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By avoiding exertion at the hottest time of day, drinking water, wearing hats and sunscreen, MDA medics and paramedics hope they wont be seeing any British kids on call-outs over the next few weeks. The campaign, which will be launched across digital and print media, features MDA paramedic Itai Ryan telling the teenagers what they need to do to avoid seeing him this summer. Magen David Adom UK Chairman, David Curtis, who has a son embarking on Tour this summer, commented, “As a parent with a son on Israel Tour it is so reassuring to know that Magen David Adom is looking out for our teenagers. MDA UK Chief Executive, Daniel Burger, says: “The summer is always a really busy time for British tourists in Israel.
If you didn’t receive a copy in the post or through the Jewish Chronicle or inside the Jewish Telegraph, do contact us.
Join us in saving lives on a 45km walking mission through the North of Israel, trekking between MDA stations and passing through spectacular nature reserves, mountain ranges and fresh water springs. For just ?350 plus sponsorship, you will be a part of an action packed, exhilarating walking mission in aid of Magen David Adom and its lifesaving work in Israel.
Over the last year, the citizens of Israel have been witness to the responsibility and dedication which characterizes MDA employees and volunteers. New York City police say they had to use a stun gun to subdue a man who was menacing people at a Brooklyn park with swords in both hands.
During the early hours of Tuesday morning 20 Tammuz, an unprecedented enforcement operation took place by the National Unit for Enforcing Planning & Construction, demolishing 14 illegal buildings in Kalandia, near the separation fence in sovereign Jerusalem territory.
Due to the scope of the operation, teams from across the county participated in the operation.
Many of you know me as Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila, as you have been davening for me since the car accident at the beginning of June that almost took my life. A Kenyan half-brother of President Barack Obama said Tuesday he supports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and not the candidate his brother has endorsed, Hillary Clinton. Malik Obama told The Associated Press he thinks Trump has a lot of energy and is very straightforward.
It is an uncomfortable notion for many, but one of the greatest challenges in kashrus observance lies in refraining from eating the small bugs found in our vegetables.
The Palestinian president says he will sue Great Britain over the 1917 Balfour Declaration and its support for a Jewish national home in the Holy Land.
Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki made the announcement on behalf of Mahmoud Abbas at Monday's opening of the Arab League summit in the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott has authorized the appointment of Israel Air Force Brigadier-General Tzvika Fairaizen as the military’s next Chief Education Officer. In the four years since the party's last national convention, the center of gravity in Democratic politics has shifted decidedly to the left. Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush in his address to the Knesset plenum turns to Yesh Atid leader MK Yair Lapid, explaining that the secular subjects will not be studied against the will of rabbonim in chareidi schools and their bill was passed, undoing the directives of Yesh Atid and the former coalition government. After searching for more than 12 hours, a missing special-needs child was found on Tuesday at 12:00 noon. The recall announced Monday covers several varieties of Gold Medal and Signature Kitchens flour produced on certain dates through February 10. Chareidi parties in Knesset succeeded in pushing through their ‘mikve bill’ which simply circumvents a High Court of Justice ruling favoring Reform converts, permitting them to toivel in a state-run mikve.
Authorities say New York City bank burglars stole about $5 million in cash, diamonds, jewelry, coins and baseball cards.

