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World Wide Learning provides links to many of the top online nursing continuing education resources – each with a description of courses available.
The CEConnection's nurse continuing education offerings are highly relevant and easily searched by specialty and even media type.
This is the educational arm of the American Nurses Association, and their online nursing continuing education courses are free to members.
Educational material posted to this website is relevant to nursing across the province and available 24 hours a day, allowing flexibility for the release of staff from units and for nurses to access education at their convenience.
Getting a career is one of the most important priorities in your life and a great training from a prestigious educational institution is most crucial. This is partly due to the diminishing numbers of nurse educators and the lack of training facilities. You can be a registered nurse by either accomplishing a bachelor’s degree program, diploma or associate degree in nursing. A bachelor’s degree usually takes 4 years to obtain while an associate degree will take 2 to 3 years to accomplish and a diploma would take 3 years. Whether a bachelor’s or diploma program, they would incorporate teaching in the classroom for a various hours within the week and they will be enforced by professionals in health care hospitals and facilities. A number of the institutes also offer accelerated master’s degree program within nursing and takes two to three years to complete. If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree in some other registered nurse education, you can go for an accelerated bachelor’s degree in nursing. Within the academic setting, nurse educators generally hold a master’s degree although a doctorate degree is usually needed at the University level.
Preparing yourself for nursing education will give you substantial understanding of the pleasures and obstacles available for you in the future.
They make up an essential part of the medical team and they assist doctors in medical procedures. Hollis Forster, RNC-NP received her RN in 1980 and her nurse practitioner license in 1982 from the University of California at Los Angeles. From 2003-2005, she served as the Executive Director of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, drawing on her knowledge of cervical cancer from her twenty years as a provider of cervical cancer services. In 2006, Holly joined Affiliates Risk Management Services, a risk management organization that serves a national health care association. Anyone who’s completed nursing school can tell you where they floundered in their education. Any experience you can gain in the field, such as through volunteer work, family or friends in the profession, etc., will help avoid major career disappointments.
If floor nursing isn’t for you, or if you have your heart set on administration work or other avenues of nursing that demand a master’s degree, then apply to a program that will get you there directly. If or when you change schools during your educational path, there will be classes that the new school won’t accept.
The purpose of this post is to encourage nurse educators and nurse entrepreneurs to create their own continuing education activities.
Many states require licensed nurses to complete continuing education courses in order to renew their licenses.

Here’s a sample of key questions I ask Nurses in my own Continuing Nursing Education activities to help you get clear on your own. You can create courses for any number of CEs- NCEs, but the more credits you offer- the more you pay to your board- to get approval. Your local state nursing board provides info on their website on how to apply for CEs…actually NCEs (nursing continuing education) as they are approved providers for ANCC.
If you’re a member of AHNA- American Holistic Nursing Asociation, (I am) you can also apply for credits with them.
Continued learning for Nurses is life-long, and with health care constantly changing, continued competency is simply a MUST. This was a BRIEF OVERVIEW of the potential of how to do it, position yourself and what to charge to create an additional income stream.
I hope it has offered valuable insights on how you can be a provider of Continuing Ed for nurses too!
SIGN UP to get FREE tips + valuable training not on my website to create true Self-love + a hot health career in YogaNursing. Thanks Annette, these are great lists of resources for those looking to offer CNEs with their programs. I’ve been teaching a course that I love, and after reading your post, it can be offered as a CEU. Joyce, I’m dee- lighted up you found the AH HA that you can give CEUs for your own course.
Hi Annette, Thanks for pointing out that any nurse can share their expertise through creating a continuing education program.
Further, the Government of Prince Edward Island advises that individual entries are based on information supplied by the business or organization in question. In spite of the demand of nurses in the USA, opting for nursing education is still a competitive and complicated procedure. It also has something to do with the tough academic procedures of nursing continuing education. Once this is done, you will be required to take and pass the national licensing examination in order to practice as a registered nurse (RN). There are several nursing programs that provide you with an associate or bachelor’s degree program and some diploma programs require less.
Quite often people take an associate or diploma program and proceed on taking a bachelor’s degree. Accelerated master’s program will be provided to those who have a higher degree in another field and this usually goes for 2 years. Educators who work in clinical settings usually come with a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and many institutions require the master’s degree.
It is the duty of the registered nurse consists of assigning duties to nursing assistants and practical nurses in a hospital setting. Nursing education will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet all these duties. She’s worked in intensive care units and ambulatory care centers, delivering hands-on women’s health care services to countless women.

This experience enriched her knowledge of the administrative needs of health care services. Forster has also served on the board of medical management for the Family Planning Funding organization in California and has been a visiting faculty member for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, delivering medical education to reproductive health care professionals across the U.S. When I finished nursing school, there was a couple in my class who graduated with wonderful grades, passed the RN exam, and within weeks opened a plant nursery in their community. Online courses and other flexible alternatives are making it easier to complete a nursing associate’s degree and certification programs.
Work experience that you might get credit for in one school may not be accepted by another. You will need to partner with a nurse who is an MSN who will be your nurse planner- in the creation of your continuing education activity. I love how you break it down in such a simple format as it is not as overwhelming as it seems.
I am sure this is something that many nurse entrepreneurs and bloggers don’t even know is available as an option. Therefore, while InfoPEI is updated to correct errors as appropriate, the Government of Prince Edward Island does not warrant that the information is accurate. If you want to advance further in your career and opt for specialties like nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetists, you will be required with a master’s degree. They work for 2 years within entry-level positions and deal with tuition reimbursement and study more. For those who want a change in career, there are nursing education jobs which will transform you into a nurse educator. During many of these years, she also worked as the risk and quality manager of ten women’s health centers, assuring compliance with local and federal law and managing the details of protocol development and implementation. She also continues her hands-on work to stay connected with the most important part of this job- the patient. This makes it possible to complete one rung of the educational ladder, then work while earning another degree to the next rung. And most schools (even if you’re two classes from your degree) will insist that you take a minimum amount of credits from them before you graduate with a degree in their name. I have gotten approval on three of my offers now and the process, once you get through it the first time, is relatively painless. Nurses with experience and BSN degrees would find luxury as an educator to mold the minds of the next generation of nurses.
It all depends on the length of the activity and of course how excellent and original your content is.
Fees can be from around $10 to thousands of dollars for extended, comprehensive trainings- both onsite, home study, or a combo of both.

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