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A winter car survival kit is simple to pull together and a lot of these items you probably already have either in your home or your car or garage.
Shovel – If you need to dig out of snow, it sure helps to have a shovel unless you want to try and use your windshield scraper. Windshield Scraper – If you get stuck in a snowstorm and are forced to wait, you will likely need to scrape off your windows.
Tow Rope – Many times a call to the tow truck isn’t necessary if someone with a four wheel drive can pull you out. Can of Fix a Flat – Of course a full size spare tire is best but you might be in conditions that don’t permit a jack easily. Fleece Toboggan – You lose a lot of heat through your head, so wrap that bad boy up in something warm. Snack Food – two days’ worth – Something that won’t easily go bad and doesn’t need preparation. Any medications you need for daily use – Pack two days worth of your regular medicine in a travel container and always have it with you. Cell Phone Charger – This is the last on the list because if you are stranded and your can still runs, you should be able to charge your phone unless you don’t have a charging cable in your car, or you ran out of gas.
Once you have all the items assembled, remove them from their packaging and estimate the size container you would need to stow all of the materials.
I also keep a couple of the tea candle lanterns with extra candles, they can be hung inside the car even if the car is not sitting level. You have an excellent point about the water and I think two gallons is probably too much in the first place.
The candles are something I have read about but I don’t see them being practical at all. Great idea if you are stuck somewhere remote but if you (like my wife 3 years ago) are trapped in your car bumper to bumper on Lakeshore Drive in downtown Chicago for 14 hours before being ordered to abandon your car you will need something more discrete. FARGO, North Dakota - When a powerful blizzard ripped through North Dakota last winter, hundreds of drivers were stranded as white-out conditions shuttered interstates spanning the state. Bob Bertsch, an employee with the North Dakota State University Extension Service, and Jake Joraanstad, an NDSU computer engineering major, had just finished developing an app to help residents during floods when the blizzard hit in March, convincing them to shift their attention to winter disasters.
It can pinpoint a motorist's location, call 911, notify friends and family, and monitor how long the gas will hold out. The app also helps drivers prepare for bad weather by inputting phone and policy numbers for insurance and roadside assistance, and designated emergency contacts. Bertsch, Joraanstad and two colleagues who teach at NDSU have become experts in disaster apps.
About 12,000 people downloaded the app in the first week it was released, and Joraanstad said that at last check, there were another 3,000 downloads. The app is being promoted by Texas, where it can be downloaded directly from the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network website. Cavanagh also said she felt more at ease knowing that many students travelling for the holidays had downloaded the app before hitting the roads.
Rush stayed in her 2000 Oldsmobile Alero for four nerve-racking hours until she was rescued by a truck driver, and she came away with a new appreciation for the dangers of winter driving.

Auto Care Winter Survival Pack TMX903 An ideal kit for carrying in the boot of your car in case you are caught out by severe weather and left stranded.
As a large portion of Alberta remains under an extreme cold warning, EMS officials are reminding Albertans of the importance of proper winter attire and early detection of weather related medical concerns, when facing less than hospitable weather conditions. Severe cases of frostbite or hypothermia may lead to the loss of life or limb and EMS spokesperson Adam Loria says early detection is key. First degree frostbite (the least severe form) can be reversed in minutes by entering a warm environment. Symptoms of hypothermia, the lowering of the bodya€™s temperature, may include inappropriate actions or incoherence. Clearing snow from sidewalks or driveways may lead to injury if proper technique is not followed. This article we are going to pull all these items together into one container you can store in your car and make sure that you won’t be stranded with nothing more than the clothes you left work in. If you simply slide into a shallow ditch but can’t move due to traction (this happened to me), wrap a tow rope around your axle and get back on the road. These temporary solutions save time and money on the road, but be sure to get the tire repaired quickly.
Just last year I decided to see if I could make it out of my neighborhood in my front wheel drive car. Flares can be seen for a long distance so if you need to get someone’s attention these could do the trick.
Ladies, do you want to break down in a blizzard and be forced to try and walk to safety wearing those cute high heel shoes you have on?
A good sleeping bag like Elite Survival Systems Recon 3 packs small and can be used for camping as well. Chances are if you are stranded and hurt it will be more than a Hello Kitty band aid can fix. I guess if the grid goes down, you are forced off the road and into the woods for survival this could be necessary, but we are talking about getting stuck and spending a day or two in the car. Some of the basic automobile items like jumper cables and road flares might have their own container.
If you are stuck in freezing weather then your car (with water in trunk) has been in freezing temps longer than you have. Be very careful how you hang them so they are not too close to the roof of the car or anything else that might catch fire from the heat.
She is an adventure racer which I assume leaves precious little time to go properly so she carries something like this with her for the exact same reason. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. 29, 2011, photo, a woman poses with a smart phone displaying the Winter Survival Kit, a smart-phone application developed by Myriad Devices, a startup company in the North Dakota State University's research and technology park, in Sioux Falls, S.D.
Snow whipped up by wind marred the lines between pavement and grassy drop-offs, leaving some scared motorists unsure what to do. The free program, available for iPhones and Android smartphones, is both a primer to help motorists prepare for winter driving and a beacon when things go badly.

And it gives guidance on putting together a physical survival kit to keep in vehicles in case of emergencies. Joraanstad said some especially rural areas of the United States - particularly in the Great Plains - have shoddy cellphone coverage that could impede some features such as GPS. Last year they developed a program to help residents deal with flooding that has overwhelmed North Dakota in the last few years. In an unusual climate swap, Texas saw snow this winter before much of the rest of the country.
The 21-year-old and a friend were travelling in separate cars in North Dakota when the fast-moving storm left her so blinded that she was on the highway's left shoulder when she thought she was driving over the warning bumps on the right. Exposing the victim to a warm environment and providing hydration are the best forms of treatment. For those who are not fortunate enough to live near Sharkey, EMS asks that you take safety precautions when clearing snow.
If you are stranded in your car like thousands were last January in Atlanta, will you have basic supplies to stay alive? Hop over to your local store and buy a simple plastic bin with a lid on it, load up all of your survival gear and place it in the trunk. This will help heat the car as well as the water, while providing enough light to see and be seen in the dark. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. The bright red "I'm Stranded" button helps motorists more quickly reach out for help in emergencies, and the app also provides winter preparation tips, such as what to include in a survival kit to keep in your car. At that point the app would tell users that their location couldn't be pinpointed and instruct them to call 911. And the app would give emergency advice on braving the elements - even telling users how to use parts of a vehicle to keep warm.
Granted, these motorists could have had it a lot worse, like maybe Boston, but by taking simple steps now you can ensure that no matter where you live, you are better prepared this winter season if you are forced to survive overnight or possibly two days in your car.
Good to have one of these around the house as well if the regular communication methods are down and this won’t wear down your cell phone battery. Of course if an accident is the reason your stuck, make sure there are no fuel leeks before lighting any fire, even a bic lighter.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Heat melts snow or ice – which dissolves the litter, forming afore-mentioned slime, which is as [more?] slippery than ice! You should keep them inside the vehicle with you, and the car heater will help thaw them while driving.

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