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It claims to be the world’s first online destination offering all-natural grooming products exclusively for men. The carefully curated range of natural favourites includes Antipodes, Bodhi & Birch, Green People, Weleda, John Masters Organics, Trilogy, REN, Pai Skincare, Pacific Shaving Company and Dr Hauschka alongside new additions including up-and-coming British male grooming brand Elements, and Preserve, a BPA-free razor made from recycled plastics.
Founder, Sonia White explains, “In the past five years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of men, and their partners, shopping for natural and organic grooming brands. Insisting that all of the brands on our site are made using the highest grade of ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients, there’s no parabens, no SLS and no products tested on animals, either.
Enter your email address to subscribe to THE SPA MAN and receive notifications of new posts by email. First celebrated in 2012, Global Wellness Day was established in Turkey as the “first” day dedicated to living well, and has now been accepted world-wide, and it is officially celebrated in 73 countries in 2015, reflecting its success. Treat your skin to an at-home spa experience everyday as SenSpa Skincare launches in Waitrose. Welcome to The Spa Man, the spa and male grooming blog that focuses on spa news and treatment reviews plus the latest products launches from the world of spa and male grooming. Travelling around the world, I report on the best spas and best spa treatments whilst testing out the latest spa products, wellness treatments and best male grooming products from moisturisers and shower gels to shaving products and face masks. Giving a unique perspective on the world of spa and wellness, I review products on their merits with an honest and frank approach. Skin Care Techniques When ShavingA large majority of men who shave report multiple skin problems as a result. Here is a step-by-step skin care routine, if you wish to learn more.What Natural Products Are Good For Your SkinIf you want to improve the looks of your skin even further… besides your daily facial cleanser, exfoliant, shaving cream and moisturizer, you should consider taking some supplements. Black Men Hairstyles are the ultimate in cool as they define your naturally black hair to perfection. If you are looking to grow your black hair there are plenty of styles that can make heads turn at a party. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Mens Long Hairstyles, David Beckham Hairstyles, Short Mens Hairstyles and Emo Hairstyles For Guys. Set off the strong planes of your face with this casually elegant black hairstyle for your sexy curls. You can go for medium length hair and style it in dreadlocks that fall over your shoulders. A head full of thick curls can be kept great-looking all the time when you get yourself a short crop. Casual and neat Will Smith’s cropped black hairstyle is perfect for his warm brown features. For a casually careless look get this cut that defines the shape of your head while leaving your hair slightly longer than a complete crop. If you have thick black curls a short crop close to your scalp can show it off beautifully. You can get your black hair straightened and go for a cool shaggy cut that sits like a bird’s nest on the top of your head. For a punk black look try a crop that shows your scalp and get it styled with a star-shaped pattern right above your ear.
One of the best Black looks this bald style is great to show off a powerfully built face like May weather has.
Short enough to be styled easily this black hairstyle is great if you have curly hair that you want to keep neat and manageable.
For a stylish and neat look razor your hair straight across to have a clean line for your forehead. This short dreadlocks hairstyle frames your forehead with a dip at the centre and rounded sections on the sides.
Get a fun and funky gelled look by setting the hair on top of your cropped head with a stylish peak. This elaborate style blends razored areas near the sides and very long braids in all sections of the hair for a great look.
You can choose a style that razors the areas above your ears while leaving the hair curly on top for a fresh young look. This men’s hairstyle for dense curls keeps your hair short and great-looking without showing any scalp.
You can go for thick dreadlocks for both sides of your hair with a center parting for this look. Get your curly hair styled in cool spikes all around your head for a funky look that spells ultra style. You can go for an uneven crop for your thick curls and dye one section of the hair in a cool funky color.

This great short style for black wavy hair simply uses a back brushed look for a retro style appeal. For a modern Afro look style your hair with shoulder length dreadlocks and put them behind your ears for a formal evening look. Style your hair in many dreadlocks and weave them around in a snakey pattern for this ultra cool look. If you are looking for a hairstyle that defines your face a razored haircut can be a good idea. This fresh black cropped hairstyle lets your dense curls stay longer at the back than the front, making for an edgy and interesting look. These are great Nisha!…as a Caribbean Black man with very curly hair, The Black Greek Style intrigued me very much and was wondering how to achieve and maintain such a style. Hi Nisha, have you any idea how the guy with the black greek style gets his hair to look like that?
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Masculine, confident and secure, this style is for the self-assured Black man who’s not afraid to try new things. Clean and shiny natural hair is finger combed, scrunched and left to lock on its own for a controlled, fabulous style that speaks volumes about our unique African ancestry.
Dark circles are another common nuisance that while some may inherit genetically, others become victims of it due to disturbed sleeping patterns and excess stress.
Zoya’s Herbals Orange face wash and scrub are also tried and tested products that are a sure shot way to clearer and fairer skin without any harmful chemicals.
Mostly seen as a problem related to teenagers, what most people don’t realize that a lot of adult men too are under the constant torture of this unsightly skin condition?
We find the Acne cream by Zoya’s Herbal Workshop to work wonderfully, while The Neem Face wash is also a great help to fight this condition.
These all natural products are perfect for some of us guys’ biggest skin related problems. Not content with high street, mass-market shave solutions and skin creams, the new modern man is going natural and organic.
The range of brands offers and interesting alternative for guys who might purchase in store at Planet Organic, Holland and Barrett or Wholefoods, now with just one site, natural and organic grooming products are just a click away.
It’s easy to use with categories divided up by brand and under the following headings: shave, haircare, bath and body, accessories and health. Hugging the coast with a stretch of private beach, it’s tranquil lagoon setting ensures a chilled vibe and relaxed atmosphere for spa fans and beach lovers.
Created by former lawyer Rob Hallmark, he wanted to craft a new way for men’s grooming.
Presented in a smart dark blue travel wash bag, it contains two of my favourite products from the Thalgo range: Wake-Up Shower Gel and Regenerating Cream.
I visit each spa in the review section, so you can be sure you get the inside story on the best spas around.
The core issues usually are razor burns, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, rashes and irritations. If possible, use a triple-blade razor with a swivel head to make sure it has a sharp edge to minimize razor burn. Feel free to use your other hand to pull and stretch the skin, so you flatten the surface for your blade. During your shaving, regularly rinse and tap the razor on the basin to remove hair and built-up shaving cream. Apply a natural moisturizer to sooth your skin and lock in moisture to keep it smooth and hydrated. My purpose is to share with you some filtered and helpful insights when it comes to looking and feeling vibrant. Grow your hair up to the shoulder length and style it in dreadlocks for the classic Afro look. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Well, that’s the theory behind this new website retailing specialised natural and organic grooming products for men. Whilst the likes of Mankind, Feelunique, Mr Porter and Regal Gentlemen have all cornered the online male grooming domain, none have specialised in natural and organic products for guys. When your face is properly cleaned and has a certain glow to it, it will boost your inner confidence and make your outer presence more pleasant and memorable. Ingrown hairs can develop if the hair is cut too short, below the skin surface and then never makes it out of the skin.

