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From the map maker that bought you the stunning Forgotten Land minecraft survival map comes Kingdom of Nefrimact, a sprawling hand painted continental style minecraft survival map download.
In addition to multiple locations there are also eleven music discs hidden throughout the world, so those of you with a penchant for collecting trophies will have that need satisfied in this map.
If you enjoy exploring minecraft worlds that have not been randomly generated but designed with the eye of an artist who would make Slartibartfast proud, then this is a must download survival map!
The landscape of the map is interesting enough to make the hide and seek required for survival fun. Though this is nothing spectacularly new, it is a solid survival map and those looking for a simple minecraft survival map (especially a survival island style map) will probably be quite pleased with this little offering. The islands are large and the forests are dense, so much so it is easy to lose one’s bearings. Constantly updated with new challenges, extended storylines and even new islands to explore, this is a minecraft map with real replayability. It’s a long way down when you spawn in the void of the sky, Skyring is a Skyblock inspired map with several differences that make it quite an entertaining minecraft survival challenge. One must be careful when taking advantage of the apparent convenience that is the water elevator, for drowning is the least of your worries. As the sun sets on your first day on the small island in the sky, the fire in the creeper’s eyes seems to grow higher, inviting you into its dangerous belly.
Exploration is quickly rewarded in this survival map, so don’t be shy to tear down every structure you see. There are no rules in this map because you’ll be hard pressed to even play the thing. There’s an awful lot of bridge building ahead for the avid minecraft player, also an awful lot of cultivation and an awful lot of spawner destroying.

What’s most enjoyable about The Cubes is the fact that each little cube must be cultivated and tamed. For a good solid minecraft survival experience with some sky island-esqe twists, why not download The Cubes, minecraft survival map!
Follow the river all the way up from the little village where you spawn, marveling at the towering mountains that surround you.
One spawns at the very top of the concentric sky rings, with one block of water which serves as a four pronged elevator through the various biomes available on the skyring ,a bed and trees growing up from below on four sides. There is a desert ring, a jungle ring, a forest ring, a snow ring, you get the general idea. The innards of the creeper are a dangerous place to be sure, but there are rewards for those who valiantly persist in their mission despite the many dangers. Where islands once flourished now mere blocks are considered sufficient basis for a survival map. The appeal of SkyGrid comes in making sense out of chaos, of turning a jumbled mass of elements into something coherent.
Prepare yourself journeyman, for you will be sailing, swimming, climbing and sprinting your way across breathtaking vistas as you master the lands and isles of Nefrimact.
There is so much to explore, great volcanic mountains rising from innocent pasture – fiery regions where stone and nether-rack burn all day and all night long.
There is even a farm ring, where the very small space has been engineered to hold an ark number of important animals.
But be sure not to approach the Nether Tower before you have crafted yourself sufficient protections – for the mobs that lurk in that fire proof structure will singe you to an inch of your digital life. Seth Bling’s SkyGrid survival map takes the theme to its possibly illogical conclusion by placing random environmental blocks in a grid.

In more than one way, playing SkyGrid is akin to handling the universe in the moments after the Big Bang. Whether your enjoy it or not, SkyGrid has already claimed its place among minecraft survival map classics. Although the premise of the map is simple, there’s actually rather a lot of work involved in completing the challenges. Then one is off to another cube to harvest some handy cacti and dig some sand for more glass.
The map really is quite beautiful at times, so much so that I’m not ashamed to say that I climbed the tallest peak and then leaped off, only to climb it and leap off again. And a story that will keep you up at night, hunting clues, searching for treasure and avoiding hostile mobs. Though there are many like it, there aren’t many that are quite as unexpectedly dangerous. Unlike adventure maps, you’ll have to build your own shelter, find your own food and chop your own trees down to make boats and that sort of thing.
The starting chest is fairly generous, especially if you have a taste for brown leather garments.

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