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Perhaps that’s why I was invited to participate in a conference in Boston organized by the Harvard Kennedy School and the Overseas Development Institute, where I saw myself falling even deeper in the rabbit hole of Doing Development Differently. It was an amazing two days filled with other cubicle warriors and bureaucracy insurgents who have been doing 50 shades of different development in different parts of the world. But we all had something in common: we have taken the red pill at different dosage levels some time in our professional lives. It all starts with problems, not only identifying them but also, and perhaps most importantly, understanding them. This involves constantly testing value hypotheses to determine whether interventions are actually delivering value to end users.

These principles are now featured in the Doing Development Differently Manifesto – a far-from-perfect yet important call-to-action to build a community of skeptical folks: not super heroes, but those who bother to look. This feat requires jumping through the rabbit hole without the parachute of pre-determined assumptions. It’s about smart mobs embracing complexity and sharing responsibility for tackling problems disguised in black-cladded suits. Here it helps to fail fast and cheap, avoiding ‘vanity metrics,’ and placing lots of emphasis on learning. Going down the rabbit hole (aka, signing up for the DDD Manifesto) is not for the faint of heart.

While not fraught with fighting dark-suited men with sunglasses, the path of inducing commonsense change – even the smallest ones – is by no means an easy one.

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