If you have an extra minute, soak a washcloth in a close to hot water, wring it out and lay it over your face (beard area) for about 1-2 minutes, pressing it into all the contours. Well international research over the last two decades shows that almost everyone is deficient in one or more key nutrients. There are many Afro hairstyles you can try to create a stunning look for parties or a formal business meet. You can also get a center parted style that lets your dreadlocks fall naturally on both sides of your head.
This sunscreen lotion is a pick from the Moisture White Range of The Body Shop product range. Because of facial hair, men usually have more breakouts than the ladies; the more hair follicles your skin has, the more sebum (an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands) it creates.
Razor bumps, called pseudofolliculitis barbae, form because the body treats an ingrown hair as an infection and swells up. Most men are on the constant go, and they rarely get to eat a well-balanced and nutrient-rich meal. On regular occasions an Afro men hairstyle that usually does not go out of fashion is a short crop.You can keep your hair neat and manageable throughout the day while the crop works to highlight the features of your face.
If your plans involve growing your hair super long, braiding it can make for a fresh and neat look. It is important, not only for improving the appearance of your skin, but also for improving your overall health. Braid your long hair in sections to let them fall over your shoulders, and razor the edges next to your ears and forehead for an exciting men hairstyle. If the hair follicles become infected with a bacterium (called staphylococcus aureus) that lives in the respiratory tract (like nose) and gets into follicles during shaving, it can result in red, painful and itchy pus-filled pimples.If you find yourself with a mild case of this problem, treat it with a warm compress of diluted witch hazel or white vinegar. You can play with dreadlocks in different ways by weaving them around your head in a snake-like pattern for a great new look.
The products that you should always have in your bathroom are a facial wash or cleaners, shaving cream and moisturizer.Speaking of facial wash, never use soap! You can start with an organic New Chapter multivitamin called “Every Man” and “Every Man II” if you are over 40 years old.If you will take a supplement a day and keep an eye on your diet (eating well-balanced and nutrient rich meals) you will be well off, even if you sip a little bit of Scotch every evening. After growing it to a certain length, the hair will not grow back into the skin, so avoid shaving for 3-4 weeks.
If you have oily skin, you can try a mild face wash, but we would still recommend a gentle and non-foaming product that doesn’t contain sodium lauroyl sarcosinate or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS or SLES), synthetic foaming detergents that can dry out and irritate your skin. Keep in mind that your skin takes a beating after every shaving procedure, so your goal is to not strip it of its natural skin regeneration resources completely. Most irritations and razor burns are caused by using a blunt razor or poor shaving technique.So, let’s cover the entire shaving procedure step-by-step.
If need be, wash your face with a gentle cleanser more than twice a day to eliminate extra oils. Best results can be achieved when your facial muscles are warmed up, which causes your beard hairs to lift up.
A face cleanser made by Natural Vibrancy fits all of the above criteria (coming to stores soon).Speaking of shaving foams, once again, stay away from the ones that contain SLS or SLES synthetic detergents because they are very drying. If your skin tends to be dry or sensitive, try using a nonfoaming cream or try a gentle face cleanser discussed above.Speaking of the aftershave moisturizer, go with a natural lightweight lotion rather than a rich cream.
Choose formulas that are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, that can hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. If you wish to shortcut your research, we recommend Pure Body Lotion that is natural and rich in all essential vitamins and minerals, plus, it is made to be used on the face. In fact, when it comes to quality, it is better than most face creams and exceptional when it come to moisture retention. If you have oily skin, it will help you to balance it.Now, when it comes to overall appearance and grooming, you should keep your other hair in control, as well.
I think you would agree that when we meet men with nose and ear hair sticking out and curling in different directions…well… let’s just say… it is not pleasant. So, it would not hurt to have the following tools in your bathroom handy, like a pair of slant-ended tweezers to pluck out stray and wiry brow or ear hairs. Nasal hair trimmers are excellent for bushy nose hair and inner ears, too.This video summarizes the 3 must implement tips perfectly.

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