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The only element more quintessential to a dance studio than the mirrors are the barres, making these two essential items the focus of many studio owners. While many mirrors are made of glass, it is important to steer clear of glass in the dance studio.
Genuine reflection: Because mirrors are an important learning and teaching tool, the reflected image should be undistorted and clear.
Ease of installation: Consider the type of mount you want for your barres and make sure that the mirrors you choose can have barre mounts integrated if you want barres on the wall of the studio where the mirror will be.
Purchase your dance studio mirrors from a specialized company, either in mirrors or in dance studio equipment. Alvas is specialized in dance studio supplies, such as mirrors, dance floors, and ballet barres.
Mats,Mats, Mats specializes in exercise and athletic equipment, including the sale of mylar mirrors perfect for a dance or yoga studio.
Hudson Mirror offers very thin, and very light, glassless mirrors in three different types of mounts. Lite Mirror has glassless panels that you can put together to create one wall of mirror, but also makes custom sizes, as well as mirrors with two perpendicular panel as well as tri-fold mirrors. When learning to dance, it's important to be able to see exactly what your body is doing in order to learn proper technique. While mirrors are an expensive element for your studio, they are also vital for learning dancers.
Glassless dance mirrors on wheels, portable and rollable for dance, ballet and theater production.
Wall mounted conventional glass mirrors presents unnecessary hazards to gyms, studio and club members. Non-shattering glassless mirrors are six times lighter than standard glass and have a small chance they’ll be dismounted from the wall.
One of the great advantages of light weight glassless dance mirrors (panels only) is that they can be hung on any flat surface with little effort.
To center the glassless dance mirrors Velcro hooks are provided on the corners to level the mirrors.
For more complicated hanging options like ceiling or angular mounting wire or nylon cord can be utilized. Low rolling wheels for vertical glassless mirrors for ballet, dance, martial arts and weight rooms, etc. High rolling glassless mirrors are appropriate for activity like cheerleading, aerial silks and gymnastic apparatus activity, like the gymnastic balance beam and uneven bars.
High rolling wheels for horizontal glassless mirrors for cheerleading, martial arts and fitness programs. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INSPECT FOR DAMAGE OR SHORTAGES AS SOON AS THE FREIGHT ARRIVES, WHILE THE DRIVER IS PRESENT. It is almost impossible to get a freight company to accept any responsibility for damage or shortages after the fact. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.
She found the Doctor looking at the computer screen, using it as a mirror to adjust his white bow tie.
The Doctor chuckled and rolled his eyes “Close, but once again, you missed a clue.” He nudged his head at the grass and Rose looked at him, puzzled.
He was surprised when Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, almost squeeing of happiness.
The Doctor tried to reach for the punch bowl, pushing his way through the crowd gathered around the tables.
As he saw how the Cloaxi pressed his finger against Rose’s lips, he suddenly felt angry inside and clenched his fist. Rose didn’t know what to say as the blue man moved his finger from her lips to her cheek, caressing the soft, exposed skin. Rose was about the protest, saying they’re not married, but the Doctor was ahead of her “Human.” And with that, the Doctor linked arms with Rose and turned around, leaving the Cloaxi alone. From the moment they were out of sight, he spun her around and nudged her against one of the marble columns.
Rose widened her eyes “He wanted to mate?” She thought about it for a second before bursting out in laughter. Rose surprised him by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him into a firm hug “Hey, it’s all right. He let go of her waist and offered her his hand “Oh, we do now.” She gladly accepted his hand and he led her toward the dance floor. They were both out of breath, but he held her there in his arm, his eyes becoming more intense and the giggling gone. After a couple of meters, the Doctor suddenly stopped  and pulled a surprised Rose into his arms “Oh my sweet Rose, this is why.” And then his lips claimed hers. I've noticed that in my experience I'm seeing fewer and fewer mirror boards being carried by straight dancers. Anyways, for about two years I was the only person that I knew who carried a mirror board up north here, and even traveling south didn't seem 'em much unless it was kids.
