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Below I list some of the home remedies that can help cure edema in its initial stage itself. Cucumber slice when mixed with potato slice and placed on the swollen feet is an effective home remedy for edema. Treating swelling of certain parts of the body (face, arms, hands, legs and feet) is possible using home remedies. Let us look at some of the best remedies for treating swelling. One of the best and most effective ways of treating swelling is by drinking 10-12 glasses of water. Many times our body tends to store water when it feels the body is going in dehydration mode.
If the swelling is a result of injury then the best way of bringing down the swelling is by lying on the bed and elevating the injured part of the body. Depending on the cause of the swelling you can apply either cold or hot compress to bring down the inflammation.
On the other hand, if the swelling is due to sports injury then only hot compress can soothe the area. During pregnancy the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes that may result in swelling of the hands and feet. Many times the swelling is a result of poor blood circulation to certain parts of the body especially the hands and feet.
In some cases of swelling compression garments such as stockings, sleeves and gloves can be worn to reduce swelling. This results in accumulation of fluid in the particular part of the body giving it the swollen look.
If none of the home remedies work for you and the swelling still persists then immediately go to your doctor for a medical diagnosis. Edema, which is also known as dropsy, is a swelling that may be caused due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues.
Parsley is a precious herb that has proved to be beneficial for treating different health-related problems such as edema, kidney or bladder problem. Parsley tea is the most quick and convenient way to squeeze out the nutritional value of the herb.
Dandelion is another herb that effectively helps to treat edema by preventing water retention. Soak your swollen feet in a tub of hot water with peppermint oil for 10-12 minutes and then quickly soak them in a tub of cold water for not more than 30 seconds.

Cranberries are a culinary herb that has natural diuretic properties that helps to prevent the fluid retention caused by edema.
The minerals, which includes potassium, calcium, and magnesium have a significant role to improve the ability of your body to balance fluid. Though a range of allopathic medicines are available for edema, going in for home therapies is the best option as this helps remove the root cause, thus preventing many complications that can result as a consequence of edema.
Take fruits and vegetables rich in fibre on a regular basis and you will have visible relief from edema.
Apply neem extract to the affected region regularly and you will have some visible relief from edema. Place cucumber and potato slice tied along with a cloth on your feet and you will have the much  needed relief soon. Many times swelling (medical term, edema) subsides on its own but sometimes it may require treatment. Storage of water by the body is what leads to swelling of certain body parts especially the hands and feet.
For example, if the swelling is due to an allergic reaction then apply ice packs on the affected area. Reduce your intake of salt (since salt is the richest source of sodium) by cutting down on the salt you put in your food. Warm some mustard oil and gently massage the swollen hands or legs with the oil for 5-7 minutes.This will restore the flow of blood to the affected parts and reduce swelling.
These clothes apply pressure on the particular area and do not let the fluids get collected in the tissues there. This is especially true in the case of women because the female hormone estrogen is responsible for this response of the body to hot climate. Hence, to avoid swollen hands, feet and face in summers the best thing to do would be to stay cool at all times. Edema usually occurs in the ankles, feet or legs, but it can also appear anywhere in the body. It acts as a powerful diuretic and helps to balance the blood circulation and prevent water retention linked to Edema. The root and leaves are considered the most useful part of this herb that contain various medicinal properties.
It provides you a soothing effect with great aroma to get relief from tired or swollen feet.

You can drink cranberry juice that would be helpful to relieve the excess fluid absorbed into the body tissues. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Regular use of this remedial therapy will help you recover soon. Alternatively, you can soak two teaspoons of mustard seeds in water. This will help dispel the large quantities of fluid that has gotten collected in a particular part. Also, cut down on the amount of processed foods you eat including cheese, cheese spreads and ready-to-eat meals. Drink plenty of cold water, fruits juices and take cold baths to maintain the temperature of the body. It has a large number of vitamins, mineral and chlorophyll that gets you its health benefits.
The excellent diuretic action of dandelion herb helps to flush out the excess water from your body. To get rid of edema, you can drink dandelion tea, it helps to reduce swelling in the feet, hands, and legs. When applied on the skin, peppermint oil helps to relieve the pain and swelling linked to edema. Prepare a juice by adding 1 cup of cranberry juice in 3 cups of water and and consume it 2-3 times a day regularly.
Alternatively you can apply some apple cider vinegar on the affected region and you will have some visible relief within a week.
Follow the above listed home remedies and you will recover from complications related to edema.
These foods are highly toxic in nature because of the high amounts of sodium present in them. Balanced circulation is essential for patients suffering from edema, it may help to alleviate swelling.
Not only will weight control help deal with swelling but it will also help you deal with many other medical conditions successfully.

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