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Through his beautiful visual project known as No Signal, photographer Brice Portolano shares the extraordinary stories of people who have chosen to escape from an intensely urbanized lifestyle and reconnect with nature.
Tinja survives entirely off-the-grid, cooking from a wood stove, using candles to light her home, and obtaining water from a river where she has to break the frozen surface each morning. A young woman named Tinja who is the subject of  Arctic Love,  which is one of the four stunning photo essays in his series lives 180 miles from the nearest town.
This completely off-the-grid location is what Tinja is inclined with having a simple life, fetching water from a river where she has to break frozen surface every morning, cooking in a wood stove, and using candles to light her home. Other similar stories of other people who have found nature as their innermost connection to a simpler life have been documented by Portolano such as the man in Utah who grows all his own food and a cliff diver in France. Portolano is currently working on making the No Signal into a documentary and book upon the completion of the series. In our quest for the perfect off grid location we’ve literally searched all over the United States from the East to the West. Do you need power hungry appliances, central heat and air, and all the luxuries of a tradition suburban home? Like most folks, you probably want to be independent, yet, you may want to keep the social aspect of living in a community of like minded individuals with similar goals. With current technology, and the knowledge of traditional building and survival techniques, you can live almost anywhere on the planet except maybe the North and South poles. OK, since you can pretty much build anywhere on Earth, the question is not whether it can be done, but what you personally prefer. Affordability: Anyone can go crazy and buy an outrageously expensive piece of property, but the point of living off the grid for us means not having a massive mortgage payment each month and being completely self-sufficient. To do that, we must have a home based business, and be able to make our living off the land, literally. The advent of the internet and high technology is enabling people to rethink the way we live as a society, and is bringing with it major cultural change. Combining high technology with an internet based business, means you can literally live just about anywhere on the planet. Our world is much smaller now that technology has made it possible to travel anywhere on the globe, and communicate with anyone, anywhere with the click of a mouse, or dialing a cell phone number. For example, northern Arizona has everything a person would need…except easily accessible sources of water. Pick an area where the property is very affordable, and not that many people have figured it out yet.
Pick a location is relatively near multiple popular major national parks, tourist attractions, and has LOTS of outdoor adventure activities which can be a BIG income opportunity year round if you’re creating a community.

Pick a location isn’t that populated, but where cities nearby are growing, and the potential for expansion in the area is great. Pick a location is close enough to major shopping destinations to resupply weekly, or if you wanted to cruise into town for dinner and a movie it’s practical.
About Off Grid WorldAll about living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building. Arctic Love is the first of four striking photo essays in the series, which tracks a young woman named Tinja, who lives 180 miles from the nearest town. This is her life, and she adores the peace in the solitude that she has found in the wilderness. All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
Her interestingly lifestyle in the wilderness where she takes care of 85 sled dogs and gets to live in the most simple yet strikingly stunning Finnish Land is what Portolano has compiled and documented.
For her, this kind of life will make her find peace in the solitude that she experienced in the wilderness with her dogs. She finds joy in feeding them, exercising them in the plains of tundra and even cleaning their cages.
Well, ideally there are some things to look for in a piece of property that make it a good off the grid location. We know what we want, and we know what we need, but finding a good balance between the necessities and comforts and balancing that with budget and location sometimes is difficult. The point being it’s all about personal preference and what you feel you need, versus what you want balanced by your goals.
Also choose an area the lends itself to growing your own food either in the ground, or in a greenhouse. The property you choose must have these 3 resources available to produce them from the land without importing them. There are even people in South America (and other parts of the world) who build their homes on the water!
Some people love cold weather and the snow, others prefer the desert heat, while still others like milder tropical zones. It’s imperative that we are able to make a living from home to be completely off grid. Now that people can do this I believe it will contribute greatly to the overall economic stability of the entire populace, including the local and world community, especially if one is contributing to society with their valuable products and services. If you play your cards right, perhaps you could bring business and more homesteaders and off grid people to the area and that might actually create a land rush and make our land even more valuable; we can dream right?

Where it’s not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter, and there are lots of TREES and GRASS.
Family is more important than paying the banks for 20 years only lose your job and your home you’ve paid on for decades.
Portolano has documented her unique lifestyle in the wilderness where she raises 85 sled dogs and lives off the hauntingly beautiful Finnish land.
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She is very much satisfied with the kind of life she has and is comfortable living with animals and nature as her companions. This is not a comprehensive guide, but only meant to give a good general point of reference to start from. Like most folks, we can’t afford a huge piece of land, nor can we be too picky about the land we buy. Or you’ll need a machine to produce water, and a large plastic container for water storage. This limits the land selection somewhat, but, it also opens doors to things that might normally be overlooked for a good off grid location to build on.
The internet allow one to reach literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world.
Having the internet provides this social connection, while allowing one to keep their private lives private. Having your property paid for so you can concentrate on enjoying your family life and making good memories is by far the most important thing. This expands everyone’s horizons and provides opportunity such that has never been seen before in the history of humankind. The von Walthausens sold their house, quit their day jobs and built a tiny cabin in the woods with no running water or electricity. They got new part-time jobs teaching yoga and tuning pianos, they were living in the woods, getting their water from a stream nearby, gathering wood to heat their wood- burning stove, and using their compostable toilet outside.

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