Contest judges out there, how 'bout some point deduction if you are carrying a stick and are not an actual tail dancer?

Well what I was told is the mirror board was a powerful tool, it could be used to signal to war parties across a great distance. Now as far as diffrences between northern and southern not sure you could tell I think its a personal thing and everyone is diffrent. And I mostly see dance sticks down here in texas seen a few guys carry both and a handfull carry mirror boards. Contemporary wall mirrors, traditional wall mirrors, cheap, Contemporary wall mirrors, traditional wall mirrors, cheap wall mirrors. Regardless of where your studio is, how many students you have, and what types of dance you teach, you need top-notch dance studio mirrors before opening your doors to the public. Specially-developed mirrors that are 100% shatter-proof are the best way to protect your students in the event of the mirror suffering a blow. Steer clear of acrylic mirrors, whose reflections are not of a high enough quality for dancers' fine art.
If the option is available, it's convenient and easy if the manufacturer or distributor installs the mirrors for you as well, usually guaranteeing that the mirrors are installed properly.
Available in many sizes and mounts, consider also purchasing the plastic cover to protect the mirror when it is not in use. In addition to their standard mirrors, check out their special effects mirrors, such as the scrim mirror, used in theater to create a bleeding-through image (two-way mirror). In addition, you should be able to see what dancers to your right and left are doing and how they are doing it, which is very important when learning a new routine or a new step.
Studios without adequate mirrors allow students to hide in the back without being seen; a studio where one wall is fully covered with a mirror makes it such that every person in the room can be seen in the mirror, and teachers can monitor and correct all the dancers in the class.
Because they are so important, it is critical to purchase glassless, shatterproof mirrors that produce reliable, high-quality reflections so that your students, teachers, and parents when visiting, can all see how developed the students' technique is, and how gracious their artistry has become. The glassless mirror options will satisfy insurance companies and dissatisfy lawyers due to less litigation for injury lawsuits.
For increased portabilty, the mirrors are so light they can be hung on walls with Velcro strips.
We do our best in packaging our shipments and selecting a carrier to transport your merchandise to keep damage and lost items to a minimum. THE BILL OF LADING AND PACKAGE LABELS WILL INDICATE THE NUMBER OF PIECES IN THE SHIPMENT, WHICH MATCHES WHAT IS LISTED ON THIS SHEET. We will require a copy of the freight bill noting shortage or damage, or a copy of the inspection report to file a claim. CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR SHORTAGES THAT ARE NOT NOTED ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT. It was a red, sleeveless and floor-length gown, decorated with embroidery and small diamonds. He was wearing a black tailcoat, a white shirt with a wing collar, a white waistcoat, black trousers and black patent shoes. The glass column in the middle began to move and Rose could hear how the TARDIS forced her way through the time vortex. He folded his arms as well “You’ve missed a clue.” He nudged his head at the jump seat and Rose turned her gaze towards it. What is a beautiful, young lady like you doing here all alone?” The mysterious man asked with a flirting smile. He was just about to take a bit of punch when he glanced back at Rose and noticed she wasn’t on the spot he’d left her. Rose felt how he squeezed her hand gently, but she knew he had difficulty restraining himself.
A few people nearby stopped talking and looked at them, but right now, the Doctor didn’t care. He kept looking into her eyes, loving the fact she was giggling and enjoying every second of their dance.
Rose gasped against his lips, but immediately swung her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his now dripping hair. Let members of the party know you were in place or when to attack whatever the signal was for. I had some generalzations in mind but started looking at pictures and then those got blown out the window. While glass mirrors may be cheaper than the engineered glassless ones, a high-quality dance mirror should be non-glass. Available in several different sizes, available for wall mount or on rolling frames, Alvas has several different options for the dance studio owner to consider. Because these mirrors can be damaged by touch, the plastic cover is a good idea for protecting it.
