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There are two types of pelvic floor dysfunction.  Most of the time, and by the time we hit nursing home age (around our 70’s), about 77% of us women will have a floor that is too loose and floppy.
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It’s a condition that doctors often miss, so find out how you can test and treat yourself.

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Well, let us ask, “What is the job of a pelvic floor?” The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, our undercarriage, that blend together to form a hammock like structure that attaches to the front of our pubes and slings across to the back of our tailbone.
In later posts, and in case you were wondering, the other type of pelvic floor dysfunction is that it is too tight.
This hammock, in men has one opening, and in women the hammock has 3, yes 3 openings as exits for the bladder, the uterus and the rectum. In either case, if the muscular and fascial tensions in the muscles of the pelvic floor are not right, the patient will have a medical problem. To be sure, men do have pelvic floor problems, not readily recognized by the men, but also not considered by most doctors.

In women, that hammock has to contain the bladder up front, the rectum in the back and a potential baby oven in the middle. As we age, those muscle start to sag and stretch from all the years of back and forth (during sex and pregnancy and delivery).

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