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When entering a new world, the two most important things to do are to craft tools and build a shelter, all before the first night-cycle hits. Once you have found a few trees, use your hands to harvest them and collect the wood that drops.
Now that you finished harvesting wood, start looking for a place to build your night-one shelter.
Once you have found a good location for your shelter, ita€™s time to turn your wood logs into wooden planks.A Press a€?Ea€™ to open your inventory, where you should notice the 2x2 crafting grid to the right of your character. Once your crafting table is placed, you can right-click it to reveal a 3x3 crafting grid, similar to the one in your inventory. With wooden planksA and sticksA in your inventory, you are ready to build your wooden tools with your crafting table.
Now that the basics are done, you are ready to begin exploring or creating magnificent structures.
I gotta say I like the flow of this guide as it moves through the steps with the matching comics. This Blog is in the Create A Survival Guide Blog Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard! To harvest resources, hold down the left mouse button until the cracks in the block make it break.

When you place wood logs into the crafting slots, each piece of wood log can be turned into 4 wooden planks. SticksA are required to build tools, so place two wooden planks stacked on top of eachother in the grid. The purpose of your shelter is simply to protect you from monsters that spawn during the night.
If you cana€™t find any visible stone,A use your wood shovelA to mine through a few layers of dirt until you start to see some. Return to your crafting table with your cobblestone to start building your furnace.A To craft the furnace, place one block of cobblestone on every spot in your grid expect for the very middle square.
Open the furnace, and place a wooden plankA in the bottom square and a few wood logs in the top square to make charcoal. Your shelter is finished, and you should have of wooden tools, some torches, a furnace, and a crafting table.A You can spend your first night crafting stone tools, digging beneath your shelter, or exploring the dark outside.
I don't feel you got enough recognition for this because I love the effort you put into making the comic. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The world of Minecraft exists for you to build in it and transform it into anything and everything possible.

Once the block breaks, you can walk close to it to automatically put the item in your inventory. Use the wood blocks you gathered to create 24 wooden planks.A Now that you have wooden planks, you can craft your first crafting table. Your first piece of charcoal can be used to keep the furnace litten up while you continue to convert wood logs into charcoal. Crafting tablesA are the workbenches where you will build most tools and items in Minecraft, so be sure to place it in an easy-access place. During night-time,A A the world is covered in darkness, letting hostile mobs spawn on the surface.
IMPORTANT: On most multiplayer servers, you will not be able to harvest blocks in a long block radius of the spawning point.

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