone you know, has an interesting family (with teenagers between the ages of 15-20) I would love to talk to you! I currently have a farm in Indiana and have slowly (sometimes much slower than I wish) been shifting to understanding what really makes sense for living off the grid. I have learned more about being off the grid and the freedom and beauty it has while I am in Kenya- typically in the bush but even small towns are often left with no electric. So too share why I came here because I am seeking how to move further off the grid while here in the US at my farm and while I am in Kenya near the Mara. If anyone has any further insights to applicability to a more urban setting, please comment. As for all the hunters out there… I have found the best way to go off the grid is to become a vegetarian RV nomad. My goal in 10-15 years is totally living in a sod home, no electricity, no gas, no phone lines.
I want to form a community in India, of kind people.I want to live a life where kindness and humane values are respected. When disasters happen you need to be able to take care of your self and not be a burdon on the system. For me the ultimate goal, being off grid, is just being less of a burdon on the planet and being responsible for myself. To me, living off the grid has an even deeper meaning that being self-sustaining and tied to no utilities. I just bought 1.25 acres of land and i am in the process of planning to build a house on it. I am looking for a community that would have everything, men[unmarried], permacuilture,peace and quiet.
It was one thing for me to romanticize about living in the wild, but once i actually started thinking of it as a reality i realized how much knowledge i lack.
Well, after literally reading every post in this string thus far, I am amazed and enlightened at all of the different views there are on living off the grid.
After living and working in California’s Silicon Valley, for over 18 years, living on the grid to me means unplugging from the matrix. It really means abandoning the known world with it’s matrix of comforts, promises, ease and supposed safety nets. Hi we have a off grid solar system do we need to charge our batteries with a generator when they go down ? Mr White, like in the swastika sporting, first of the inbred clan to hit college, hillbilly with a dentist and a tux Mr White?
Homeowners can harness the infinite amount of energy produced by the sun by using pv solar panels. The power of the wind can also be used to produce viable electricity by the use of wind turbines. Solar panels need to be perfectly clean for them to be efficient and properly absorb the suns energy and turn it into usable electricity.
Your solar panels may not produce enough electricity on cloudy or overcast days, and with wind turbines you may only get an hour or so of good wind every day. Off the grid living is definitely possible, though you will need a lot of patience, responsibility, and a bit of savings for the equipment. Despite their best efforts, however, many people who choose to live like this still have to put up with the government sticking its nose in their business, as was highlighted in the documentary Off The Grid: Life on the Mesa. Somehow you generate enough electricity for yourself and have a well for drinking water, etc… So there is no need to pay for or rely on those services. To me this means producing way more electricity than I could ever use and selling it to the utility companies at a profit – enough to live on. To me, off grid means both off the electrical and water grid as far as home use, but it also carries the idea of rather frugal and basic living.
I think a certain part of off-the-grid living is mentally divorcing oneself from peer-pressure and follow-the-leader thinking.
We have no cell phone, no TV; grow, forage and barter much of our own food and live in a passive solar home. I’d also be interested in speaking with people who are moving into off the grid communities with their families, or with people who are making similar life changes. While in the bush i live with little to no electric other than solar or wind and most use wood that has been trimmed from trees not killing the trees. To me the grid is much more than turning off the meeter but a way of thinking and being aware of our actions. I have had my eyes on this area and unfortunately, its just like you wrote: most affordable land is just flat sagebrush. My husband would love to “Live off the Grid.” I do not and would not live in those conditions. Although I would like to minimize my information footprint along with my resource footprint. Away from utilities that I can make myself and it doesnt take alot of money to make your own electricity or hot water and from this corrupt government system that taxes you practically for breathing.
I believe to truly be independant you must also have no mortagage on your homestead and not require insurance.
Well Mr White sir, I am privileged to know a family whom have been sailing for many years raising four kids, whom never seen the inside of a school classroom.
Who wouldn’t want to produce their own electricity and be completely independent from the municipal power grid?

Multiple photovoltaic cells inside of the solar panel catch absorbs the suns light energy and convert it into usable electricity that can be used to power your homes energy needs such as electrical lighting and appliances.
Wind turbines catch the wind using rotating fan blades which then turns the generator inside it to produce electricity. The basic models of each type costs thousands of dollars if you want to power your entire home. This means you will often be on the roof of your house cleaning and polishing your solar panels to a perfect shine.
The goal is to be as efficient as possible with your power usage and to save on electricity as much as you can. After all is said and done, you will find that living off the grid can be a rewarding experience and save you money in the long run by not paying huge electric bills in the future. There’s nothing wrong with having some appliances, and I currently am fully hooked up to the grid, but have lived without electric or running water, and heated with a wood fire or a thick sweater. We are looking to add solar panels and a wind generator with the idea of producing and selling whatever excess energy those system create.
