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Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile.
It still just shows some random letters, it looks russian or chinese, how come this happens?
Anyway, thanks for your response – I see I’m not the only night owl out there!!! An ODT file is a text document created with Writer, the Apache OpenOffice and StarOffice word processor. Click the To ODT button of the Working Area to set the format you would like to convert your files to.

The major crippling factor in OpenOffice for me is you can’t perform a global search through thousands of OOo documents without being a rocket scientist. To do that press the Browse button located in the Output File Area and select the desired location on your HDD. You may use this software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner. For just plain text type docs the above works fine, however most docs will have the aforementioned Headers & Footers. I threw in the towel and now converting all my OpenOffice records into doc or docx en masse.

The problems *you* have using msword, when others are using openoffice, is 1000x worse for those others when you insist on using msword.
Anyone new to msword would have the same types of issues & frustrations as someone new to openoffice.

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