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If a person is deficient in vitamin D, folate or vitamin B12 (this can be checked with a blood test), taking supplements in addition to their usual medication may help to reduce depression. St John’s Wort has not been studied for use in bipolar disorder and can have a negative effect when taken with certain medications prescribed for bipolar disorder.
PLEASE NOTE: The information in this guide is introductory and for any treatment decisions and more information we recommend you consult a clinician. Zarate C, Rodrigo MV, Ioline H, Glutamatergic modulators: the future of treating mood disorders? Sample leave application for medical treatment, Formats of leave application for medical reasons for employees and students.
With due respect it is stated that I am Hina Akbar working as a marketing officer within your organization. With due respect it is to express that I had an accident in India before giving my joining here in Dubai. It is stated that I am working as a Customer Relation Officer within your organization, since two years.
It is stated that I am Maida Niaz working as an English Literature Teacher, in this institution since six months back. In high words it is to state that I am the worker of this valued company and I had come here from Shimla which is my home town. I had talked to my colleagues to carry out the duties that were previously assigned to me and in my absence there would be no issue regarding the work.
I am writing to you to submit a formal request for a medical leave of absence due to my  serious health condition that requires operation.My physician has advised me to seek an immediate medical leave from work because, It is very urgent to handle my current situation of health. Please let me guide what additional information is required in order to process this request. It is stated that my wife is suffering from poor health and I have to take her to hospital tomorrow. I don’t have child after 3 yrs of marriage as I am working on cruise lines and come down to home town in 6 months. It is stated that I’ve recently came back to work after 30 days of my official yearly vacation. Which I have to write to the commandant to let him know that I am under medical treatment for some days and I can’t join my duty at present. Please be informed that I am under under medical treatment owing to (reason) and doctor has advised me bed rest on a serious note.

Sample application for advance salary for medical treatment of Father, Mother, son, daughter, wife, uncle or any other relation.
I am Minahil Qasim General Manager Electrical Department writing for five months advance salary urgently for my father’s medical treatment.
This is to have your kind attention and look in to the matter with empathy; I am working in your company as a project coordinator since 2013.
Different medications and combinations may be used to reduce different kinds of bipolar episodes. In addition, there are also treatment guidelines you can refer to listed in the resources section. Effectiveness of mood stabilizers and antipsychotics in the maintenance phase of bipolar disorder: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Decreased risk of suicides and attempts during long-term lithium treatment: a meta-analytic review. Efficacy of omega-3 Fatty acids in mood disorders – a systematic review and metaanalysis. The effects of physical activity in the acute treatment of bipolar disorder: A pilot study.
N-Acetyl Cysteine for Depressive Symptoms in Bipolar Disorder—A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial. I understand that my services are of utmost importance during this time but unfortunately its a bolt from the blue and I’ve got no command over it.
It is to inform you that I want to avail the facility of maternity leave, given to female staff as per the policy of our organization. It is to inform you that unfortunately I had an accident last week and due to that my Left Arm is damaged badly and I am not able to move it. Kindly, I want you to grant me leaves for next 15 days from 10th July to 24th July as I am not able to come to office in this time span. Right after my marriage I came here for earning the living for my family and still not blessed with baby.
This is to inform you that i am having severe headache and blood pressure issue since one month. This is to inform you that out of my 30 allowed holidays of summer vacations I only have utilized 15 of them.
This is to inform you that he has been caught up by serious eye infection and for proper treatment he has to be admitted in the hospital until his surgery is undergone.

The medical certificate is attached with the application and I seek your grant on my leave for certain span of absence.
I hope that you’ll consider my request for leave from 2nd May, 2016 to 16th May, 2016.
Kindly, make it possible and grant me leave for two months dated as 1st June to 1st August. The treatment schedule is after each two months and now the due date of treatment follow up had arrived and I want to move to India for medical check-up as my previous history of accident and related medicines etc lies with them. I went for medical diagnosis and according to prescription I have to get admitted in the hospital for next three days.
I wanted to retire myself from the current duties for one month so that I can plan a family of my own and can do the medical treatment of my wife with the consent and guidance of the doctors. According to the medical results, I’ve to undergo tooth surgery and for this I’ll be requiring leave for two weeks until I get better. I confirmed the medical expenditures from my sources in London and I have some shortage of money for this treatment. Recently I have been in some problems regarding the financial conditions I am going through. In ECT the person is given an anesthetic, and electrical stimulation is applied to a specific area of the brain. So tomorrow I would not be able to perform my school duty.Kindly accept my leave because health is more important instead of work. I understand that prompt leave isn’t a good gesture but my health doesn’t allow me to continue work for the respective time period. My mother is sick and an urgent treatment is mandatory for her good health but I am falling short of the required money for her treatment. Kindly, allow me leave for three days 15th May to 17th May so that I can get my medical check up properly done. 40,000 as financial aid so that I can carry out her treatment and the money can be deducted from my monthly salary at regular intervals till it’s completely even with the company.

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