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When left unattended and untreated a flooded home can quickly lead to problems with mold and other harsh bacteria.  One of the most dangerous of these is the black mold, which can cause respiratory problems for residents if left untreated. Winter in Washington State is a beautiful thing, but heavy storms and adventurous mountain goers have potential for disaster. That are many different important elements to preparing for potential disaster, and as part of Washington State Disaster Preparedness, Washington Guard has put together some guides on how to best handle preparedness for potential hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes and other disasters.  In this guide we will speak about one element that many homeowners and citizens neglect to account for, and that is the potential for fallen trees and branches ones a storm or disaster occurs. There is no way to fully insure that trees won’t come down in the event of a hurricane or earthquake, perfectly healthy and sturdy trees can still fall victim in the event of a large natural disaster, but there are ways to avoid damage and potential injury during moderate storms or winds via the use of diligent tree removal and branch pruning. It is recommended that property and homeowners survey their lands at least once a year to account for any weakened, overgrown or diseases trees and plant life.  You can contract with a professional licensed tree service to get this done on a regular basis.

In addition, citizens are strongly encourages to call in any instances of downed trees, hanging limbs, impinged power lines or any other potentially dangerous situation to the local authorities.
There are many ways in which the safety of the workers, employees and general public is insured when it comes to nuclear power facilities.  There are many different nuclear power outfitters that provide safety equipment and high grade tools to help handle the radiation levels that are present when dealing directly with the reactor core, in addition to providing safety throughout the premises in order to avoid potential problems with overheating, etc. While the presense of nuclear reactors and the use of nuclear energy is still occuring throughout the US, the rise of alternative energies such as solar and wind is also on the rise.  This will likely surmount nuclear, coal and other fossil fuel energy sources in the coming decades. We constructed the Emergency Preparedness Building in the site of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories to quickly communicate necessary information and provide appropriate response. We are also making a lot of efforts to improve ability of our emergency preparedness through such activities as drills, establishing the scheme for the emergency response.

While many people think they are prepared, actually surviving in the clothes they have is not often ideal (womens winter coats, for example, are often light, these should be supplemented by additional layers or a more winter-ready coat would be on hand).  Making sure you have clothing that is made specifically for prolonged outdoors wear is a necessity.

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