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For more information on obtaining the 8-hour MHFA training, please contact Wei-Chien Lee at (408) 924-5910. This is a two day training course designed for people who do not have any specialist mental health training or experience.  It would be suitable for staff, volunteers, carers or service users. At the end of the course, participants will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of a range of common mental health problems and will be able to offer practical support and signposting for a number of issues from stress, panic attacks to suicide attempts.
The aim of the training is to enable people with mental health problems to access help promptly, cutting through their own and other’s prejudice about mental health. The course delivery is very flexible and may be delivered over two full days or spread out over a number of sessions. Mental Health First Aid is a two-day training course that teaches you how to recognise symptoms of mental health problems, how to deal with a crisis situation and how to spot the first signs of someone developing mental ill health.

Our team of MHFA Instructors are fully qualified and accredited with Mental Health First Aid England.
On completion of the two-day course all participants will receive their MHFA manual and certificate of attendance.
Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new announcement posts by email. Knowing what to do and how to help when someone is experiencing a mental health crisis is as important as treating a wound, restoring breathing, or minimizing the effects of a stroke. Understanding mental health issues and knowing how to respond to people who may be developing a mental health problem is needed more than ever. This is an interactive course that equips individuals with the skills to know what to do and say when someone is suffering mental distress.

KidsMatter Mental Health First Aid Training is a public education program that teaches people the key skills needed to help someone with an on-going mental health problem or an immediate crisis.
DOH Charlotte receives Sexual Risk Avoidance Grant through the Bureau of Family Health Services! Additionally, please feel free to download the MHFA brochure or visit the Mental Health First Aid website. Upon completion of this 8 hour training program facilitated by Linden Oaks at Edward, participants receive a Mental Health First Aid Certificate (CEU’s available for certain career paths).

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