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This server is a MMORPG survival horror developed by Tiggahxplease my goal was to try to create the most downright awesome zombie survival you have ever played! Welcome!This zombie survival is one of a kind.-We Expand the map when your tired of the old one-New Zombie Spawn Points When and Where You Want-Little to No Rules so you can dig right into killing the undead-Supplied weapons!!! This server is defiantly still in beta but as long as you report bugs as you play it, it should go into full release at anytime (do not except this to be the finished product). All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

You managed to escape from the clutches of those living, and dead and have stumbled across a city whilst looking for food and shelter. Build houses from the wreckage of virus infected towns or simply take from the rich and powerful towns.
Zombies that you will find are numerous and have a chance to poison you or make you really dizzy but there is a chance for them to drop money so you can buy at the shop! The looting in this server is unique and was very hard to code about 50k lines of code but its completely randomized and if you look around you can find loot crates scattered around the city that is one of the things that makes this so fun is just finding loot!

The bank system is a enderchest and you can use it to access your bank at anytime when you find a enderchest! So later on we will add a survival world once we get bigger and can afford a larger server.

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