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Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. Welcome to Cobalt, a collection of epic Minecraft servers.Additional NotesJoin a survival server for fun building.
Also, dont worry about being griefed, because Cobalt has the best staff that can help, and a special command that will not let anyone break your land (protect command).
Our new shop system in testing already has sponges added, and we're going to push that out to the main server very soon! The map is restricted in size of building space to 9.5k in every direction, with space past that allotted for Custom trade Villagers, Games and much much more. All of the fancy little tricks and commands we do have are all run via command blocks and have been thoroughly tested to work optimally in 1.10. We run on Hard Difficulty and during the Endonian Knight moon(Coming Soon) a boss emerges and things go from Hard to CRAZY HARD! Spawn is a small shack just enough to get you started, once you leave the 1st 3k is WildWest territory held by the savages, we suggest you not build or hang around this area long upon fear of Death. We are also a family friendly server with a established community and group of players, but we welcome all players but ask you to keep all actions etc within the bounds of keeping the server family friendly and a community based place for all to have fun and enjoy themselves. With regular staff we keep an active look for those who think to use hacked clients to your advantage, so be warned, we do not tolerate such things and those caught will be banned instantly. Our ultimate goal is to provide you the players with an enjoyable experience that's both fun, challenging and rewarding where you leave with a smile on your face and not frustration.
With the iminminent arrival of 1.8 Release and the ever growing community on Matrix, we've updated our Server to a 16GB Dedicated Box to greatly improve improve Performance and stability.
Wonderful server I've made many friends and even started a little community I highly suggest joining.
IGN ItsKrayfishI was banned for raiding and I even put the stuff back where it was and I apologized and even gave them diamonds in a chest and everything. The rules are clear, if you didnt build or make it, then dont touch it, you dont know whats abandoned or not. I got (Perma?)A banned for greifing because I minned a mostlyA destroyed house right out side of spawn.
Asking for Staff is a Straight Instant ban an is considered rude and bad etiquette, as such the ban shall remain untill the next lot of Ban list wipes in a couple weeks. You've been unbanned, please take th etime to go over the rules to avoid future infractions.

At present there is an issue of some kind with the hosting company of the server, unf I don't have an ETA of when we'll be able to access the server again. Chief_Alfredo has been Unbanned for now, please be careful what you do and read the rules very carefully.
I Will speak to Valt and verify you live there as i know to why you keep getting instant TP back to spawn. About C0DG0D3 - yes he asked me if pvp was ok, but before I could clarify the arena is the only place he hit a donator.
As my Co-Owner said, your attitude and behaviour in your appeal here shows the lack of respect and maturity for desirable patrons on the Matrix MC Servers. There s an obvious reason you where banned as seen with your comment above, as for respect to every single one of our players we have a set of rules that allow freedom of speech to anyone, from anywhere, that being said since political, religious and other views differ from one individual to another, your name is considered as offensive and therefor you where banned for it. Es mi primer tema en la comunidad y quiero presentarles en el a mi nuevo Servidor creado hace poco, esta en constante crecimiento y actualizacion! En el se permite casi todo mientras se sea respetuoso. Honestly, I'm going to have to say this is by FAR one of the most impressive small-servers I have seen out there. We are also an English speaking server and as such we ask that you stick to this language on main chat. With this in mind, we also accept that there is always room for improvement, so if you see or would like to suggest something or you feel something isn't right, please by all means let any number of staff know and we will see what we can do.
But this is indeed an issue i discuss further to make better understanding so others arent caught out. Do be mindful of all rules as failing to abide by them will result in a permanent ban next time. All I was doing was moving removing my chests so that I could move from my current location. I continued trying because u didn't lose your items until finally he had killed me ten times. A Nazi is racist already, saying a nazi is a racist nazi and a double negative, so basically a normal germal soldier.
A There are a lot of users of different varying ages and cultures and your Name is very far from one of those accceptable and as such the ban will remain. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Or, hop over to our creative server for some relaxed building, with weekly contests and challenges.

Personally I would change a few things here and a few things there (some we have discussed). We understand that not everyone who can type English from a non English speaking place will be proficient at it and we understand and accept that. WHY BAN A GERMAN SOLDIER YOU FUCKING RACISTS.My name is like sayingI'm Not Not in the shower. Make a huge house while starting out with just a tree and some grass in our skyblock server.
My friend and I, Kwolb32, were banned for what we thought was ntohing but was obviously offensive to one (or many) of the moderators of the server.
So I i pissed off so I went home and made a full set of iron armor and brought a diamond to buy the sharpness 10 sword. And, when you're all tired out and just want some fun, join the minigames server to play in tournaments and arenas with other players.
We have discussed this, Josh, but I want to send my argument out there just for the lols: WE NEED THE ABLITY TO BUY SPONGES!!!!!!!!!!! I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team. A  A  I agree, thats not the most formal way to say it, but it does draw attention away from boring charts.
I love working with redstone especially on SMP servers because it gives me a challenge when it comes to building large redstone contraptions.
One last thing: I hope as I continue playing this server, it can replace my now favorite (now shutdown) server. Usually i come up with an idea and have to think about for a while then contruct it, tear it down, then re-build it.
Sure, I admit I was going to take a beacon but that was only because i thought nothing was there. We were going to start paying on the server often and have been waiting for Morpheus to reply to my tweet since April 18th.

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