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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also referred to as impotence, is a medical condition when a man cannot achieve and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. There are an estimated 30 million men in the United States who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. By using the Vacurect® to treat your Erectile Dysfunction, you are choosing the safest, simple, most effective Vacuum Erection Device on the market today.
The Vacurect® Vacuum Therapy System for Erectile Dysfunction has a success rate of more than 96%. As we are aware that erectile dysfunction is caused due to the blockages in blood vessels in the sexual organ. Erectile dysfunction (ED) indicates that there might be blockages happening in other vessels too.
The stroke or heart attack happens when the blood flowing in the vessels is blocked for longer time that the heart muscle is damaged or dies.
All rights reserved and all trademarks used in this Web Site belong to their respective trademark holder. Today, most of men are experiencing the problem of lack of sexual desire at certain point in their life across the world. In order to cope with the medical condition of loss of libido you needs to follow a holistic treatment methodology.
The treating of erectile dysfunction is dependent upon the reason and significance of the situation. Over 96% of men who use the Vacurect® are able to achieve an erection for sexual intercourse, regardless of the cause of ED, in less than 60 seconds! There is the possibility as erectile dysfunction is caused by the blockages, which affects the blood flow.
Study done at various universities in the world shows the same result, those men who are going through erectile dysfunction has a greater chance of getting a heart attack. If a man under the age of 50 is facing ED more often that he may be the victim of cardiac issues and for men after the age of 70, it’s going to be the less chances of heart disease. Loss of libido is one kind of medical condition which induces severe issues like erectile dysfunction. Besides that, medications used while prostate, testicles and reproduction associated treatment may also lead to low libido in men. Generally, in our society it is believed that men have no emotions, but it is totally wrong. Relationship problems such as lack of communication, frequent disputes, anger, resentment, low physical attraction, mutual understanding, homosexuality issues, deep emotional connectivity, and boredom in relationship and sometimes disputes in opinions relating to sexual desire may also result in loss of libido in males.
Generally severe level of stress interrupts with body’s hormone level and contributes to low libido.

It is believed that brain’s chemical messaging system is associated with sexual desire and dopamine and if one of them is not functioning properly then problem occurs severely. If low sex drive is related with psychological issues such as lack of self-esteem and depression, then in such cases counseling works tremendously. Medications that may be injected in to the male reproductive organ or even inserted in to the urethra to improve blood flow. In men along with low androgenic hormone or testosterone quantities, androgenic hormone or testosterone can be changed through shots, skin areas, gels, or even tablets positioned relating to the oral cavity and gum area. It is really an external plastic cylinder as well as vacuum pump motor that draws blood in to the male organ after which works on the diamond ring throughout the lower penis to avoid blood flowing back from the male reproductive organ into the body. Penile enhancements (rigid or even inflatable kinds) can be used in rare individual who doesn’t react well with other remedies.
If a romantic relationship or a psychological concern is leading to ED, the sex counselor is usually necessary. By using the Vacurect®, you are able to achieve and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse without all of the side effects. And when the medication is taken, these blockages break and provide you maximum erection for the maximum time. It is said that when the hardening of the arteries begins, it starts with the small blood vessels such as the vessels of your sexual organ. Also, those who smoke are directly affecting their sexual organ resulting in stork symptoms. Excessive stress, depression, lack of sleep, excess intake of alcohol, addiction of smoking, use of certain medication, lack of self esteem, hormonal imbalance, lack of time, problem in relationship are some of the leading causes responsible behind occurrence of loss of libido in men.
One recent study has disclosed that, men suffering from restless leg syndrome (neurological disorders associated with sleep) may develop erectile dysfunction, probably because of low dopamine levels. Besides that, the arteries also constrict and interrupt blood flow in order with stress, which also result in male impotence.
Most of doctors say that Parkinson’s disease is tackled with help of dopamine stimulating drug as that drug has the capability to enhance sexual desire.
Studies indicate that low testosterone occurs due to inflammation, injury and tumors in the testicles. Major health disorders such as uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases are also closely linked with obesity and these diseases is tend to have major effect on libido.
With communication various conflicts between partners can be easily sort out and can keep several disputes at bay. You can treat psychological issues easily as there are various therapies are conducted which helps significantly to get rid of mental trauma. All three function by growing the circulation of blood towards the phallus throughout sexual excitement.
Vacuum Therapy is gaining increasing popularity by patients and their physicians because of the very positive associated benefits.

This happens as the blood flow increases and it reaches the sexual organ with the right flow. Other than these, hypertension, depression, overweight and family cases of heart disease also indicates that you’ve more chances of getting stroke and ED. Generally it is believed that sexual health is a fundamental element of overall mental and physical health of every human being. Depression may take place due to several reasons such as severe accident, bad sexual experience, past trauma, failure, childhood trauma, lack of self esteem and so on. Normal stress is fine but if it is serious then it spoils and affects your ability to concentrate on your personal life.
Other causes such as cirrhosis of the liver or pituitary diseases are also responsible for hormone imbalance. In short, just because of lack of time also the problem like poor libido may also occurred.
Surgical treatment is rarely accustomed to correct an obstruction of male organ blood circulation; the very best candidates tend to be young men along with limited obstruction. In fact, Vacuum Therapy should be used as a daily exercise for ED to prevent atrophy and to promote penile health. According to studies, sudden loss of libido takes place due to lower or excessive production of hormone influenced by the pituitary gland. Therefore, visit expert physician and tell him everything about your past health issue, medications and about your unhealthy habit (if any). Evidence from leading urologists promotes the idea that this treatment improves penile health by restoring adequate blood flow and revitalizing vascular tissues.
If man is unable to perform sexual functioning properly, then he may suffer from depression and consequently may emotionally withdraw from the partner. This information will help your physician to come over exact conclusion and which will prove beneficial for your health as well. Lack of sexual drive in men over 50 is generally common and natural because of growing age and lifestyle changes.
But, if middle aged men or young men are suffering from this condition, then it is an issue of big concern. Young men strictly need to undergo clinical treatment before any severe complication occurs.

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