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French photographer Antoine Bruy spent several years hitchhiking around Europe, documenting the lives of men and women who have abandoned the bustle of cities to live, as they say, off the grid. Existing on mountainsides and river valleys left fairly untouched by the greater human population, the individuals -- adults and children -- live largely without access to commodities like running water, central heat and big brand grocery stores. The collection of images, titled "Scrublands," showcase ramshackle shelters and the bold adventurers who reside inside them. Check out the six tips below to start moving off grid and see how you can begin to employ all the prepping youa€™ve been doing for real, well before ita€™s even necessary. There are many online jobs as well as small businesses and even trades (more on that in a minute) that you can focus on to make a living.
By securing a job on your own, youa€™ll never be at the mercy of a fire-happy company or get stuck at the bottom of the ladder when you-know-what starts flowing downhill with the pink slips. Living off the grid means not heading over to Lowea€™s or Home Depot to pick up building materials, but instead making due with what you can find and make yourself.
The best way to start living off grid is to find a nice piece of land in the middle of nowhere to call your own. Make sure to choose a location that is away from populated areas but still close enough for you to drive to. Choose a parcel of land that you could build a house on without any major land moving, and with your newly-found reclaimed building materials skills, you can start the process of building a cabin for yourself.
When he saw a 'mini-fortress' made of milk crates just yards from a major thoroughfare, Marcin began searching for other transients 'living off the grid'.Most were based near railroad tracks, Walmarts, gas stations, and liquor stores. Wilderness Realty can show you many great property options to take advantage of Maine’s forested land. Maine has a very Eco-friendly population and rewards citizens who are conscious of green living. Instead, they are seeking “greater energy, food, economic, or social autonomy," changing their relationship to their surrounding environment and living with the economic and social circumstances that arise from their decisions. The simple, manmade structures stand out against the sublime backgrounds, populated by thick forests and swirling hills. Bruy has recently launched a crowdfunding campign on FotoFund to raise money to continue the project that began back in 2010.
As the economy becomes more and more unstable and jobs are less and less secure, the act of moving even a portion of your life off grid can help you stave off the type of disaster that comes in the way of a pink slip or worse yet, economic collapse.
From Netflix, Hulu, and Cable TV to credit cards and car loans, debt generally equals the lack of freedom.

With your expenses lowered youa€™d be surprised how little you actually need to make to live happily. This means sources like old buildings and even wooden pallets can make for great reclaimed building supplies. You want the location to be private but still able to be accessed, especially if you get wintry conditions in your area. The idea of living off grid is to be self-sufficient, but in todaya€™s world we rely on others to do just about any specialized skill. Not only will you save money around the house by doing things yourself instead of calling a specialist, but youa€™ll be ready to get these done with all the professionals and specialists are gone. By growing enough food for you and your family, youa€™re making sure that if something bad happens and grocery stores arena€™t around any more, you can survive.
Practice gardening without heading to the home improvement store for supplies to see what ita€™ll be like when the SHTF and those stores dona€™t exist.
Although you will find many places that are not ideal for farming, and you may find most fields to be rather stony, you will also realize that if worked properly every corner of Maine can produce abundant crops.
In Maine you can buy large tracts of undeveloped land for reasonable prices and the opportunities are all over the state, from central Maine to Downeast all the way to The County. Maine draws people from all over who want a kinder easier way to live where alternative energy, green living and thinking about the environment are common practice. The faces of the young boys and girls bring an eerie sense of humanity to the pristine landscapes, giving just a faint glimpse into their lives, while leaving the viewer as a clear outsider. Head over to the site if you're interested in supporting the work and let us know your thoughts on the beautiful photographs in the comments.
While ita€™s not as easy as it might seem, working for yourself is a great way to help secure your job and income. Just having the land and starting to camp on it is a perfect way to get used to the area and know whata€™s available. From car repair to plumbing to leatherworking and construction, most of us lack skills to survive. Once you get the basics of a few key trades down, try your hand at learning more difficult ones like welding. By growing your own fruits and vegetables youa€™ll need to buy less, and youa€™ll eat far better than you do with the processed junk from the grocery stores today. This skill alone can keep you alive and thriving well into the foreseeable future in an off-grid situation.

A Hopeful Outlook Yapfest: Randy Bartlett a€“ Part 2 How Will 3D Printing Impact Intellectual Property Law? A thin mattress on a flimsy crate lying in a dark tunnel.On the edge of Baltimore's woodlands, dozens of the city's transients live in makeshift homes which they consider safer than homeless shelters.
There is a lot of wilderness territory in the United States but Maine’s wilderness is filled with thick, resource rich forest. Many people who want to produce their own organic food have found Maine property to be perfect for it. Maine has several wind farms in the state for powering communities so the opportunity for wind power is plentiful. If you have dreamt about unplugging and are wondering about the perfect location, Maine is the place for you. While no career is 100% secure, when youa€™re the one controlling what goes on, theya€™re about as secure as they can be. This can be the future home of your bug-out location but for now it can be a respite from the busy world. These will obviously require professional training but the skills learned now can get you safely off the grid later.
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Photographer Ben Marcin has captured some of the shanties in his thought-provoking photo essay, 'The Camps', documenting the struggle, loneliness and ingenuity of Maryland's people of the woods.
As well,the states popular farmers markets personality is evidence that great food can be grown all over Maine. Not to mention if you need assistance it will be easy to find an expert in alternative energy in Maine.
The winter climate eliminates such risks as poisonous insects or snakes which there are none in Maine.
Summer is the easy life but can also bring muggy weather and thick hordes of flies, in which the other 3 seasons break up nicely.

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