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This module has been specially designed for the learners, who have access to the language but who want to refine and polish their communicative skills.
Effective business communication skills, arguably is the single most important skill that can take organizations to great heights.
The communication skills training programs of MMMTS identify and offer skill development that is unique and specific to your organization. Multiple role play scenarios will be simulated based on the challenges that the participants face on a regular basis. To educate participants on tips and strategies that will enable them to create powerful results in business relationships.
Technological advancements in work place communication skills in India has reduced face-to-face communication considerably.
Need to read beyond words: Some business communication (for example, while negotiating a deal) requires listening to the tone of voice and observation of body language. Performance Appraisal: Face-to-face communication is important for performance dialogues, as it increases the chances of mutual agreement on past performances and paves way to reaching realistic and effective plans for future.
Sharing of Confidential Information:For sharing confidential information, E-mail or other technology enabled communication channel cannot serve the purpose.
Conducting Disciplinary Meetings: Face-to-face communication gives the appropriate stage for employees to give and receive constructive feedback. Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a human capital global consulting firm, did a 5-year study on the impact of good communication on the performance of an organization.

The training programs of MMM Training Solutions encompass a wide range of skills that are an integral and necessary part of everyday business.
MMM Training Solutions determines the topics for our free articles based on the courses that we feel has the highest demand at this time.
Leadership training and development are critical to companies for the sake of continuing the performance edge of their teams in order to set them up for achievement in the corporate world. There are many characters that we can progress in ourselves to confirm that we succeed in our profession. Why is soft skills so vital and how does it make an influence on personal efficiency and the progress of the company?
We have presentations of 18 soft skills programs that we conduct at MMM Training Solutions that you can download for free.
It is a balanced combination of wide-ranging speaking activities, basic communicative situational functions and grammar. Exchange of ideas and information is vital for working as teams to reach organizational goals.
Based on the findings we train your employees to use interpersonal skills to leverage subtle distinctions that make the difference between an ordinary employee and an exceptionally effective professional.
The key to the success of Performance Appraisals is the ability to give constructive feedback and this can be learnt through Performance Appraisal Training. A disciplinary meeting can be well handled for a positive change only in a face-to-face communication.

The results showed that companies that had effective communication gave shareholders 47% greater return. This article from MMM Training Solutions breaks down the science behind soft skills training and its many components.
Carson, a distinguished man of science and healing, the Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Division at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, talks about political correctness and how it can muzzle an entire nation.
This module teaches you how to make your presentation effective, effective usage of voice & body language, the importance of communication skills.
This module includes vocabulary building, accent, rhythm and intonation in a compact and concise manner. Whether you are an executive or a manager, good presentation skills & effective communication skills are important for long term career building. Highly innovative activities such as Picture Composition, Word Game, Event Narration, Role Play and Image Interpretation make this module unique and an ever-lasting experience by itself.
It provides the learners with an opportunity to learn the art and science of speaking with rare finesse and confidence. It also gives them ample opportunity to get to know their strength and weaknesses in specific topics.

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