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Over its 80 year life, the interior of this landmark heritage building in downtown Calgary had been compromised by several insensitive renovations, although the exterior remained largely intact and in excellent condition. Tags: artificial lighting without glare, Calgary Public Building, Case Studies, Heritage landmark, Jerry Hacker B. Among the many factors that helped advance the sustainable design movement in Canada over the last decade was the realization that the construction and operation of buildings accounted for almost 40% of our annual GHG emissions. The new Native Child and Family Services of Toronto [NCFST] consolidates social and culture-based services for aboriginal children and families within an existing  2,800m2 office building in the heart of downtown Toronto. The term Passive House refers to a rigorous voluntary performance standard that substantially reduces the environmental impact of a building by reducing energy consumption to a level 80-90% less than that of a standard Canadian house.
Ottawa’s first LEED Platinum detached house is located in the city’s upscale Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood northeast of downtown.
Taking control of an essential utility service, by becoming your own power provider, can be an empowering experience, especially when it is also sustainable. This article focuses on the use of naturally produced electricity rather than on its production.
This modest 2,000sf house is located on Bowen Island, which lies at the mouth of Howe Sound, a 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver. In the design of Enermodal’s new headquarters, A Grander View, the primary goal was to create a LEED Platinum office that would be the most energy-efficient in Canada.
Located just north of the city walls, on a pier in the Bassin Louise, Pavillon Espace 400e was conceived as the focal point for Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations which took place in 2008. This floating fortress of sustainable living floating on the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia goes to show just how wonderful a sustainable life off the grid can be.
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When David and Susan Scott built their first cabin after setting up their own architectural shop, they chose a place on Vancouver Island where “the mountain is a poorly guarded secret which anyone would fall in love with at first sight due to its incredible terrain and snow and the committed friendly locals that run it.” But that doesn’t mean we’re going to spill the beans. And maybe you’ll stumble across their 1,000-square-foot labor of love made of local, rough-hewn timber. The cabin was pieced together with a small army of friend-volunteers and sits on a quarter-acre just a stone’s throw from a local t-bar.
With a cabin like this, of your own vision and labor, with fresh tracks nearby, how could you not be happy?
When I talk with people about renewable energy and living off the grid, there’s a word I hear a lot.
Some residents use solar panels, wood burning stoves, water mills and wind turbines to power their modern off-grid existence, while others simply choose to live without electricity. The island has a bar, a coffee shop, a free store where people leave and collect items without the use of money, and is an hour boat ride from Vancouver island.
If you’re looking for something near in and around Tofino I should have you take a peek at this stunningly rugged west coast home. While the real estate market in Tofino is still quite hot and prices are up, this home is quite the bargain if you are fine having to ride a boat into town.
What makes this home extra special in my mind is that it is currently owned by a chef and the kitchen really reflects that.
The total living space is around the 1640 square foot range and there are two bedrooms and one bathroom and was built only back in 2000.
The Butiq Escapes Concierge Is BC's resident luxury specialist that knows all the best luxurious delights. Exclusive, rustic luxury vacation resorts nestled in the Pacific Northwest are few and far between. Here is your introduction to a 5 acre Island in a setting that’s as exclusive as it gets. Sunset Island Resort is an exclusive 5 acre private island nestled in the breathtaking fjords of Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This protected Island in the Pacific Northwest is an oasis of unspoiled beauty at its finest. Originally inhabited by a one room shack (now fittingly called the Love Shack), Sunset Island Resort has been transformed into a resort.
Water skiing, fishing, ATVing, hiking, and swimming make for a perfect backdrop for artists, poets, weddings, family reunions or romantic get-a-ways. A water turbine has a distinct advantage over Solar and wind power due to the fact that it runs 24 hours a day – every day. The constant charge from the water turbine is directed to charge a battery bank of 8- 6 volt batteries.
The power draw of the island is designed to be very efficient using low consumption lighting, timer switches for fans and the hot tub, energy smart appliances and propane appliances.
