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Former NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious on the floor of a Nevada brothel after a binge of herbal viagra. The local sheriff’s office released 911 calls (listen to them here) from the Love Ranch employees. NBC News reports that the Food and Drug Administration has long been targeting the herbal viagra market. LISTEN: Lamar Odom 911 Calls From Love Ranch ReleasedThe 911 calls from the Love Ranch in Nevada requesting help for Lamar Odom have been released. A warning from the Mayo Clinic says that large quantities of herbal viagra can be toxic, in addition to blood pressure and flow issues. A Men’s Health feature from November 2014, listed the most popular and effective brands of herbal viagra. Ryder Cherry Photos: Pictures of Nevada ProstituteRyder Cherry is apparently one of the prostitutes who found Lamar Odom unconscious, sprawled out on the floor of a Nevada brothel. Drupal is one of these effective software packages that helps people and businesses publish content on their websites. The Mayo Clinic cautions against taking any kind of herbal supplement for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), the condition for which Viagra is prescribed. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The brothel’s owner, Dennis Hof, told CNN that Odom had taken the drugs since arriving at the ranch on October 10.
In the calls, the employees say that Odom used cocaine on Saturday, and had taken 10 tabs of sexual performance enhancing drugs over the three-day period. Dennis Hof, the owner of the brothel, told CNN that he’d seen Lamar Odom drinking brandy and taking herbal viagra but nothing else. An erectile dysfunction website detailed that in 2003, one in 25 emails sent in the world were related to the sale of herbal viagra.
Unfortunately, even Odom himself may not have had much idea what it was he was taking so much of. They warn that while these products may include ingredients that relax the walls of blood vessels in the penis (which is how the pharmaceutical version works), they may not be specific enough in their action, and cause dangerous changes in blood pressure overall.In March, the FDA warned against taking a supplement simply called Herb Viagra after it was found that it contained sildenafil, the active ingredient in the prescription medication.

If Odom has indeed had a stroke, that may have been the result of an overdose of the drug alone, or a combination of both it and an ingredient in the supplement he was taking. Despite this consensus and despite the considerable amount of documented harm generated by such interactions, our current knowledge is still woefully incomplete.' The number of interactions between herbal and dietary supplements and prescribed drugs could be under-reported and just the tip of the iceberg, he added.
Ovarian cysts are caused due to excess estrogen hormone in women, so chasteberry herb is very good for treating it. It reduces pain in the ovaries and regularizes menstrual cycle which could cause ovarian cysts. If the reports of cocaine use bear out, the combination may have been deadly.Unlike prescription medications, herbal supplements are not regulated for safety and efficacy by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). High blood pressure is the most significant risk factor for the kind of stroke he is said to have suffered (the most common variety overall), which is the result of a loss of blood flow to a region of the brain. They use herbs that are plant parts like flower, seed, stem, bark or root as medicines for specific purpose. Remember to use them as prescribed and not over dose yourself, thinking it is natural and wouldn’t harm you.
It also works on balancing hormonal levels thus improving overall women health that gets disturbed due to the cysts. The truth is that any product that markets itself as solving erectile dysfunction calls itself viagra, named after the Pfizer branded pill, according to the Mayo Clinic. This comes as the gossip site also reports that Odom has suffered multiple strokes, the extent of which has not yet been established. Lamar Odom, NBA star and ex-husband of reality TV fixture Khloe Kardashian, was rushed to the hospital yesterday after losing consciousness at a Nevada brothel. Despite the assumptions many make about supposedly natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products, they may contain dangerous quantities of the active ingredients found in the plants from which they are derived. Several years ago, the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the FDA issued a similar warning about a Chinese “herbal Viagra” supplement known as Jia Yi Jian, which was found to contain dangerous levels of both the active ingredient in the ED medication Cialis and a different medication used to treat obesity.
When blood supply is cut off, usually because of a clot, the area no longer receiving oxygen can be severely damaged.Given that Odom was at a brothel when he lost consciousness, it may seem intuitive to add sexual activity to the list of risk factors that contributed to his health crisis. It is good for helping in ovulation and regularizing menstrual cycle in women suffering from ovarian cysts.

It is to be taken twice daily till the cysts dissolves and then dose of 50mg once in a day would be sufficient for three months. Taking 100 mg of the black cohosh root powder divided into two times is advised by herb practitioners.
It is known to be natural progesterone, thus increasing the level of this hormone in women and having no side effects of artificial progesterone.
Alternatively, they may contain ingredients totally different from what’s on the label, or no active ingredients whatsoever.
All of these pharmaceutical adulterants can cause problems with blood pressure, especially in unhealthy doses.Yet another Chinese herb supposedly helpful for enhancing libido and treating ED is the aptly named horny goat weed, which contains the compound icariin and is available at many supplement stores.
However, while sex does raise blood pressure, it only does so briefly and not to dangerous levels. This year, the Attorney General of New York issued cease and desist letters to several major retailers after DNA analysis showed that supplements being sold supposedly with ingredients like valerian or St. As WebMD is all too happy to tout (yet another reason for me to dislike it), icariin may have Viagra-like effects on penile blood flow. The stroke he suffered is much more likely to have been triggered by the blood pressure effects of one or more of the substances he was taking.The prognosis for strokes is generally better for younger patients and those whose health was good prior to the stroke. This herb comes in the form of cream that has to be applied around the areas of ovaries to treat it. Unfortunately, its safety is not established, and it may cause dangerous elevation in blood pressure, especially combined with other herbal ingredients with which it is often paired (PDF). Beyond broad statements like that, however, I can’t pronounce with any authority about his long-term recovery should he make it through his current period of critical peril. Sadly, it is a relatively safe prediction to make to say his return to the NBA is unlikely.READ THIS.

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