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In professional writing, editing and other related activities, the writer usually archives ideas that do not fit in a story, but which might later come in handy.
Even though OS X provides a built-in version back-up tool for documents, it replaces the latest version of the document when attempting a recovery. Furthermore, the names of the options available in the main window are rather different from the names in the menus, even though they perform the same actions. We have spotted a minor issue when trying to stop tracking a document contained in a folder.
In other words, you can quickly cycle between versions in the changes pane using the Up and Down arrow keys or preview them in the OS X Quick Look window, which activates after pressing the Spacebar. Figuring out the changes might take a little while because you might not remember what spaces, lines, letters, words or paragraphs you have changed in the original document. Although it is not an automatic sync feature per se, this feature keeps your files safe in the cloud and makes it convenient to transfer document history between Macs via the same iCloud account. Draft Control works as described and keeps safe backups of multiple versions of your documents on both the local disk and in the cloud. Despite having some minor quirks and shortcomings here and there, Draft Control can definitely help you manage and organize different versions of a document you are editing. To do that, the writer saves the notes into other documents or lets the machine automatically create backups each time the file is saved.

Note that Draft Control is not a self-contained text editor and relies on your own apps that support document editing. In spite of this, the menus look quite messy because it feels like the options should be condensed in fewer menus. The app would be less confusing if the options in both the menu bar and main window had identical names.
Three options are available: automatically creating a backup every time you save the document in your word processor, auto-saving at user-defined intervals, and manually saving the document.
However, when you edit a document while the app is closed, it cannot track the changes you have made. However, Draft Control lacks the ability to export all or just selected versions at the same time. If there are both deletions and additions, the best thing to do is to view the deletions first and then the additions. This can be used when you want to edit a document on multiple Macs with Draft Control installed and also need to sync the document together with its history. Moreover, the names of the menu options do not match the names of the options in the main window.
Browsing through versions is effortless and, if you only need to track one document at a time, you do not have to pay anything.

Ele funciona de forma simples, você precisa selecionar um arquivo do formato que ele suporta (consulte a lista abaixo), clique no arquivo e arraste para a interface do programa. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
We, at FP2, do not maintain subject lists since many departments follow different guidelines on what to instruct and when.
Nevertheless, the options work in the same manner and the CMD + Backspace hotkey can also be used.
In this case, when reopening Draft Control, the app can only create a snapshot of the latest version. One way to partially deal with this shortcoming is by hiding the versions you are not interested in. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

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