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Music and Keyboard in the Classroom is aimed for general music tuition within a keyboard laboratory setting, whilst Modern Harmony Method is suitable for more senior students involved in composition, arranging and harmonization. Though in a favorite quote related to the music could be easier because it could be extracted from our best song, however a music quote is more than that, and if you are looking for great music quotes to add to the soundtrack of your life?. It’s never too early to start, so our courses for children are fun-filled and enriching. Initiate your child into the Music Wonderland and discover his or her creative intelligence. Develop your child's sensitivity to music at a timely age when his or her sensory perception is most receptive.
Focuses on developing your child's ability to appreciate and enjoy music through arrangement and improvisation.

The story is centred on one of our students who has been with Yamaha Music School since the age of 4.
Read up on Junior Original Concert (JOC) and its related activities, in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.
Yamaha Popular Music Course is all about musicians of all ages making music and enjoying every moment of it ! Yamaha Music is seeking for teachers to join our successful music school throughout Malaysia. Discover the role that math plays in the design, technology, and construction of modern skyscrapers, as it did in ancient Greek architecture. Teachers experiment with music in the background (judiciously chosen for certain learning tasks only) in an attempt to improve learning outcomes.

That’s why we have been providing quality music education globally to people of all ages since 1966. Yamaha’s music curricula are designed to engage pre-schoolers and school-age children so that they develop a life-long love for music. This occurs if the selected music can influence (and improve) classroom behaviour and atmosphere. Through a combination of imagination and exploration, your child will learn to embrace music spontaneously.

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