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Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (sometimes shortened to Ned's Declassified) is a sitcom on Nickelodeon that ran from September 7, 2004 - June 8, 2007. Rumor has it that the series' original pilot episode, called "Ned's Classified School Survival Guide," aired once on September 7, 2003.[2] According to some sources, the episode featured the character "Boogie" (rather than "Cookie"), played by Steven Markarian, as Ned's male friend.
Allegedly, "Ned's Classified" has not aired since its single broadcast in 2003, and "Ned's Locker" remains unaired. However, numerous people claim to have seen "Ned's Classified" at one point, and confirm that the character now known as "Cookie" was white.[2][5] Only time will tell if episode this or "Ned's Locker" actually exists, or if they were just made up. Moze Was A GiftHere's why Moze was awesome: Sure, she mostly hung out with guys and wasn't stereotypically girly, but she didn't reject femininity either. The show centers around middle school student Ned Bigby and his two friends, Jennifer "Moze" Mosely and Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook, as they create a guide to "surviving" middle school.

In order to promote racial diversity in the show, Nickelodeon replaced Markarian's character with "Cookie," played by Daniel Curtis Lee; later, they recast Markarian as Albert Wormenheimer. Some claim that the Australian DVD release of Ned's Declassified Season 1 lists the original pilot as a special feature, but this has not been confirmed;[2] there is no known online store that lists the episode as a special feature on the DVD. She was a jock and also a brain, she wasn't prissy but definitely wasn't afraid to wear pink either. He was full of useful advice and even when he wasn't he still had the kids' backs when push came to shove. Did any of you have a weird attraction to Coconut Head’s haircut or was that just me?
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Probably the fact that its weirdness was a great throwback to the brand of weirdness that Nickelodeon was so well known for in the ’90s. They were all across the board, from her friend Ned to the idiotic basketball star, Seth Powers.

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