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Do you like to survive in minecraft whilst being completely enclosed by bedrock on all sides whilst some distant god poses you challenges that may or may not be relevant to the aforementioned task of survival? You begin the map and live the map in a naturally generated minecraft village, complete with villagers who like nothing better than trampling their own crops and trading with you.
One finds oneself wearing the map maker’s head as a mask at the outset, which I found to be a charmingly gruesome touch, one that endeared me to the map as a whole. Kind of like Sky Block Survival but instead of a little island it's a village, there are tasks but you don't have to do them the main thing is just have fun.
The feature that sets this map apart is the challenge room, a place you are ported to at the press of a button, where your successful challenges are rewarded with glowing lights.

The challenge room is an excellent idea that not only focuses play, but gives the player a sense of accomplishment and redstone validation.
Well I based this world on his, There are firing ranges,(if you have flans mod-a gun shop), a huge cave system and multiple farms, xp grinder, and a enderman spawner in the end along with 15+ houses and it looks good in the Doku texture pack. There is a certain amount of glitchiness to this room, but if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I made a small survival starter house just to test the waters and see if you guys like me and my style.

I left the inside somewhat empty and put a chest with some starter gear in it for you to use.
If you're a better builder than me, I will gladly take positive criticism since I am still quite new to building!

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