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Are we talking a Pred who's yet to get their first skull ever, or is the Pred being sent in one that has at least a few skulls in their name? Ah, well I know blooded have killed their first xenomorph so any predator with at least one Xeno kill is a good one to look at probably.
Apparently there is a new thing out, "Combat cloth" that replaced quick clot, does a better job and is easier on the back end for surgeons to deal with. IFAK's sort of suck for 90% of what people deal with. I think you can get the replacement packs for like $30 and then get the shears and the Multicam pouch separately. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Like but yea, Riddick will definitely need to be on his toes if this is a fully blooded hunter + standard weapon set I listed above on his tail.This rifle?these knives? I only know this because my last bunch of guys had a USAF commo guy assigned to it and we talked about his big IFAK a few times. He survived a helo crash and patched up a lot of guys in AFG, so he tried all of the kit on dying people so I trust him The mil bag is there to stop bleeding and keep you from dying until you can get to a surgeon, I would augment one heavily if I did not have the same support. I also added laminated "how to" cards. Air Force Pararescue Jumper Explains Which One’s Right for You and When As a young man in the military, I was introduced to a wide array of military traditions.

Riddick gets his sword and daggers from the 2013 movie as well as a pulse rifle from his universe and all his knowledge of the environment.
My favorite among these time-honored customs: secretly putting a huge rock in the bottom of a buddy’s pack before a ruck march.
Does the Predator bag the skull of Riddick as its trophy, or does Riddick vanquish the Predator. The prank should have never worked, since the rock was damn near the size of a football and had to have weighed at least 10 pounds — in addition to our usual backbreaking load-out. When a hunt involving the xenomorphs went bad, he would be sent in to deal with the problem single-handedly. But mile after mile, we’d suggest picking up the pace, always followed by a revealing snicker or two. The only reason he had a hard time in requiem is because he was facing the predalien hybrid. It wasn’t until the 8-mile marker that he finally discovered it while digging in his bag for a water bottle. The pred from two was actually un-blooded, to get blooded they need to pass a series of tests.

The last two tests are the hardest, second to last is to hunt and kill the ultimate soft meat prey (humans-ranked this highly for our ability to actually out smart them in battle) and their finals are against the xenomorphs.
Even to this day, when it’s brought up in his company, I act as though I have no idea who did it.
This also explains why the one from 2 didn't have a clan mark on his bio mask, you don't get them until you are blooded.
Whether you’re on a hike, out hunting, practicing at the range, or fleeing a disaster, carrying a poorly conceived medical kit can be almost as useless as hauling a football-sized stone. It’s time to assess what sort of emergency supplies you should be packing — and for what scenarios. With medical kits there will always be more of us who underprepare rather than overprepare. But we suspect, by virtue of this magazine being in your hand, that you are more inclined to be prepared.

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