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A TESOL course is a career investment so you definitely want to make sure that you choose this course that will enhance, and not simply pad your CV. At FirstClass INTESOL we are proud to: Provide courses which are submitted for external accreditation and use an external moderator. The FirstClass INTESOL Teaching Practice Certificate is a graded assessment available to graduates of our Certificate in TESOL course. FirstClass INTESOL are proud to provide courses which are submitted for external accreditation and use an external moderator. FULLY accredited Level 5 TESOL certificate recognised by the Hong Kong EDB plus teaching practice! In Sevenoaks Northern you can vote for 2 candidates in the District Council Election:  Vote Iain Porter and Merilyn Canet. You can also vote for 3 candidates in the Town Council Election: Vote Iain Porter, Merilyn Canet and Stuart Kennaugh.
Stuart Kennaugh is a self-employed dad of two.  He lives in Greatness Lane and has first hand experience of the local business community in Sevenoaks.
With one more day to make up your minds, here are some key points we’re standing for in Sevenoaks Northern ward for the local council elections.
Your vote really will count here: last time the Conservatives only beat the Lib Dems by 7 votes in this ward.
Conservatives pretend that they are the sole experts with budgets and finance, but locally that has to be questioned: it looks like the Conservative leaders of the council are heading for an overspend on the Community Investment Plan of close to one million pounds.
Conservatives also spent over ?200,000 of your taxes on multi-storey car park plans that then had to be withdrawn.  But they rejected Lib Dem plans to continue Big Community Grants that help worthwhile local projects across the District. The Lib Dem team has considerable business experience between us so budgets are safe with us!
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg wants to create 300,000 jobs in rural areas if the party is in power after the general election, in a policy pledge that could benefit many Sevenoaks constituents.
Other measures include help for farming, strengthening the powers of the Groceries Code Adjudicator to ensure farmers are paid fairly, publishing a national food strategy, and developing an animal disease strategy to lessen the risks and costs of animal disease. Sevenoaks Parliamentary Candidate Alan Bullion welcomed this pledge to boost the rural economy.
The Liberal Democrats have today released their 2015 General Election manifesto, describing it as a ‘manifesto with opportunity at its heart’.
The 33,000 word document is a detailed and credible plan to build both a stronger economy and a fairer society. As with the party’s 2010 manifesto, the Liberal Democrats’ top priorities are spelt out on the front page.

As a new father I think the introduction of shared parental leave this week is fantastic and long overdue.  It allows both men and women to share the responsibility of childcare, meaning couples like us can decide the plan for their baby, rather than the state.
Furthermore, around 3,000 children in Sevenoaks constituency can benefit from 15 hours free childcare per week for all 3 and 4 year-olds, and disadvantaged 2 year-olds.  This was delivered by Lib Dems in government. Lib Dem policy is to extend free childcare to all 2 year-olds and children of working parents between 9 months and 2 years old, saving the average family ?2,670 each year. The Lib Dems are clearly the party most committed to fairer policies for women and families. Candidates standing to become the MP for Sevenoaks in May’s General Election are facing calls to make promoting free debt advice a priority, after a debt charity revealed it has received nearly 300 calls for help from people with debt problems in the constituency since 2013. A total of 283 calls for help from people in Sevenoaks were received by National Debtline, the free advice service run by charity the Money Advice Trust, during 2013 and 2014. In addition, the charity’s Business Debtline service, which advises the self-employed and other small business owners, received 24 calls from businesses in the constituency last year.
With research showing that only 17 percent of people with unmanageable debt in the UK seek advice1, the need for debt help in Sevenoaks is likely to be far higher than these figures suggest. The Money Advice Trust says that higher awareness of free debt advice in and around Sevenoaks could “mean the difference between financial recovery and financial disaster” for thousands of people.  After contacting National Debtline, 82 percent of people say they feel more in control and knowledgeable in managing their money. MPs are often contacted by constituents about unmanageable debt, including problems with credit cards, personal loans, mortgage debts, payday loans, council tax arrears, rent arrears bailiffs and county court judgments (CCJs). As well as signposting these constituents to seek advice from charity-run services such as National Debtline and Business Debtline, many MPs take a pro-active role in promoting debt advice charities in their communities.
Some of you have asked me about the hustings meetings and what is scheduled for Sevenoaks and Swanley. As the election campaign gets underway, BBC Radio Kent was in Dartford recording a debate about the state of the economy. The race is so close that in the last District Council elections the Conservatives vote      share was 51% versus 49% for the Lib Dems. Merilyn and Iain support regeneration for a balanced local economy, whilst safeguarding our quality of life and keeping Sevenoaks green. Minneapolis-based Noaker Law Firm filed a complaint Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court against the BSA and the Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America relating to sexual abuse a former scout suffered at the hands of Scout Leader Leland Opalinski. McDonough last month announced he was filing a similar lawsuit against the BSA and Northstar Council, which was followed last week by two more former scouts who launched legal action – one of whom was also abused by Opalinski. According to a media release from Noaker, Doe 151 says he was sexually abused by Opalinski between 1966 and 1971 when he was 12 to 16 years of ages, with the abuse occurring in Scout meetings, events and outings in and around St. Noaker Law, which has also filed lawsuits on behalf of victims allegedly abused by clergy with St.

McDonough, who took the unusual step of identifying himself as a victim of abuse last month, said he hopes to serve as an example to others.
The BSA has previously released files dating up to 1985 following a 2012 ruling in Oregon, now attorneys want the BSA to release details of allegations made since 1985. The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland is celebrating this year’s World Milk Day (1st June) by reminding consumers of the hard work and dedication of our local dairy farmers. Talented young chef Alexandra King from Lurgan College wowed judges with her culinary skills at the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland 2015 Young Cook of the Year by cooking a first class meal inspired by local produce and aimed at tempting the taste buds of visitors coming to Northern Ireland.
The Young Cook of the Year competition, based on the theme of tourism, has been developed in consultation with the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA), and has grown year on year encouraging young people to get involved in cooking. The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has announced its sponsorship of the annual athletics championships organised by the Ulster Secondary Schools Athletics Association. Eating well is important throughout the school day so be ready when your child starts school. We use a wide range of media, which includes television, radio, press, magazine, posters and the internet. FirstClass Intesol is the World's first and only online provider of the INTESOL Certificate in TESOL. As part of the arrangement adult swimming lessons will be offered within the Stranmillis Life Long learning Program. He’s passionate about using his business experience in the non-profit sector.“I live with my wife and young son in Sevenoaks.
Someone is going to hold the balance of power on the 8th of May and it won’t be David Cameron or Ed Miliband.
It’s also positive for business in the long term, as companies get fuller access to talent in the workforce. You can hear it this Thursday April 2 at 7pm on BBC Radio Kent, with Lib Dem candidate for Dartford Simon Beard on the panel.
Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese, has teamed up to represent Boy Scout abuse survivors with two Portland attorneys (Steve Crew and Peter Janci) ahead of the May 2016 deadline to file claims against the BSA.

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