The FBI says three men charged Tuesday were part of a crew it's been investigating with the New York Police Department.
Most of the roughly 20,000 evacuees forced out by a wildfire were cleared to go home, but firefighters still faced huge work Tuesday in taming an expansive wildfire in mountains north of Los Angeles. The call to EMS arrived minutes before noon on Tuesday, 20 Tammuz for an infant in a locked parked vehicle. When EMS arrived on the scene they found a three-week-old infant that was locked in closed vehicle for about ten minutes. A glass ceiling is shattering at the Democratic National Convention as Hillary Clinton ascends to the presidential nomination with Tuesday's roll call of the states, making her the first woman to lead a major party into a White House race. Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita and Jerusalem Chief Sephardi Rabbi Moshe Amar Shlita on Monday, 19 Tammuz made a shiva visit to the home of the Kuperman family in the Givat HaMivtar neighborhood of the capital. Two attackers took hostages inside a French church during morning Mass on Tuesday near the city of Rouen, killing an 86-year-old priest by slitting his throat before being shot and killed by police, French officials said.
The White House says the world is facing a "revolution" of the cyber threat and is issuing a response plan for the federal government to use after major cyberattacks. White House homeland security and counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco says Russia and China are developing more assertive and sophisticated cyber capabilities.
The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum says conservation work has been completed on half of a wooden barracks that housed prisoners at the former Nazi German death camp during World War II. Every once in a while there comes along a book that marks the literature on the subject as, “before” and “after.” Heroic Children is one of those groundbreaking books that has impacted like few others in Holocaust literature, appealing to every stripe of Jew and non-Jew. The events of the last month have once again brought the issue of officer safety to the forefront.
Most Israelis would tell you they did not need the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) to realize Israeli roadways are the most congested among OECD nations. One the one hand, over 160,000 new vehicles have hit the nation’s roads from the beginning of the year until the end of June while Israel’s public transportation continues to lag behind.
Rabbi Chaim Biton runs the Shas-affiliated Mayan Chinuch Bnei Yosef educational network, which services 40,000 students nationwide.
A French security official says police have killed two attackers who used knives to seize hostages in a church near the Normandy city of Rouen. The official said the identities of the attackers and motive for the attack on Tuesday 20 Tammuz are unclear. Air France warns some of its flights are expected to be cancelled later this week due to a seven-day strike of some cabin crew members. Join our small personalized group during the last week of August for an inspirational, exciting, and rejuvenating tour of Eastern and Western Europe.
A woman who won NIS 500,000 in an Israeli lottery was informed of her good fortune by phone, by lottery official Ariella, who is known as the person who calls winners to bestow good tidings upon them. Rachel, who won NIS 500,000, told Ariella that she decided to sign up for a membership in weekly lotteries as her ‘hishtadlus’ and now, she has won.
For two years and more, it has been a lost ship, a metal container carrying 239 souls that simply disappeared one late Asian night never to be seen again. The latest TGI poll shows that in the first half of 2016, Kol Chai Radio led the chareidi listening audience with a 5.4% share.
A passenger plane landed safely at Raleigh-Durham International in North Carolina after experiencing engine trouble on a flight from Tampa, Florida, to New York-LaGuardia.

Less water was pumped from the Knesset this year as its level continues to decline as there was significantly less water from the Golan Heights nachals that feed the Kinneret from northern Israel.
For decades – even prior to the establishment of the State of Israel and of course since – MDA teams have always been standing at the ready to provide assistance to any person injured or in a life threatening situation. In routine times and in times of emergency, you are always there – providing first aid, carry out emergency lifesaving medical procedures, training the general public, organizing blood drives and running the national blood services, a national asset. During this current wave of terror, MDA teams have treated hundreds of casualties with varying levels of injury.
Ten years ago, the organization was welcomed as a full member of the International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. I wish for you to continue with your mission and see the blessed fruits of your unsurpassed labor.
Stay in touch, subscribe to MDA News (via RSS)Magen David Adom UK, a company limited by guarantee (company number 5718138).Shield House, Harmony Way, off Victoria Road, London, NW4 2BZ. Interestingly, the appointment of a member of the kippa sruga community comes at the height of tensions between the religious community and the IDF. Instances of localized terror attacks, active shooter incidents, and even direct ambushes of police officers have all played out across our nation. Bernie Sanders urged supporters to rally behind Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention, but ardent followers who marched for hours in punishing heat Monday and planned to do so again seemed intent on keeping his upstart campaign alive. He explains that the overwhelming number of the network’s schools do teach ‘core subjects’; including math, English and science. Elor Azariya told the court his commander did not tell the truth when he testified against him. It predicts more than 90 percent of such flights will run as scheduled on Wednesday, the first day of the strike.
And now, the search for the remains of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 likely will become a thing of memory, too. Monday that Delta flight 2135 had developed engine problems and was going to make an emergency landing.
A check showed it to be minus 212.99, one centimeter below the lower red line which is minus 213.
The organization is constantly developing and adopting new technologies, enabling better command and control of field activities, as well as providing high quality medical treatment to all those in need. It is not only about resuscitation efforts, treating injuries or pain relief, but also about giving peace of mind and encouragement to all those injured and suffering and giving them reassurance that they will never be left alone. MDA representatives travel to disaster-stricken areas all over the world, even at the risk of their own safety – stretching out a helping hand to those in distress, from all nationalities and religious persuasions. Azariya is facing manslaughter charges for shooting dead a wounded Arab terrorist shortly after the latter perpetrated a stabbing attack in Hebron on Purim day. Your faithful mission grants you the compassion of the entire spectrum of the Israeli public.

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