So while you’re planning your vacation this summer, put some more thought into the location, the impact it will have on the environment, how your family and friends will benefit, and what a needed break meant to you. PowerHouse Growers teaches you how to sustainably integrate urban agriculture into your cities, businesses, and homes. PowerHouse Growers is the only digital publishing platform connecting the sustainability industry silos.
Ordinary people making an extraordinary difference through education, relationships, and social responsibility. Receive Your Free greenpaperSign up for our newsletter and receive a FREE download of our GreenPaper, "Green Buildings: Towards a Greener, More Productive Future" by Micheline Khan. The challenge posed to the design team, was to create a leading edge, energy efficient and sustainable office environment within the building, while preserving  and enhancing the historic character of the exterior.
Not surprisingly this realization initially translated into a building-focused approach to resource and energy conservation.
It replaces an older, much modified and energy inefficient home that the owners had occupied for many years. Sustainable methods of electricity generation include photo voltaic [PV] panels, wind generation or hydro generation. The site is in a west-facing rural lot framed by a ridge of exposed granite to the north, and forest to the south and east.
The project transformed a 1950s cement factory [which had most recently served as an interpretive centre] into a venue for live performance, exhibitions, workshops and other events.

Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, built this floating home together in 1992, and have been growing and fishing for their own food ever since.
If you go all the way to this little corner of one of the coolest spots in the world, I’m sure you’ll find it — but you’ll have to do it on your own. To keep impact low, the structure was elevated, not excavated, and it’s fully off the grid. Lasqueti, an island twelve miles long and three miles wide, is home to a proud community of off-grid livers who enjoy living in isolation from mainstream culture. Situated just across the water from downtown Tofino sits Wickaninnish Island which offers nature lovers an off the grid living experience.
I visited this great city a few times this summer working with a real estate client of mine and I’ve really fallen in love with this Vancouver Island gem. The kitchen comes with stainless counter-tops, fir cupboards with stainless pulls, stainless Euro ConServe fridge, Italian Verona built in stainless oven and stove top, and a built-in knife drawer.
This home is fitted with a 1000 watt solar system that powers everything in the house as if you were on the mainland. With similar values as Sir Richard Branson when developing Necker Island (located in the Caribbean), Sunset Island owners had a vision to protect the natural beauty of the Island and its surroundings. Protecting the nature ecosystem of the Island is high on the owners agenda, with a strong commitment to sustainable development and a massive respect for the environment. All accommodations and structures are constructed from timber harvested and milled from the island. When efficiently harnessed and augmented with propane appliances, it is enough to power the whole island! The batteries then supply the power to 2 – 3500 watt Outback inverters which convert the battery DC power into household AC power. The heavy power draw is in the mornings as coffee pots, microwaves, toasters and blow dryers are put to use.
We provide clear solutions and benefits for better health, increased productivity, and lower environmental impact. We publish solutions for integrated vegetation, urban agriculture, smart cities, and green real estate resulting in better urban health, increased productivity, and lower environmental impact. Due to the western exposure and bowl-like topography, the site has a distinct microclimate and can easily reach temperatures of 30oC on sunny days from early May through late September. Heat comes from a wood stove salvaged in Vancouver, and the plumbing runs into a tank that’s emptied annually.
The inside bathroom includes a flush toilet and is plumbed and wired for a washing machine and dryer.
From the old growth forest to the abundance of eagles, bears, beavers, dear and fish, your senses will always be blessed by nature in it’s glory.
Conscious development practices protect its natural beauty while making a minimal impact on the environment. Though once undeveloped and uninhabited it is now kissed with human inhabitants.
This provides 160 pounds of static water pressure which is harnessed to provide power and water for living, irrigation and fire protection. When the power consumption draws the batteries down a back up diesel generator automatically starts to match the shortfall then shuts off when not needed. By connecting you with experts, we bring awareness to solutions that may not be top of mind. To provide drinking water this home has been designed with a water collection system with filtration to ensure you don’t get thirty while taking in those views. Water consumption is a metered 82 % lower than for a conventional building – exceeding predictions by 9%. This level of performance was largely accomplished through an integrated mechanical system, although building form, orientation and materials all played a part. We are rewarded with the knowledge that Sunset Island provides modern luxury and comforts within a minimal foot print on nature!

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