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Um, isn't this the rifle from the Rock Solid website??yes it isHow'd you get the metal painted like that to match the stock? FAIR USE NOTICE: This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been pre-authorized by the copyright owner. It seemed to me that the AR platform was stable and based on the remington 25 and how it's being incorporated into hunting a good way to go. That said, I'm not an awesome shot, and for my personal defense, I think a semi-automatic would be a better way to go. A standard 30-06 has enough variations of ammo to bring down anything that walks on 2 or 4 legs. I have friends that bought stuff like 375h&h, or 338-378 because it was big yet they quickly became trigger shy due to anticipation of the recoil and therefor could not hit the broad side of a skyscraper with the missle they were firing. You have a problem right from the get-go: There is no such thing as one perfect rifle or rifle caliber to cover all problems. And on top of everything already mentioned, you have to figure out what kind of terrain you will be hunting in or using the rifle and what kind of distance most of your shots will involve. For a bolt action rifle I would go with a decent Remington, Tikka or other rifle in .308 Winchester.
Payment from the winner of the auction is expected within 7 days, payment is via US Postal Service Money Order only.I will well pack the firearm and ship it the Next working day after I receive payment and it will be insured at it's final winning price.
Sorry Matt, but a magazine is a big room inside a ship where they keep all the shells and bags of powder. A clip is what you get a penalty for in football, or you can use one to hold your potato chip bag closed.
If Advanced Technologies brought out a Dragunov stock for the MN I would be first on the list.
Ima hop up in da '93 camry, standin on da krome 22's ,that cost more den my section 8 houzing, an' do a drive by.
Ferlach is a small town in south-est Austria specialized in the production (still today) of fine hunting guns. Such material is made available to advance understanding of political, economic, scientific, social, art, media, and cultural issues.
I already have a .22LR (marlin 795) and as farmerjohn pointed out, I am asking specifically for bigger game and defense. I just firmly believe that everyone should consider the 22 LR as a staple gun to any collection.
You have to make a decision as to what you want your rifle to primarily do as in hunt or work as a tactical firearm.

Stockpile ammunition specific to your particular rifle to meet your long term survival needs. Once you have the first five issues conquered you then need to practice with your rifle, ammo and scope system until you have the bugs worked out of the system.
This round coupled with a good scoped bolt action rifle would handle about 99.99% of my shooting needs in this format.
Oh yes when you pull the trigger this thing has real WOW FACTOR, you and your friends will know you just pulled the trigger of a fire breathing dragon. The MN is a single feed affair, and the milling machine work will have to be considerable to accommodate the greater width of the feed device. I've seen other two M95 sportized in this same way (in the hands of a friend of mine) and probably they all came from the same shop. The 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material that may exist on this site is provided for under U.S.
What exactly is meant by tactical, lightweight, black so it not shiny, capable of firing copious amounts of ammo in rapid succession, reliable, high mobility, low recoil, quiet in some cases, ability to become proficient through affording ammo to shoot wit, highly customizable?
Trust me I've seen plenty of people who have bought things like a 270 who just can't handle the recoil due to being trigger shy. About the best thing that you can do is use a tactical firearm to hunt animals when needed.
An alternate that I would look at would be a scoped 6.8 SPC rifle if the military were supplying my ammo. All metal has been refinished, stock has been stripped and stained Golden Oak with 6 coats of Burchwood Casey Stock Tru-Oil. You may be going deep enough that you are compromising action strength, at least in some of these actions.
Not exactly tactical but there isn't much that continues to walk after on shot, or much that deflects the bullet like branches. If you don't own any large rifles the best advice I can give is to start small and work your way up, or shoot some of your friends guns to find out where to start.
However, I don't like the .22 LR for shooting things that weigh more than about 25 pounds, or that are willing to charge and bite. And when you think about it, that rifle also needs to deliver precision shots to be effective or else a feral animal will suffer from a poorly placed shot.
Then again, the 7.62 X 39 ammo might also be an option too in the form of an Arsenal AK with a scope on it.
I wanna put Mojo sights on, Duracoat the rifle matte black, and put a Huber Concepts trigger on it.

If you seriously just want a semi-auto large ammo capacity rifle I believe the common argument stands between the 7.62x39mm or the. For personal reasons I have little liking for the 5.56x45, and my experiences with that round incline me to dispose of more foot pounds and a larger hole.
These would be my semi-automatic rifle choices as far as caliber and rifles that presently exist.
If you want a box feed in the 7.62x54R, why don't you pursue the JPFO conversion on an Enfield Number 4? Code Title 17, Section 107, material on this site is distributed without profit to persons interested in such information for research and educational purposes. That said, I am an opinionated old man, and do not think the .22 Long Rifle suffices as a tactical arm, though it may have to be pressed into service as such. Most military rifles are set up for general combat accuracy and extremely dirty and foul working conditions. A custom aluminum sight has been added and as a bonus I'll include a Mosin bayonet Pig Poker, this thing alone is worth 50 bucks and if you're a hunter you'll appreciate it.
If you want to use any copyrighted material that may exist on this site for purposes that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. I would think the 7.62 would be able to take Moose if needed, however it woulda not be my caliber of choice for said task.
I believe most people would agree that when you point and pull the trigger as fast as possible they would notice the before statement to be true as well. But as farmerjohn stated go to a gun range that rents different ones out a find one that suits your shooting style the best, always bear in mind that caliber is not as important as shot placement. I always choose accuracy over anything else and it has served me well and saved me tons of cash during all my years. When you talk about sniper rifles then you're also talking about a high price because they are not cheap to originally manufacture and design.
Not one animal has had to suffer from a poor shot out of my rifles and I have harvested many elk with the taboo 25-06. The SASS would work for you and they proven effective but even those type of rifles are no cure all because they probably shouldn't be used against bears, especially the larger types of bears.
So then that means you have to understand the limitations of any rifle that you opt to use.

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