While I admit my partner and I are very slow to cut-off our electric connection it is being looked at and will happen over time.
There I am able to more cost effectively since I have little money learn and try how things work there.
Originally I accepted it to mean being off the energy grid while using renewable resources to sustain without use of the conventional industrialized methods, but now, for me, it means to be off a system(s). I, along with my siblings, are planning to purchase land jointly, and share in the work involved. As a teen and up thru now, i have regulary camped several areas for up to a week at a time. All four attended university on study grants, due to brilliance, no, their daddy is white but do not go south on me please!!
Any extra electricity can be stored in batteries to be used later to sufficiently power your home at night when there is no sun to create energy. Like solar power, the electricity produced through wind power can also be stored in batteries for future use. Wind turbines on the other hand are not very high maintenance, but they are prone to heavy damage when winds get too strong, especially during storms, and repairs can be expensive. Then I learned about people who were getting electricity by charging batteries using a generator once a week.
Fir us here in the US it is more of being aware of the real options and freedoms those options can bring. I have thought about just building a house in the forest and using oil, propane, and wood for anything I need.
Almost every part of our society is already set up to function a certain way and it’s very difficult to stray from the beaten path. That is to say a system of institutions, which, in my experience, appear to be predicated on lies, greed and social manipulation.
And also i dont like funding for needless wars or a politicians vacation when I don’t have these luxuries myself. I personally am heading in this direction widowed and alone on a 3 acre plot of land in TX, investing in a water system and producting my own energy and food. None of them sold ‘E’ or cat or crack , yea that is correct even that has modernised, even a buffoon like me living in good old Africa know that, yes sir Mr White me I am that trash you speak of, sorry do not steal do not sell drugs but I do a decent days work, my point is that if you generalise, compartmentalize and stereotype you lay bare the fact as to the utter lack of cognitive ability on your side, or should that be your side of the tracks? If you’ve ever thought about living off the grid, there are some things you should consider.
You will also require additional electrical wiring in your house so that it can be powered using these alternative sources of energy. I thought that was hardcore, but then I heard from folks who didn’t even have a generator, and were cooking with wood, lighting with oil and doing, literally, everything by hand. I also think that a service such as Google maps tied to a cell phone could push these kind of more local ads and solutions that would make local businesses thrive. I really feel society has its handcuffs and they are very tightly around our wrists but have been there so long we don’t mind. Maybe get some trees shipped from the arbor foundation.Buy a trailer and set up some solar panels. I am a carpenter so, if I do need a little work it’s always easy to make a few bucks.
I currently reside in an rv in a friends back yard (stealth mode) and offer him some cash monthly for use of H2O and hydro and the odd trip to his laundry room. I believe the control over all the things humans need is being consentrated into the hands of the very few powers that be who also control the media, money, and governments around the world. The two most popular methods that people use to get off grid power is solar power and wind power. Adding up all the costs, it is clear to see why everyone is still not living completely off the grid yet. Listen to hear why they choose to live off grid, how they choose to use their limited solar power, why they have a guard donkey instead of a dog, the item she could not live without, a typical household task that becomes hard, why they went with modular housing, how the compostable toilet works, and more!
But i guess it would have to be on government land and we would have to move around a little. I think the biggest obstacle for myself right now is learning how to live on minimal amounts of food.
It’s difficult to even get on a plane or rent a motel room without a credit card, for instance. I think life would be a lot more simple with out mass media forcing false ideals down every ones throats, while the government controls literally everything you do, whether you believe so or not. I dont think you can erect a permanent shelter on government land, though that may vary by state. They spend their days and lives figuring out how to gain control of all the worlds resources as well as all the people.
They decide which country will gets those resources, which countries to take down finacially and morally.
Sadly, this city is every bit redneck and backwards as they come being very reliant on the oil industry for so long.
You have to keep blinders on very tight to not see the old ways of 401ks, SSI, public unions, welfare etc, are going to emplode and leave many millions broke and unable to afford the basics of life.

Still many keep their collective heads deeply held in the sand and the media drum rolling out the lies they choose to believe because to question the status quo would be too hard. Downtime consists of reading or watching a chick flick, & there is always chocolate involved.
I want to introduce her to my style of alternative living all the while allowing her to have a contemporary upbringing at the same time.
When she is older, she will have experienced both sides of the coin and will be equiped to lead or follow depending on her chosen path. I was sat in darkness on the roof of the van looking out to the flickering city lights in the distance when I had quite an overwhelming feeling; I am off-grid, I’m doing it! I felt like I had just learned to ride a bike without stabilisers all over again – a huge sense of accomplishment and a crazy feeling of freedom.Being off-grid probably isn’t the easiest way to live but it does seem to offer choice and much freedom with no white lines or boundaries. I can position the van, my home, wherever I want; I can have the sunset in the back window, the mountains in the front window AND I can live here comfortably with everything I need (apart from a good internet connection).
