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Off the grid homes are gradually -albeit slowly- taking the place of traditional getaway homes, cabins and lodges. Constructed by BARK Design Collective, the All Terrain Cabin is a perfect example of a simple and classy off the grid home. The beauty of off the grid homes is that not only are you not reliant on other people and corporations but depending on the design and size, you can transport them from one location to another.
This was constructed from just one 8ft x 20ft shipping container with an addition of wood, glass and aluminium and contains about 480 sq ft of space. It’s also fitted with an open air deck, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining, and living rooms, a biodiesel generator, solar panels for electricity, composting toilets, rain water collector and an equipment that recycles grey water for use. Off the grid shipping container homes are generally cheaper to build and cost less compared to traditional or conventional buildings. And because of their ease of installation, These prefabricated shipping container off the grid homes are generally faster to build and put together.

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The Austrian manufacturers behind WOHNWAGON (Living Wagon) could help make your fantasy into reality. While there are not many off the grid homes built from shipping containers, we feel the All Terrain Cabin example will suffice. Also, depending on the size of the shipping container and the number of containers used, off the grid homes built with shipping containers are relocatable.
Wrapped in a rounded, larch-clad shell, this charming mobile home is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient gem built with locally sourced natural and recycled materials, a green roof, and solar panels.
In the event that they are constructed offsite, the parts are shipped to the site, assembled and installed easily. The solar-powered WOHNWAGON can be towed to just about anywhere in the world and fits within the footprint of a parking spot.

2 WOHNWAGONA large bed with storage and a pullout bed underneath is located on one of the end of the home and is separated from the bathroom, located at the opposite end, by the open kitchen and dining area. 3 WOHNWAGONThe minimalist interior is decorated in light cream tones to maximize the sense of space. 8 WOHNWAGONSolar photovoltaic rooftop panels generate renewable energy that can be stored in batteries located in the caravan’s false bottom. 9 WOHNWAGONWOHNWAGON’s high-performance insulation is made up of locally sourced sheep wool faced with recyclable spruce or wood-fiber panels and clay plaster.

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