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Micarta is a compressed layered composite sealed within a thermosetting plastic which creates a strong, attractive material that is impervious to water.
Due to this manufacturer's corporate policy we are unable to ship this product internationally.
We have the item in our warehouse and will ship it out immediately or within 1 business day.
When compared to Kydex it is preferred for its silence when bumped against other objects, as well as blade retention.

Each tool is hand crafted by Scorpion Knives and is able to carry out the toughest and most arduous tasks with great efficiency, year after year.The beech wood handle is contoured to fit the hand so comfortably it can be used for extensive periods without discomfort.
For the those looking for something a little different, the skinning knife can be ordered with a a beautiful polished rosewood handle or polished Linen Micarta handle.
To ensure consistency, the handle is CNC milled by master gunsmiths Boxall & Edmiston, and being beech wood it can be tuned by an individual to their precise grip.The 11" (280 mm) blade is curved to give maximum cutting ability with minimum effort. The weight of the blade is carried to the end and is perfectly balanced with the angled handle to effortlessly chop wood.

The coated blade resists corrosion better in environments with salt air or when it may come into contact with salt water. This has all of the features of the 11" blade and out performs everything in its size range.

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