It is (temporary) freedom and I cannot believe my luck.Electricity, water and gas are vital things I need to live comfortably with Internet now being quite a luxury. I can spend about 12 days off-grid before having to get more water and probably over a month if I am near a spring or well.
I have been living for 3 weeks now using 2x100W solar panels to power all the my electrical needs via two big 220Ah batteries. After some tweaks, the solar powered electrical system is completely self sufficient and almost maintenance free.  I’m not exactly frugal with the electricity either and there have been 3 of us living in here for more than half the time.
I estimate the usage to be about 60-70Ah a day (24hr).I do have a backup in place to charge the batteries from the alternator or mains hook-up cable but have not yet had to use either. Water supply is something I just didn’t really think about in a house and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  My water tank in the van is 70L, which is used for cooking, shower, coffee, washing dishes, and drinking if we have no bottled water. Learning how to be frugal with water is an on-going challenge, although I think I’ve come far in the last few weeks. OK, showering was at a bare minimum (there is a hot spring and river for washing) but making 50L last a week between two people has required constant care and thought whenever you reach for the tap. I’ve always been able to get connected Internet everywhere I go – its just there, like water. There have been countless times when I just need to check something on the Internet but have not been able to get any connection or I’d have to drive around looking for a WIFI signal, pointing my antenna at apartments, cafes, hotels, Mcdonalds (always have WIFI). This usually means I have very limited online time since I cannot be hanging around at the side of a road in the van for too long.At the moment I am using a 14dB directional Yagi antenna, which does work well (distance wise) but I still have to rely on there being a WIFI connection. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations then please let me know. I never really thought it was possible to be this disconnected. I’m sorry for the emails I haven’t yet replied to and to the people checking my site asking where I am and why I haven’t posted anything in a while.
I have a backlog of posts on my computer but I guess they are useless without an Internet connection. PS we thought you may have been locked up and that was why you weren’t posting you position. Gonna head to Portugal today… see what happens matt campbellppps we (me lewis jose and a few others) are going to be in Benidorm on the 26th till the 28th of september. I’ll probably be East by then- wanna be near Berlin for end of summer if I can Camper Van ThingsNot sure if you have a smartphone with wifi, but it is fairly easy to set up tethering with an iPhone or android phone so your phone becomes a wifi access point. Me and Dawn have been out in Europe in our Convoy since the start of July, 7000 miles in to our tour.
We have spent the passed month in Croatia staying on a camp and picking olives and grapes but now have the urge to move again. My waknes is electronics and no matter how much headscratching I do can’t seem to fathom stuff out, maybe you could help?
I plan to buy solar panels and kit soon, gonna look at prices out here, fancy a meet up and a bit of ‘paid’ installation work? Sorry about this being longwinded keep it lit Trevor and Dawn (2 fifty somethings who are loving the life) Mike HudsonHey Trevor, I’m still waiting to see another Convoy on the road in Europe.
I think there are a few people on forums like Wildcamping and SBMCC who will come to you or meet you to install panels.
I’ve been getting on well with buying a local SIM, putting it in my phone and setting my phone as a wifi hotspot. I found Spain and France really bad for mobile internet though but everywhere else is great (Romania being miles ahead with their comms infrastructure)Give me a shout any time if you need any help and come back with the electronics questions (if you still have them).
Trevor BennettHi Mike, The Bimbletron (our Convoy) runs as sweet as, our only problems have been operator error and a flat battery in the immobiliser key. I have found a few places local to me who can provide panels but have yet to come back with prices so for now I just wait. Further research into Sat Int shows the footprint is no good for eastern Europe but I have not checked East Europe suppliers.
I think we to will go for the local sim card option too but buy a network signal booster to use if we can find free wifi. Heading home at the end of Nov but will be back out early next year when we have cleared my lockup (I hate having to pay to store stuff) now we have made the decision to do this travel thing full time.
I like good stories about LDV Convoys going round Europe and never having a problem ??How come they don’t have prices? It’s almost impossible to deal with problems when you have to send panels back to China.
Although, they do rarely go faulty.Yeah I also have a signal booster with a really high gain antenna. Just look at how many business offer free wifi… Clive Adams3 allow you to use your allowances in a number of European countries with no extra charge. The further East I’ve gone though, the less of a problem with internet there has been.
It would be nice to have just one SIM that would work everywhere though (and fairly priced) camper manI travel all over the US like you do (but in stealth mode to save money in a Vanabode).

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