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Listen and learn from those with mental illness: educate the congregation esp about mental illness and addiction. What are the symptoms, the root causes, and what can you do to support someone who struggles with issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, borderline, manic depression and self-harm? Build relationships with professionals in these areas so that you can refer in times of crisis. Offer to pray with those who are struggling and help them to find consistent ongoing support (including financial). Does your church provide prayer partners, deacons, spiritual directors, pastoral counsellors or ongoing support groups? In our area the referral process for mental health services is being streamlined and standardised, the idea being that it will be similar over the whole country in due course.
We produced an audio podcast for Mind’s befriending service, appealing for volunteers to help those with mental health issues.

I find a lot of the time after so long people kind of decide that you’reok now and can handle it all alone.
For some that means never walking again, and for others it means they will battle with mental illness as long as they are here.
I actually have never met a person whom I did not believe was suffering from some form of mental trouble. It means when you slip back a bit it can be really hard to get support from the same people again. Paul talks about rejoicing in all circumstances- we often think depression or anxiety are marks of not rejoicing but sometimes they are the circumstances in which we need to learn rejoice.

Of course, where I am in America, we have a syndrome for pretty much every stage of life, and an official diagnosis is almost as easy to get as bottle of aspirin. Maybe the Church would be able to understand those who suffer from mental health issues better & maybe they could contribute to loving them in their illness by helping in ways you have suggested.

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