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National Bookstore recently brought into Manila and Cebu four New York Times best-selling female authors to sign books and meet with fans. We set up one of the classic feasts for each of the evenings, and an extra dose of flowers (we always lose money on these dinners when I do the flower shopping, but we consider it good PR and it’s always our pleasure to leave foreign visitors with a good impression) and prayed for an absence of rain which the powers that be provided for several hours during each dinner despite the otherwise stormy conditions. The menu was made up of lechon and several other dishes, with a few more grilled seafood items thrown on in case guests weren’t too keen on meat.
Large vases of tropical blooms on the buffet table and lots and lots of candles in glass votive holders and capiz dotted the venue. We created vases from fresh bamboo and filled them with rosal (gardenia) leaves and lots of white roses on the dinner table. The authors had grueling schedules and I feared they would pass out from jetlag at dinner, having just arrived a day or so before, but they seemed to have really enjoyed their meals and I know they tweeted and instagram-ed updates of the meal and the food so I guess that was a mission well accomplished. The birds of paradise flowers in the picture looks similar to the ones we have growing in our garden. We are most distraught by damage to centuries old churches, heritage sites, buildings, infrastructure and of course, most of all the loss of life and injuries.
I hope in the days ahead, people recover, thankful that we mostly appear to be spared even worse damage. MM, I thought at first the white roses were the rosals, but then the perfume would cover the aroma of the food, he,he.
Here’s the scoop on the most popular destinations on The Children’s Book Review site, the most coveted new releases and bestsellers.
This information was gathered from the New York Times Best Sellers list, which reflects the sales of books from books sold nationwide, including independent and chain stores. Tags: Anna Dewdney, Beth Revis, Brian Selznick, Christopher Paolini, Daniel Lipkowitz, Dr. The Children’s Book Review, named one of the ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children) Great Web Sites for Kids, is powered by Bianca Schulze.
This month’s best selling kids series from The Children’s Book Review’s affiliate store is Jennifer Chambliss Bertman’s The Book Scavenger series, an adventurous middle grade series filled with clues. This month Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, and the The Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson, are in our hand-picked list from the Best Selling Young Adult HardCover books listed on The New York Times. Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot, a heartwarming and action packed middle grade novel, is at the top of our best selling middle grade books sold through our affiliate store.

The best selling picture book from our affiliate store is Serge Bloch’s Reach for the Stars, an inspiring collection of idioms.
This month’s best selling kids series from The Children’s Book Review’s affiliate store is Anthony Horowitz’s ALEX RIDER, a collection of spy novels for young adult readers. Acclaimed author Holly Schindler writes a compelling contemporary tale with a dash of magic. This month Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, and the The Unexpected Everthing, by Morgan Matson, are in our hand-picked list from the Best Selling Young Adult HardCover books listed on The New York Times. Caillou, everyone’s favorite preschooler, is back in this delightful collection of ten best-loved stories. The Children’s Book Review: Which five words best describe LETTING GO: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years?
Cole’s Perfect Puppy is the first book in the PERFECT PUPPIES series—a new series of Christian novels written by Frances Crossno. Get expert answers to the most common questions facing ebook designers and developers today—from typography and source files to digital workflows.
Expert publishing blog opinions are solely those of the blogger and not necessarily endorsed by DBW. If there was any consistent feature of the ebook market in 2013, it was volatility – especially when it came to best-selling ebooks. Those titles represented the bottom end of the year’s price ranges, selling for $0.99 apiece. The list that follows summarizes the year-end data, with the graphic below emphasizing a few of 2013’s biggest No.1 best-sellers.
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Find the most practical information, resources and networking opportunities publishing professionals need to thrive as the industry evolves.
Know of any kids’ literacy or author events that are happening during the month of March or April?
Tags: Al Yankovic, Ally Condie, Anthony Horowitz, Barack Obama, Becca Fitzpatrick, Clare Vanderpool, Jacky Davis, James Patterson, Jane O'Connor, Jeff Kinney, L. Zubuchon had the opportunity, on two separate dates, to host dinners on our garden terrace in Cebu for the authors and other guests.

They’re surprisingly easy to maintain and multiply by themselves except during the summer months where some of them may wither and die from the extreme heat. Really glad you and your family, as well as the people at your Zubuchon restos, weren’t harmed by the earthquake.
I was also saddened because of the damages to our beautiful churches in Bohol because I haven’t gotten around to seeing those places yet. This heartwarming tale is about a young boy, his love of dogs, and the importance of kindness. Prices climbed and plummeted from week-to-week, self-published authors achieved more than one No. 1 best-selling ebooks from Digital Book World’s Ebook Best-Seller lists, arranged by titles that led the pack the longest.
Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven held strong for eight weeks alongside the release of the movie based on the book; The Great Gatsby managed to slide into the top spot for a week of its own for the same reason. 1 position from January through mid-February for seven consecutive weeks of its eight, the longest such stretch in 2013. 1 for three separate periods of two weeks each, from the end of August to mid-October, twice ceding that spot to other titles in between.
The self published little person has to find a way to overcome the vast marketing contacts the established publishing world has or we will not survive. In addition to providing news, resources and analysis of leading trends, Digital Book World also offers a platform of services for small and mid-sized publishers to help them navigate the digital transition. The company I work for is organizing a fund raising to help the victims of the recent earthquake. 1 best-selling title and a few from “big six” (and later, “five”) publishers clung to the top slot for weeks at a time.
Combined with her love of books and experience as a children’s specialist bookseller, her goal is to grow readers by showcasing useful and inspiring books! 1 for a week each, proving the lower-priced self-published model a force to be reckoned with in romance and new adult fiction.

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