Mirrors serve many purposes for budding and professional dancers alike, from keeping everyone on the same rhythm to making sure that your own arm is as straight or as angled as everyone else's. Relocate the mirrors for special occasions or when needed to protect them from crowds, movers, exhibitions, etc. However, wall mounted glassless mirror panels placed on top of each other may be a serious options. He hadn’t told her what the dress was for, but she assumed they were attending some sort of fancy ball.
He chuckled as she traced her fingers over the decorative glitter curls, ending with the white diamond on the top his mask.

The ballroom, almost completely made out of marble, consisted of the main dance floor, a balcony at the end of the room on which the small orchestra was playing music and several other balconies on which people were drinking and watching the dancing crowd below them. I’m going to get us some punch.” Rose nodded and watched as he went to one of the crowded tables. Doctor coming through!” He accidently pushed a bit too hard, causing a lady, completely dressed in black, to spill her drink on her expensive ball gown. Did he give you something?” He asked as he took Rose’s face between his hands and examined her. He joined her in the giggling and lifted her from the ground for a couple seconds, making Rose cry in surprise and delight. The generalzations I had in mind were northern were more elaboratly carved and were often colored. He saw her dress stained the night before, by Brandon Stark, and her swept out into the garden, by her brother, and him return alone with a fragile little fire in his eyes. IF THERE IS CONCEALED DAMAGE, SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIAL AND CALL THE FREIGHT COMPANY RIGHT AWAY FOR AN INSPECTION. The whole room was lit by a huge diamond chandelier, the flames of its candles reflected by the diamonds. None of the other dancing couples had decided to dance beneath the stars and the Doctor was glad they were alone. At end of the song, he threw her backwards over his arm, earning another delighted cry from Rose.
The Doctor held her close, not wanting to let go of her as he showed her just how much he loved her. Glassless mirror for gym and weight room present a safe environment versus conventional glass mirrors. The mask was decorated with glitter curls and swirls, going all the way around the eyeholes.
The mansion was illuminated by large candle stands and people in fancy dresses and masks arrived in carriages. Without saying sorry this time, he pushed his way through the crowd, making even more people squeak as they spilled their drinks. I would never let that happen!” Rose was almost out of breath because of all the laughing and eventually stopped. Besides… I belong to you.” She felt him relax against her body and she smiled when he wrapped his arms around her waist.
The back garden was dimly lit by several candle stands and Rose could hear another fountain nearby. The feeling of butterflies in Rose’s stomach was becoming too much and she had to keep herself from launching forward and kissing him first.
He increased the intensity of the kiss and let one hand travel from her waist to her face to cup her cheek. Contact us for a quote,1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or go to our Estimate Request form.
By the sides of the room small tables were arranged, set with food and punch bowls.  The Doctor smiled as he saw Rose’s reaction. The Doctor tried to recognize the species and froze as the name resounded in his mind: the Cloaxies. As he made his way through the crowd, he realized something: he was jealous… and liked the feeling. She couldn’t see the Doctor’s face, but his jaws were clearly clenched together and Rose thought for a second he was about to growl. They started to dance and she followed his steps, spinning and letting him lead her around, her eyes never leaving his.
The Doctor slowed down his spinning and pulled her closer again, almost hugging her so that she could rest her head in the crook of his neck.
Rose wished she could hold her lips against his forever, but the Doctor eventually pulled back and smiled.
Rose closed her eyes and felt how his lips briefly brushed her upper lip, but then he was gone. She’s glancing over her shoulder at his silence, which has surrounded them like a cloud. A single Cloaxi female or male is always seeking out a partner to mate, despite the partner’s species. He’d just gone from jealous to romantic Doctor and Rose tried to hide her blush as she discovered she liked his change in mood. Afraid she’d done something wrong, Rose opened her eyes and saw the Doctor had pulled back a bit and was now staring at the tip of his nose.
But her smile— even in its rigidity, is blinding, and he tries to hold onto her as she begins to slip away. The Doctor laughed and Rose almost squeaked as she was soaked after just a couple of seconds.

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