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Wedding season is upon us and that means Pinterest is about to barf wedding all over the place as doe eyed women finalize their perfect wedding.
Hoop earrings- Because you need to understand that your new role is similar to that of a circus lion’s.
Tweezers- Because there will be days when she becomes a thorn in your side and you need to dig her out. Ibuprofen- Because there will be times you just don’t feel like the brown chicken, brown cow. Dum Dums- Because silently handing him a Dum Dum when he is acting like a dufus is scarier than yelling. Lip balm- Because your lips are bound to be chapped from the tushies you kissed while planning your wedding. Skittles- Because, at the end of the day, getting knocked up is the rainbow after the storm of wedding prep is over. Let me introduce you to the new, must-have razor for all of the fancy bridal themed survival kits bridesmaids are putting together these days.

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I just stumbled across this on good ol’ Pinterest when I was in search of a unique wedding gift for a friend.
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I’m looking for something similar and can’t for the life of me figure out where to buy them!
Instead of the bridesmaids stressing over the contents of her wedding day survival kit (White Out and chalk for dress stains, really?), how about the matrons hook a girl up with a marriage survival kit?
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